Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look what my Mom did

Her group that she ran with. Notice-most of them are my age. (i know I am a slacker)

Proud grandma hugging her grandkids! They were thrilled!

Alright, I am a little biased here.
She is my mom, but I thinking running a half marathon and not passing out or throwing up is pretty awesome!!
She is already my hero-but now she is my IDOL! :)
My mom is pretty great.
Just this year she has learned how to sew, peiced together a quilt that is super cute, and now she can add ran a marathon!


PS-did I mention that at this time last year she could do none of the above?
Also-last week at this time she did NOT have platinum hair. It was a good thing that she did that-we would have never been able to see her come in from the race.

PPS-She turned 50 this December.
Like I said-she ROCKS!
I need to get one of those bumper stickers made up that says my mom is cooler than your mom.

(Can you tell that I am proud?)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PicTuRe PeRfEcT

I am so going to brag a little bit here.
After all, it is MY blog.
Hope that you will humor me here.
We went and got pics with all the grankids for my mom for mothers day.
Lets just say when the shoot was done-I was exhausted, and my kids are big!
We had a fantastic photographer! She is awesome!

She truly captured my little girls and thier personalities.

I was thrilled with the results.
So was my mom-she cried
Mission Accomplished!

Look at my super cute sisters! I love them! I love them so much, I have this pic in my craft room for inspiration!
Can you tell which one is my little sis? We get confused for each other on a daliy basis. I am always happy to smile and say I am her sister. She is so super cute-I am thrilled when they say we look alike.
That doesn't mean that I am vain-right? :)

So, if any of you local Utah people need an awesome photo chick-
Kellie is your girl
Go and check her out:
kelliehalesphotography.com or kelliehalesphotography.blogspot.com

Thanks Kellie! You rock!!
Every recipant loved them!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Too funny not to post..

I know the last time I said this, some of you didn't fully appreciate the funniness that I was talking about.

Well, if this doesn't offend you, it will make you laugh out loud.

If it does offend you, sorry and you should really take a chill pill, but I still think that it will make you laugh out loud, you just wont tell anyone.

NO, I am not talking to anyone in particular here, just sayin

Too funny!

I found it on this chicks blog that is hillarious!

I know I am little behind on the times, I am sure that many of you already laugh at her, I am just a little slow!!

The Title alone is funny!


she also is so cute, with a great porch and she wore a super cute skirt on mothers day.

We are now friends for life.

Maybe I should introduce myself and tell her that I am not psycho!!

Go and laugh-she is THAT funny!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.....

I am now going to be better at crafty blogging.
I used to be really good at this. Really, I did.
I used to do all kinds of fun stuff with spray paint, paper, you name it, I did it. (or at least tried to do it)
I still do these things.
I really do, I promise!!!
I just don't show it.
Mostly because I forget to take pics.
I am so lame!
So, I am going to be better. I am going to take picture of all kinds of my creations-and do this crazy, unheard of thing.
Crazy huh???
So-I thought that I would start with the most random thing.

It is finally past mothers day.
Yes, I love the attention-but I love the fact that I can finally plant my flowers!!!
So-I did just that.
Well, I am one of those weird people.
I can't just plant pretty flowers in plain old pots.
NOpe-I must spray paint my pots a different color every year.
I also, must decorate my porch.
It's a sickness really.
I can't just use pots and normal things.
I must use weird things.
Like oh, I don't know, a dresser.
Yep-a broken dresser.

See? I told you.
It was once a dresser that worked, but the drawer fronts keep falling off.
No matter how much glue and nails and staples I or my hunny use.
So-lets use it as decor.

This is whole porch with all the pots and the lovely flower on the door.
The front door needs some TLC-it's next on the list.

The pic below-my little weatherd chair, holding a newly spray painted pot and a bucket from a garage sale holding another spray painted lovely.

What do you think?
Do you like it?
It makes me happy.
Did you notice the open mouth frog?
they bring good luck.
At least, that is what my facorite aunt told me.
I love her, so I believe her.
So, if you don't have one-go and try to find one.
We all need all the luck we can get.
Now, I just need to find a statue that brings skinness to my house.
Any ideas?

PS-these little cuties are my May Visiting Teaching Kits.
Go and clik on my Etsy to get some.

PPS-I am going to be featured on Mormon Mommy Blogs for a giveaway on the 18th! They have great giveaways. So-make sure you and go and see.

Have a great day!!! I will be back later with more creations-I hope!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


I hope that you will bear with me.

I feel the need to say how blessed I am.

You know when life gets a little overwhelming and you tend to dwell on the negative instead of the positive?

Then a little voice whispers, count your blessings.

So, I am going to do just that.

I have a husband who loves me no matter what.

Now, I put this man through a lot of crap.


It's seems to be one thing after another with me.

He never yells, rolls his eyes yes, but always loves and supports.

No matter what.

I am thinking of throwing another curve ball at him.

I might have to have knee surgery-but that is for another post.

I know that he will still love me, and he will help me and do the laundry even when I know that he doesn't want to.

Because thats how he is.

Thats how he was raised.

He is a better man than I deserve.

I am so blessed to be a mom.

A mom to three girls.

Girls that I know when they get big, will always come home.

Because thats what girls do.

They bless my life by their giggles when they are supposed to be sleeping, sharing and helping, and just doing what is right.

It times like this when I am overwhelmed with love for these little people, and all the big things that they teach me everyday.

I am so blessed to be a sister and a daughter.

My little sister blessed her first little girl yesterday.

I was so proud to be her sister.

When her husband said such sweet words, I was overwhelmed with tears and love.

Love for my little sister who picked such a good man, and who now knows how much our mom really loves us.

When she stood up in testimony meeting, she said such a sweet thing.

I must share.

One of her clients was telling her how she was said that her daughter never had children.

Shawni asked her why-

she said-She will never know how much I love her.

Isn't that the truth. It is not until we have our own child, that we truly understand the love our moms have for us.

How blessed I am to have my mom and dad.

These great people who have raised me to strong, faithful and prayerful.

These wonderful people who love me no matter what and who would do anything for me.

Many times I feel unworthy of such love.

I love them and are beyond grateful for their sacrifices that they have made for me and my family.

I thankful for a home that keeps me warm and safe.

I am thnkful for the love that abounds in my home, that allows the walls to be a haven for me and my family.

I am thankful for husbands job. As hard as it is sometimes, we are blessed to be empolyed.

I am most thankful to know that I am never alone in this world.

I am thankful that no matter what, I can turn to my Heavenly Father and know that he listens and loves me.

I am thankful that he has enough trust in me to raise 3 of his most choice spirits.

I am thankful for the strength that friends give, the love that they offer and the hope that they bring to me.

I feel much better now.

I needed to do this.

So, if you were bored, sorry.

I am hoping that it will remind you to stop and look around and count your blessings.

We all have much to be thankful for.

(sorry the spaciness and weird picture placement of this post. Blogger was being way too difficult for me to deal with)