Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A must have for every WOMAN!

Ok-I know that I should be doing my kitchen redo right now and not blogging.

Well-the redesigning stars were not aligned and I didn't get to do it.

My husband thinks that it is not a good season to paint the kitchen.

Whatever.... I could paint the drawers and cupboard fronts in the snow-I would just wear a hat!
Needless to say-I have to wait until at least 50 degrees to redo

He thinks it is a much more practical time.

Ok, whatever....

So, instead of painting I have been steaming.
With this baby!

What is it?

A shark portable steam mop!

OH my gosh! It is so freakin awesome!

It can clean everything, heck, I am pretty sure this thing could cook dinner.

I have done my blinds (which were so gross-I even hate to admit it that)

Slick! 20 MINS and I didn't even have to take them down.

It got out fingernail polish that has been on the bottom of my tub since we have moved in

(over 4 years ago-I tried everything to get that off-everything!!)

It gets out candle wax-off carpet and walls (my mom learned this one)

It also will clean and steam your curtains while they are still hanging.

Plus-My kids are fighting over who gets to use it.

(it is not intended for children to use at all, but I can use it and they wipe the muck up off the baseboards. They are even excited about that!!)

So, if you can afford it, take your Christmas money or money that all moms should get paid for putting up with children during Christmas break, and go and buy yourself one!

You will not be disappointed~ they are only $79 bucks at wal-mart!

I think that the company should send me a free one for all of the publicity I am giving them.

I am going to send them an email! :)

I'm off to dream of clean, sanitized things!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Guess what I get to do???

I am sure that you are all dying to know right?

Well, my kind, loving, handsome, strong and kind husband of mine has agreed to redo the kitchen!!
I am so excited that I could pee!
He has the next week off from work.
Since we spent the first week of his 2 weeks off taking turns being sick-I figure he owes me.
(he was sick more than I was-only fair to make him work more)

The agenda-
rip off this super ugly, puffy, fake tile looking wallpaper that poses as a back splash.
paint the walls
add crown molding to the top of the cupboards
bead board around the bar and bead board for the new back splash.
paint the cupboards black
buy a new curtain rod
remove all decor, dust, gunk and everything else that lurkes on things when I am not watching.
Plan what I am going to wear on studio 5 next Tuesday. (I still have plenty of time to figure of what I am going to say)
Plan and carry out Enrichment night which happens to be next Wednesday
do the 56 loads of laundry
and whatever else pops up.

Good thing I have diet coke and lots of friends that will pray for me to not lose my mind!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I did it and didn't die!

STUDIO 5-you guys rock!

I did it!
I did it!
I was on tv and I didn't pass out or throw up or freak out!
It was such a great experience and I was so glad that I got the oppurtunity to do it.
For those of you who didn't get the chance to see it (sarah)
here is the link
The whole experience was awesome!
I prayed myself to sleep last night and started praying again as soon as my feet hit the floor.

I was so blessed to not sound like a total idiot and to be calm enough to actually enjoy the experience.
We had a great time.
No-we had a fabulous time!
I will post pics tomorrow of some of the projects that were featured today.
Including the clock.
My new most favorite piece of furniture that I didn't need.
Thanks for all the kinds words and support.
You all rock!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I am going to be on TV!

OK friends-

I am going to be on TV tomorrow.

Granted, it is just going to be a local morning show, but this is huge for me~

I am nervous out of my mind.

My husband keeps telling me that it will all be OK, and to relax.

I keep telling him to shut up and let me stress ALONE!

For those of you who don't know, I have a redesign business with my mom.

Yes-we are two, spikey haired, sassy mom and daughter duo who love to redo!

So-one of the local stations contacted me to be on the show.

I was so excited-I almost spit out my Diet Coke.


A producer and camera man came out and interviewed us and filmed us redoing a home.

I had to go and buy some new clothes, just to move furniture around.

I know, I am a freak that way.

Anyway-really hoping that it turned out well.

Really, really hoping that tomorrow turns out well too.

I have my outfit picked out, unless of course I change my mind in the morning.

Pray for me.

I will post the clip tomorrow, so all of you can see.

Then you can all say wonderfully, nice things.

Like-oh my heck, have you lost 50 pounds!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Christmas Fun

So- I thought I would share some pics.
You know, since I have been such a big, fat, slacker in that department.
We had Breakfast with Santa this past weekend.
We ate food, took some pics and watched in SNOW SNOW SNOW!!
We got pounded with the white stuff this past weekend.
I love it!!! My husband did not love the many times he had to go outside and snow blow, but whatever!
This pic-the fam DECEMBER 2009
My girlies, yea, they look a little much for the picture, but that is how my girlies are.

This is my mom and I. We had to take a new pic for the Sassy Style blog. Since, we are going to be on TV and become all sorts of famous and stuff (so kidding) Can you tell that we are related? No really, can you tell?

Here is 7-
And 5....

And finally....9 almost 10, going on 17. Lets just say her Dad is handling this whole growing up thing like a pro! :)
(he is SOOOOO not! And, let me remind you-we have 3 girls)
Go and check out and see the new updates.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do you think that it has been long enough?

I know, I have no excuses.
Actually, I do, but I am sure that you really don't care.
We are all busy right?
So.....what have I been doing?
OK, I will tell you.
I have been crafting, like an idiot!!
Cause that's how I Roll!
Kind of like an idiot!

I have done lots of boutiques, and I have even added a new title to my repertoire.
Boutique Goddess Extraordinaire.
OK, so I made up the title, but that pretty much covers what we have been doing.

My friend started a show called Mindy Mae's Market.
She is the bomb! I want to be just like her when I grow up.
Anyway-we teamed up. So, now we do the show as a team.
It was just so we could go crazy together.
It's always funner with someone else right?
Anyway-we just finished our last show of the year.
So-that is what I have been doing. Living, breathing, boutiquing.
I have loved every second of it, but I am glad for a 2 month break.

So, what is a girl to do on a break?
Well, I am going to go on TV!!
Studio 5, a local show here in Utah, contacted me and asked me to come on.
They want some sassy tips to spruce up your home.
I am so excited, yet so nervous!
The first thing that ran through my head was not what was I going to say, or if I would be OK on TV, but what was I going to wear?
I have priorities people!

So..that's is what I am thinking about.
If you live in Utah, and you want too, set your dvr for Dec 21st at 11am on channel 5.

I am going to be better.
I am going to blog more.
So, when I chat with you tomorrow-I will have pics.
And yes, I promise that I will be here tomorrow.