Thursday, August 28, 2008

Desk Redo and other stuff

Lucky you! 2 posts in one day!

I finally got the turquoise desk done~and while I was at it-I cleaned 4's room.
I didn't really have a choice.
You know when your kids rooms get to the point where you want to gag?
Yea, well that is where it was it.
When we moved into this house(over a year ago)
I didn't know where to put some stuff, so I shoved it in her closet.
It wasn't her closet at the time though.
the point is, I never cleaned it out until now.
Yep, pathetic I know.
I got 4 garbage bags of crap-clothes, toys, dress up-you name it, I shoved it in a sack.
Good thing-garage sale on saturday.
I figure since I have had to clean out every single closet in our house, and all the girls rooms-I should get about 20 bucks to go thriftin~
Imagine the possiblilties with 20 bucks!

Ok-Ok on to the redo.

Here is what it looked like before:

Cute huh? It was $3.

So-here it is.
In all it's glory
Apple green spray paint
I think I love you!
I have always used cheap spray paint
You know the 99 cents stuff.
Well-they don't make Apple Green in cheap
So-I branched out.
What a difference a couple bucks make.
I know many of you already know this-I am just a little slow.
Here are the rest of the pics from her room
I made the garland, I found the butterflies for 50 cents-spray them apple and brown.
Sprayed the garage sale shelf with the apple as well
I told you I loved it!


i know that i am lame.
I know that I haven't posted in a while.
I know that I said I would and I haven't done it yet.
I have an excuse.
My family is a bunch of pigs!
Yep-we should call our house a barn, cause then they would all fit in better.
I am so not exagerating here. Pretty sure i am the only one who cleans around here.
When it takes me over an hour to clean the kitchen, and that does not include scrubbing the florr-which still needs to be done-the people that live here are pigs.
I am an exception.
I figure the one who does ALL the laundry-gets a free pass.
I love my family, I really do.
But, why do they have to be such HOGS?
Am I only one with this problem?
So-instead of doing all the fun crafty stuff I wanted to get done yesterday, I cleaned, not that you can tell know, but I did do it.
They used to be better-pretty sure they can get that way again.
Now, if only I can find a way to HELp them change without yelling.
Any ideas?
So-I am off to switch the laundry-fold two loads and clean the kitchen. (not as dirty this time)
Hopefully cause the girls are at school ALL day for the first time today-
I can get the craftiness done.
Maybe-you will all be lucky enough to see two posts in one day.
That is my goal.
It might require a diet coke from Mcdonalds-but I have decided thats ok.
it could be worse right?
What, you thought I quit.
I did. I just started again.
Not as much as before, just one every few days, instead of a few every one day.
Ok-enough of me babbling.
Have a good day all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Yep-It's that time of year again!

Back to school time!
Oh yea-my most favorite day of the year. Forget christmas, this is way better!
2 out of 3 go all day, and 4 she will go for 3 hours a day, 2 days a week!
Yes-total bliss! NO children to bug me while I thrift!
The only bad thing-I have to wait until the 2nd until 4 goes to school.
Is it weird that I call my children by numbers?
I know that my cousin thinks that I am psycho.
Thats ok though-I really only care what total strangers think about me!
No, not really. I care what she thinks. Really-I do.
I love ya Lor! You know I do!
So-here are some pics from the most lovely day ever!

pS-Maybe tomorrow-I will be able to get something constructive done-you know like spray painting!
All a matter of priorities people, all a matter of priorities!
p.p.S-Yep-I made the pencil cake. I am that good! I know that you all want to be my friend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A bit of randomness!

Ok-you are all in for a little bit of Tausha-isms! Lucky you!
It's because I don't feel well-and so I have nothing exciting to show-oh like the finished project of the turquoise dresser!

First of my own little thoughts:
Have you ever grabbed a spoon from the drawer, stuck it in your favorite ice cream and the spoon had a little spikey edge? I so hate this!
You know what I am talking about right?
When you disposal goes on and makes this really funky noise and you realize there is a spoon in there. Just a little too late.
Now that I think about it-I am pretty sure that half of all of my spoons have been down a trip in the disposal.
Please don't tell me i am the only one who has this issue!
Random-I know.
I told you it was weird!

