Tuesday, October 28, 2008


(our monster menu for the party-made out of crappy wood and vinyl stickers. Very Spoooky!)

*warning, lots of pics*

(Jen, if you are reading this, don't go to the very end of the post, if will spoil some of the surprise)

I know that I have been absent.

My husband grounded me from the computer.

He was conviced that blogging was causing my headache/

Not so, still have a headache.

The only thing that this did, make me miss my blogging friends and not help with headache.

Good idea huh?

Headache count is up to 31 days.

If anyone out there has any great ideas, PLEASE share.

I am way past desperate. I will try anything!

I have tried Imitrex, narcotics, all the regular stuff.

I have had an MRI and all x-rays-all normal!

I am trying to get into an Neurologist. No such luck yet. The soonest appt. was February! My Dr. is working on getting me into another one.

Honestly, I am really hoping that it will go away as quick as it came.

So, if any of you have any help to offer, any ideas, anything.
*edited to add****
A friend suggested going to the eye dr. The pain is located in the Occipital lobe-which happens to control vision. I never even thought of this. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Experience, your husabnd is an eye Dr, or brother in law or neighbor. And if you do happen to have a relative in the vision field, I know that you want to contact them and ask for a total stranger!!! Thanks!

I would be grateful. More than you know!!

Since I have been away for so long, I have lots of pics to show.

Bear with me, my blog is for "documenting our history" purposes.

Also, my MIL really likes to see pics of my kids.

Go figure. She doesn't want to see pics of all the things I dream up and how cute I think my house is?

Imagine that.

My parents had the girls and Coop (my nephew) over a couple weeks ago for a pumpkin sleepover. They went and picked out pumpkins and our local pumpkin store. Made witch Puddles. (they were white chocolate puddes, pretzel sticks and bugles covered in chocolate. They were super cute and all eaten before the camera was even out.

This pic is for you Chels, I know that you have not see in yet. I thougt that it was super cute! I have 3 more on the camera. Let me know if you want me to email them to you.
8 & 6, cute little rugrats aren't they?My girls love to go hiking with Grandma and Grandpa. They hiked up above my parents house.They just recently covered the water tower up there with dirt. So, when you stand on top of the water tower, it literally looks like you are on top of the world.

My little hams. Bet you can't tell that they love to have their pics taken.

We had our annual halloween party at my parents last night. As usual, she went way above and beyond and we all had a great time! This year was extra fun, we had a magician. My kids were mesmorized. He was excellent.

4 was a witch, 8 a clown and 6 was a china girl. I didn't have any Halloween makeup, so I painted their faces with acrylic paint. This was actually a fantastic idea! Guess I am smarter than I think :) You know how halloween makeup gets everywhere if you touch it? Well 6'c costume was a genuine silk kimono from China. I really had no desire to dry clean it, so I threatened her. If she got it dirty, all of her halloween candy was mine!

Well, turns out, the paint dryed and didn't go anywhere.(except during the apple bobbing) So, if any of you hate halloween makeup as much as me, use your acrylic paint watered down, and a sponge brush. It is super fast, dries quickly, doesn't get everywhere and comes off with a soap and water. No one screamed when makeup came off! Don't worry. it's safe to use on skin.

This is 4 bobbing for apples.

This is my little witch. If only she was this pleasant all the time!( I think that sometimes she has horns and a pointed tail.)
This was all of us. Unfornuately, this whole headache crap has done nothing for weight loss. I guess laying around for a month will do that. Another lovely side effect.

Finally, I am doing a swap with a fellow blogger. I made myself create on saturday. I didn't want to look like a slacker. This is what I same up with. Each took about 5 mins. Have I told anyone lately how much I love my Cricut? (Deb, if you are reading this, will you remind me of the site that I go to for all the fonts?)

This is the "feather bird" sign. I got the little sign from the dollar store. Then I just crafted it up.

Thanks for being so patient with all my pics. Also, for any advice on the whole headache. You guys are great!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Too good not to share!

I went out for the first time yesterday.

Well, out that wasn't a Dr's office.
I even blow dryed my hair-the first time in two weeks.
Now, don't get me wrong, I still took showers-just didn't do my hair.
Anyway-I went to the D.I-
where else would a girl go that hasn't been out in a while?
I must have looked really pathetic, or far more miserable than I thought because the girl who checked me out, gave me a wingin deal!
She only charged me half of the sticker price!
YEP-50% at the thrift store!
Pretty sure it doesn't get better than that.
So, I got 4 bags of stuff that I didn't really need all for the cheap price of $12.50!
I thought that I would share some of the treasures that I found.
I sure love that snowman! He will look super cute on my tree! I scored on glass bottles. All 3 of them were only 50cents each!

These are the perfect witch shoes! The toe even curls up! I am going to glitter them up-maybe add a spooky ribbon and a bigger buckle. I had to have them! The black and white boa was a must as well! I will show you what I am going to do with that another day!See that urn? I got both of them with the balls and berries for 50cents each! Don't worry, I am going to fix them, they look a little scary right not. I loved the turkey as well. My grandma and mom had a ceramic shop when I was little, so this was a total sentimental purchase!Cute santa plates! I don't NEED these, I just couldn't help myself!No Halloween table would be complete without big, plastic heads full of food!

4 requested some eyeball clips the other day. I don't know if it was more random that she asked for them, or the fact that I had the stuff to make some. I made some "Rotten Sweets" treat containers. I found the label online-but I ran out of ink, so only one got printed. I made the other two. I wanted them to be a little more "spooky" The label says, Rotten Sweets-Dissastisfaction Guaranteed.

