Saturday, December 29, 2007


My three little DiVaS! They love to have their pics taken and come up with a pose too boot! we were on our way to the Workman PJ party! 6 and Coop
3 and Santa-Kal and 3 practiced all day with what she was going to say-she got up there and all she could think of that she wanted was a gift.Top: Chelsie, Jen, Me and Hailey Bottom: Steph, Tausha, Jen

Santa came to our house! 8 and 6 must have been super good because they got a High School Musical Dance Mat. Not only does this light up to show you the dances, it also includes the music. So, with the touch of a button-it is like you are "in" High School Musical.
The favorite gift that Santa left under our tree was definately the MP3 players. The girls were dancing and jammin all day-come to think of it-they still are! They are fabulous for the car. Our little people have never been so quiet. I am sure that this will wear off-but for now-Mom is loving these also!
6 singing Hairspray-AAHHOOOHH! We love LINK!

Christmas was so fun this year. We are so blessed to be surrounded with family and friends. They are the greatest gifts that we could ever receive! We love you all!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Fun

I decided that i should not hate to blog so much because it is really killing 2 birds with one stone. You all get to see what is happening in my life and one day-i might print it and it will count as a journal-right?

Anyway-we have had some fun christmas activities so far. We made a gingerbread house (out of a kit). That was fun. It was messy-the candy was grose, so the kids didn't eat it-that was good-well for a minute anyway. Graci stuck her finger in the fake aerosol snow and licked it. She assured me it was good-i will take her word for it!

We also were able to participate in a live nativity last week. It was pretty cool.(literally) The girls loved it. They had a donkey, a lamb, bunnies and a chicken. They were the 3 shepards- i think that they looked like little russians-but they were warm at least. They loved it and we were thrilled to be able to participate in such a fun new traditon.

My little russian shepardsOne last thing. I was
able to attend a party tonight with some friends that i went to elementary, jr high and high school. What fun we had! We laughed and laughed. How grateful i am to have such good friends that last a lifetime. So humor me and look at my pics with my life long friends.Heidi Manning, Shantel Bingham, Kami Greenhalgh

Shantel, Me, Kami. I was in 2 pics, one with normal height people. (as you will see in the next pic-me and little people. Not good for the self esteem.

Me, Stacey Dixon, Kaelyn

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Hey-this post is for Naoko. We are hoping that you will come back and see this. My family was so excited when I told them that i heard from you. We wanted to leave a message for you, but i can't because everything is in Japanese. So-if you read this-please leave us your email address or another way to communicate with you in your post. We hope that you are doing great! If you want go and check out my brother Brandon's blog-i have a link to the right. Hope to talk to you soon!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Loverly Lashes

ok-i was pretty excited after the last post that i hurried and took a picture of my new lashes! I am pretty impressed! I love them even more now that i see them on film. (kind of like film) I know that you all want them. We have a girl who comes down from Salt Lake once a week to do them for all of us and the people that we tell-so if you want some lavish lashes too-let me know. We wont keep such a fabulous thing a secret!

Dont you think that my nose looks a little large in these pics?

Catching up!

Lets see! Where should i start?
I don't have any pictures to prove this-but maybe next post. I got eyelash extensions last night and I love them. I want all to know how fabulous they are. I know, it sounds like I am vain-but it truly saves me a lot of time! Honest! Plus-Peoople say they make me look thinner and my Hair look fabulous. All i want to know is where have these things been all my life
Shawni, my Mom, My cousin Jen and anything other person that keeps staring at me ,have all jumped on the bandwagon- I know i have totally piqued your curiosity and you want to see what they look like-right?
Sorry-no pics of my eyes-but maybe next time. I know that you are just counting the minutes. It's alright to be excited- I wont tell anyone.

Fun Family Pics

Great Grammy and the girls.
We all went up to Mom and Dads for Dads birthday. The girls just love Great Grammy Toyn! She is so good to them and we are so lucky to have her!

Coop and 3

This would have been a super cute picture-to bad!

It's still fun to look at! (and make fun of)

Scotty and Shawni

Mom and Hailey-Happy to be here. Always!
This picture is super cute-i must have said somthing hillarious!

8 loves to be a little mom to Cooper. She loves Chelsie too.
The best shot of the whole night! i think that he was sad that BYU lost! Or sad that i was leaving, one of two. He did not make a funny face-i just happened to catch a beautiful shot!

The Toyns, Hoyts, and Fronks-in a nut shell. Maybe something more
exciting will happen tomorrow.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A little bit of Hoyt hoopla

All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!

Mckinli lost her two front teeth! Actually, Kal helped her lose them. She was freaking out until we told her that the tooth fairy leaves more money for front teeth, then she was ok. So, she now has a little whistle when she talks. But, she is still is pretty cute, even with no teeth.

I am very proud of my christmas decorations. It takes me 4 days to put it up so i like to show it off! This is my new tree that i got to get this year. It makes me happy! So, i hope it makes all of you happy too. Or you could at least humor me.

We have 4 trees and a whole lot of stuff! I put it up because it reminds of when i was little and we would come home from school our house would be transformed! It reminds me of my Grandma Workman and how much she loved Christmas and how much i loved her!

Mckinli and Hannah entered the reflections contest at school about a month ago. We kind of forgot about it, until they called and told us that Mckinli and Hannah had both won. Hannah won a medal and Mckinli won a trophy. Mckinli is also moving onto the disrict level. She was super excited and we are very proud of both of our little artists!