I got stung by something the other night.
You know me-if it can happen-it will happen to me!
Yep-I am that lucky!
Anyway-Ever since that stupid little thing stung me-I have not felt too hot.
My arm has all swollen up and I have this raging fever and I feel like I have been hit by a truck! Not a semi persay-just a small truck.
All i want to do is eat ice cream.
Is that weird?
I have a fever and i want ice cream?
I think that all moms deserve ice cream whenever they want!
What do you think?
So-I am off to call my hubby and see if he will bring home some good, cold goodness!

Thanks for listening. I know this post is very random. But I am entitled to a lit bit of randomness every now and then. Right?
Tell me friends that I am not alone.
Have a fantastic day!
PS-I was way too lazy to spell check and make sure that this all made sense. So-if I have a few run on sentences and hanging participles-you will all forgive me-RIGHT!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A little R&R!

Hey people I am back! It was a great vacation and I had a great time! I ate lots of food, read 3 books, and slept A LOT!

I forgot my camera-oh yea, I left it home on the kitchen table.
I guess that's what happens when one has a list that is long as she is tall!
So-I have to link you to my SIL's blog for the pics.
Just pretend that the one of my sleeping, that I am half the size! No-My butt is not THAT biG! Great angle Chels! I told her that she didn't more pic's of me becasuse she was jealous of how hot I looked in a bandana! Oh yea!

So you will all be the first to know that I have an addiction. An addiction to thrfting. I don't know if this disease is readily aceppted yet, but I know that I am not the only one who has this. I can't be! My family already thinks that I am a freak, so if you must agree than I understand. I just hope that you wont pass too much judgement, and that you will still like me. You know that my whole exsistence depends on the amount of love I receive from you throught comments.
I grabbed a sitter for an hour and went to the DI-I told myself that I could only spend $10.00. My husband would kill me if I spent more than that.
So-this is what I found.Some cute brown suede pillow shams with yellow stripes. They will go prefect with my fall curtains and bedding. Don't roll your eyes-thats rude!
A cute little rocking chair. I have always thought that they were super cute and I never could find one. JAckpoT! A watering can, a red sign, and a little metal thingy. I am not sure what this is. But I loved the shape of it. I thought that this would be great as my first tassel. I thought if I could master this,I could save myself from drooling over the Bienvenue and the Nester's sights!
Look at this cute little desk! $3.00! Yep, you read that right. I have a friend that works there. I didn't know him before, but I made quick friends. It so pays to have someone that you know there! I always get deals! I don't think I pay sticker price for nothin! Yep, that is part of the reason why I have a problem!
I am going to paint this white-I think and modge podge the top and stick it in 4's room. I think that it would make a great night table for all of her little treasures. Plus, a drawer to hide more crap! YES!

Have a great night people! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First set of window mistreatments

So I jumped on the bandwagon and made some mistreatments!

Yea, I know-I am a little slow.
First-is 4's room. Her room faces the east and so when the sun is up, she is up. Not a good combination for a 4yr old!
She already has pink, gingham valance and for the longest time-I had tacked up a table cloth.
Pathetic I know. A christmas one none the less.
Well, while I was at the DI the other day, I found a really cute pair of white ruffled curtains.
I knew that they wouldn't cover the window, so I had an idea.
I attached the white one to the pink ones with my trusty glue gun.
Yes, I burned myself 15 times.
It wouldn't be a true project if I didn't burn myself.
Then, I covered the seam with Green grograin ribbon that I got for $1.00 at Joannes!
I then put buttons all over the ribbon. The buttons were a thrift find also. I found a whole jar for $2.00! Score!
6's room faces east as well, so we had the same problem.
she just had some plain blue tab tops that needed a little sprucing!
I had some cute polka dot yellow fabric that was in my stash.
Yep, I have a fabric stash and I don't sew! Is that weird?
Anyway-I covered the yellow fabric with buttons.

I found this mirror at the Di as well. It was brown and ugly. After a quick round of spray paint-a little sanding and I was done. I liked the wreath on the frame so much, I thought that I would try a mirror. I think that it's cute.
ok people. I off to vacation! 4 whole days of completet bliss. Me, sitting on the boat, reading a book and soaking up the sun.
I should be a new woman when I get back!
Don't have too much fun without me!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So I got a little decorater happy today. I had read some great new blogs that were so inspiring, I couldn't help but do a little somethin, somethin. It didn't matter that I should have been gettting ready for church. Nope, not at all.
I found little blog and I love her! Talk about talent! I also found her! Love them both and am so excited to see what other exciting things they come up with. (so I can copy of course) Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. At least I think so.
I changed my hall. I was sick of the words and I had a shelf that I love that was sitting in a closet collecting dust.
So-i pulled it out and hung this big, huge, heavy thing all by myself. I was quite proud. I hung it with hercules hooks-some of the greatest inventions ever! I even got it level on the first try! Oh yea-I am that good!!!

