Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was way fun! With 3 girls and all who love to dress up, we were far from short in the costume department this year. The girls were each something different for each party that we went to. Isn't that the fun of Halloween? 6 was a mouse, a witch and a pirate. 3 graced us with renditions of a tiger, a skeleton and a kitty. 8 was Ms. America for all of our gatherings. I think that she loved being the pretty one. No-I know that she loved being the pretty one. It must have been the BIG hair! We had our first ever Hoyt house Halloween Spooky dinner! We had Grandma and Grandpa Toyn and Great G & G Toyn also. Scotty came to eat a little and see the girls before they left. We had spooky tacos, monster guts(grreen Jello) and knotted toes(cinnamon twists).


Chelsie said...

And they looked gorgeous as all three! I have such pretty nieces! Your dinner sounds fabulous, check you out, being all festive! I love all the different faces that Graci is doing in the photos...they crack me up

Camille said...

I love the top picture of McKinli tilting her head. She looks like a spitting image of you when you were little. I swear I've seen a picture of you doing that.