I know that this is a super long post! Sorry for all the pics! I just had to share my deals! U know how excited us thrifty girls get when we find deals!

PS-Shell In your pocket is having a fantastic giveaway! Go and see how genorous she is being and then you too can covet all the fantastic stuff!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Countdown and a novel idea!

These were some of my favorite tags. I tried to make some 3 dimensional. I made them out of everything that I had. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would.My calender needed a witch. She was suepr easy to whip up! Easier than I thought. See her cute hair? I picked up that yarn at the dollar store. I thought that it would be perfect for halloween projects! So worth a dollar! Everyone is making rag garlands-so I made a ribbon garland. It just drapes at the bottom over the plate rack. I also had a bunch of tounge depressers just hanging around. Not too sure what I bought them for, but I know that they were a thrift store purchase.

This whole project was super easy and super cheap! It only cost me a DOLLAR! yep, I got the cookie sheet at the thrift store, and everything else I had.

I am so making a christmas one. I think that they will be great christmas presents!

I thought about making them and selling them, but I don't know if any one would want them.

What do you think?

They would make great neighbor gifts-if you really like them. They are kind of a lot of work! :)

I thought that this was the cutest Advent calender that Emily, at Bunch of scraps, made was just to cute not to copy! go look at hers-so cute!

I had to add-the witch and the little halloween sign is stuck on the cookie sheet with magnets! Slick! Plus, it will be a super easy way to store all the peices until next year! I just made a fabric packet and glued it to the back.

I also loved the paperback pumpkins. I just had to put a Tausha spin on it!

I had to make them a little cutsey. My trademark!

I found these at Meg's at Megs Musings. (I even stole her title :)

Great Idea and super easy! Takes a little time, but worth it.

Just fold the pages-just got to watch what you are doing so they are even. I got two books-one that was about 400 pages and another that was 1050-the 1050 one made a perfectly round cirlce, the other one, close but not quite.

they are both super cute, I am just a little fonder of the fat one. What can I say, I like fat things!

These got me thinking. I think that I will make a turkey out of them as well. Just wont fold in a circle. Just keep the back flat. I will post these when I get them firgured out!

I also thought that maybe I could try a santa.

I am getting a little ahead of myself-such ambition for a girl with a headache.

Hope you like my little projects. Please copy-espescially if you have kids. My girls loved it all, espescially the pumpkins. They were amazed that they turned into pumpkins!

I am going to copy another fellow blogger hopefully tomorrow.

I will give you a clue-ritz and capri sun boxes, homemade salt dough!

Wish me luck!

Great MONDAY to you all!

PS-I just stumbled across such a fantastic blog this morning! I am sure that there are some of you who already know who this is and call her friend-but she is fantastic! She isnspired me and I am so glad that I found her! So-go and check her out. Read some of her past posts-she makes you want to be a better person! Serendipity

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just a little something something!

ok-So I still have a headache. Crappy!

Here I sit just waiting for it to go away.

I thought that I would show you a cute dinner idea that we had last halloween night.

These monster tacos were so simple, my kids thought that I was the greatest mom in the whole world, and I had a little peice of mind knowing that I sent my kids out with full tummys.

I know that this post is lame, but I hope that you will forgive me!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm a mean old witch with a hat~!

ok-I couldn't help myself! I had to post!

Headache be DAmned!

Thanks so much for all your kind words!

I tell ya, I have good blogging friends!

I still have a headache-this is day 8!

but, the good news is..it's getting better.

Not as intense!

No MRI on my brain this time!

I was really kind of nervous about this-45 mins. of total stillness followed by a loud screaching sound!

I was thinking if I didn't have a headache when I went in to get the test, I so would when I got done!

So-good news!

Thanks again! I am hoping it is just a cluster headache-and it is has almost run it's course!

It better be almost over-I need the CHOCOLATE!

I also had to post cause everyone was having a party without me~

I decided to pull my Halloween out, just so I could be included!

No one likes to be left out-right?

I had to create a little something! It was driving me crazy! So-I made my boo banner. The letters and owl were a $1 and from Joannes! I think that it's cute. I had to jump on the banner bandwagon! Everybody COOL was doing it! This is Witchy Poo. I made her a couple of years ago. I love her legs! They always make me smile when I see her. She has a book of spells and a bag of potions in her bag of tricks!
One more thing. Taco Time (I don't know if this is a Utah thing or not) Anyway-if you have one, u must go there and get a pumpkin empanada! Holy Crap-it is pure deliciousness! They even give you a little container of whipped cream! I shouldn't have told you, now I want one!

A girl must share all of her delicious secrets-thats only fair!

Friday, October 3, 2008

A whole lot of PAIN!

I am not being a slacker and I am not being lazy-just had a blasted headache!

I have had this stupid headache, neckache, yelling at everyone ache since Monday afternoon.

I haven't even been on the blog at all. Just today, and I almost 2 seconds to pushing the button to off.
This is not an average headache. It's really not, promise.
It is as terrible as a migrain(at least thats what I have been told) but it's not!
Lights hurt, head throbs, neck hurts, throwing up in the kitchen sink!
Oh yea-I am having a hell of a week!
The Dr even told me to blow the medicine up my nose!
I am so done!
So-please all pray for me.
I really want to feel better! If there are those of you who suffer from cluster headaches often-I am so sorry-I really really am! Next time you have one, tell me and I will send you some m&m's and a sleep mask.
Keep it nice and dark and give you chocolate that you don't have to see to eat! :)
I am really hoping that this post makes sense! You all go and create a alot so I will have a lot to copy later! Thanks for inspiration-early!