So-what do you think?
I like it, I just think that there is a little too much red. I must go and find another color of something else to spruce it up a bit. If I don't, it will so drive me crazy!!
I also moved up my chair that i love and my little black table that I found at a yard sale. It is a little sewing table. The little drawer in front, is not a drawer but a little hidden compartment that holds spools.
I spray painted this one red and then black and sanded and polyed. My favorite trick! i love how the red shows through! Plus, no primer and I always use cheap spray paint!
Yes, the cheaper the better. That is one sentance that my husband doesn't mind hearing!

I have been meaning to show this little number but I thought that I would clean it before I posted it. Sorry girls, no such luck
I found this at the DI-it was $5.00 and brown with apples. Super ugly. I needed something to put on the kitchen wall for some organization of all my crap and I thought that this would be perfect. Just painted it glossy red and sanded a little.

Sorry it looks so junky. I Love it cause it has a little shelf on the bottom. I know always know where my phone is. (yea right)
So-are you sick of looking at pics? I just got a couple more.
I found this super cute old picinic basket for $3.00. I didn't know where i was going to put it, just that I had to have it.

I like it. I stuck some push pins in the side to make the wreath stay. I think that pretty much everything above my counters, came from the thrift store. Do you see why it was so hard for me to pic favorite?

I got the rolling pin ideas from Nicole. She has a ton, I only have one. Since I don't bake, I used it for decor of course. I love chickens too! Bet you couldn't tell. I can never get enough,

So I figure that you are sick of looking at my little country home. The cupboards are just about ready for a redo. We are thinking barn red with some trim. Beadboard for the backsplash and light apple green. I am so excited, this whole overhaul might be sooner than later!
Have a great day!

Friday, August 8, 2008


My new friend over at Southern Hospitality is having a party!

I so love parties, espescially when they include decor! So, I was so in!

She asked what was my favorite thrift find.

I had to think on this for a couple days.

Is that pathetic?

I have so much crap that I can't decide which one to show.

My husband will be rolling his eyes when he reads this-what else is knew?

Anyway-as I was looking around, I knew what I had to show.

I was at a garage sale and had to have this!

It was 3bucks! I didn't do one thing to it. I even picked up the wreath at the thrift store for $1!

Just stuck in a corner and voila!

It makes me happy every time that I see it!

I will have to look around and see what else is my favorite!

I will post more pics later.

I bet you are super excited!

You will wait by the computer right?

So, what is your favorite thrift find?

Post a pic and share!

I am sure that all of us would love the ideas!

Have a great day girls!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I know, I know...

I have been so lazy lately. I hope that all of you are still there. You know I live for comments from all my friends!

So where to start. I am hoping that you will humor me and read and look at all the fun me and my girls have had the past few days.
I do this for posterity and my MIL-I know that she reads this and probably likes the pics more than anyboday else.
On Friday-My girls, me, my mom and sister headed down to the big city of Salt Lake to see the live production of
I bought the tickets in May and knew that my kids would love it!
I didn't know that I would love it too!
I hart Zack Efron! (am I too old to say that)
When you see this kid as much as I do, you do develop a little crush.
Hey, at least I am honest right?
I know that I am not the only one! Admit it girls!!
The show was fantastic! The cast was great! The songs were way better live!
I really loved it!
My girls had a great time as well. I am pretty sure that my mom enjoyed herself as well. She was so not as cool as me, cause I knew every song, but she did try! Me and #3-she loved it!

We did some clients done this week. I must post this table! I do love it and wish it belonged to me. I figure since I already stole one other peice of furniture that was hers, I had to give this one to her.
Lets just say I will not shy away from glass top tables!! Gotta Love that Modge Podge! So smooth on glass!

Hope that you all have a fantastic day, even if it is Monday! Ya'll eat some chocolate for me!
Off to vacuum and continue my love affair with my washer and dryer! (aka Lexus)