Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A must have for every WOMAN!

Ok-I know that I should be doing my kitchen redo right now and not blogging.

Well-the redesigning stars were not aligned and I didn't get to do it.

My husband thinks that it is not a good season to paint the kitchen.

Whatever.... I could paint the drawers and cupboard fronts in the snow-I would just wear a hat!
Needless to say-I have to wait until at least 50 degrees to redo

He thinks it is a much more practical time.

Ok, whatever....

So, instead of painting I have been steaming.
With this baby!

What is it?

A shark portable steam mop!

OH my gosh! It is so freakin awesome!

It can clean everything, heck, I am pretty sure this thing could cook dinner.

I have done my blinds (which were so gross-I even hate to admit it that)

Slick! 20 MINS and I didn't even have to take them down.

It got out fingernail polish that has been on the bottom of my tub since we have moved in

(over 4 years ago-I tried everything to get that off-everything!!)

It gets out candle wax-off carpet and walls (my mom learned this one)

It also will clean and steam your curtains while they are still hanging.

Plus-My kids are fighting over who gets to use it.

(it is not intended for children to use at all, but I can use it and they wipe the muck up off the baseboards. They are even excited about that!!)

So, if you can afford it, take your Christmas money or money that all moms should get paid for putting up with children during Christmas break, and go and buy yourself one!

You will not be disappointed~ they are only $79 bucks at wal-mart!

I think that the company should send me a free one for all of the publicity I am giving them.

I am going to send them an email! :)

I'm off to dream of clean, sanitized things!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Guess what I get to do???

I am sure that you are all dying to know right?

Well, my kind, loving, handsome, strong and kind husband of mine has agreed to redo the kitchen!!
I am so excited that I could pee!
He has the next week off from work.
Since we spent the first week of his 2 weeks off taking turns being sick-I figure he owes me.
(he was sick more than I was-only fair to make him work more)

The agenda-
rip off this super ugly, puffy, fake tile looking wallpaper that poses as a back splash.
paint the walls
add crown molding to the top of the cupboards
bead board around the bar and bead board for the new back splash.
paint the cupboards black
buy a new curtain rod
remove all decor, dust, gunk and everything else that lurkes on things when I am not watching.
Plan what I am going to wear on studio 5 next Tuesday. (I still have plenty of time to figure of what I am going to say)
Plan and carry out Enrichment night which happens to be next Wednesday
do the 56 loads of laundry
and whatever else pops up.

Good thing I have diet coke and lots of friends that will pray for me to not lose my mind!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I did it and didn't die!

STUDIO 5-you guys rock!

I did it!
I did it!
I was on tv and I didn't pass out or throw up or freak out!
It was such a great experience and I was so glad that I got the oppurtunity to do it.
For those of you who didn't get the chance to see it (sarah)
here is the link
The whole experience was awesome!
I prayed myself to sleep last night and started praying again as soon as my feet hit the floor.

I was so blessed to not sound like a total idiot and to be calm enough to actually enjoy the experience.
We had a great time.
No-we had a fabulous time!
I will post pics tomorrow of some of the projects that were featured today.
Including the clock.
My new most favorite piece of furniture that I didn't need.
Thanks for all the kinds words and support.
You all rock!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I am going to be on TV!

OK friends-

I am going to be on TV tomorrow.

Granted, it is just going to be a local morning show, but this is huge for me~

I am nervous out of my mind.

My husband keeps telling me that it will all be OK, and to relax.

I keep telling him to shut up and let me stress ALONE!

For those of you who don't know, I have a redesign business with my mom.

Yes-we are two, spikey haired, sassy mom and daughter duo who love to redo!

So-one of the local stations contacted me to be on the show.

I was so excited-I almost spit out my Diet Coke.


A producer and camera man came out and interviewed us and filmed us redoing a home.

I had to go and buy some new clothes, just to move furniture around.

I know, I am a freak that way.

Anyway-really hoping that it turned out well.

Really, really hoping that tomorrow turns out well too.

I have my outfit picked out, unless of course I change my mind in the morning.

Pray for me.

I will post the clip tomorrow, so all of you can see.

Then you can all say wonderfully, nice things.

Like-oh my heck, have you lost 50 pounds!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Christmas Fun

So- I thought I would share some pics.
You know, since I have been such a big, fat, slacker in that department.
We had Breakfast with Santa this past weekend.
We ate food, took some pics and watched in SNOW SNOW SNOW!!
We got pounded with the white stuff this past weekend.
I love it!!! My husband did not love the many times he had to go outside and snow blow, but whatever!
This pic-the fam DECEMBER 2009
My girlies, yea, they look a little much for the picture, but that is how my girlies are.

This is my mom and I. We had to take a new pic for the Sassy Style blog. Since, we are going to be on TV and become all sorts of famous and stuff (so kidding) Can you tell that we are related? No really, can you tell?

Here is 7-
And 5....

And finally....9 almost 10, going on 17. Lets just say her Dad is handling this whole growing up thing like a pro! :)
(he is SOOOOO not! And, let me remind you-we have 3 girls)
Go and check out and see the new updates.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do you think that it has been long enough?

I know, I have no excuses.
Actually, I do, but I am sure that you really don't care.
We are all busy right?
So.....what have I been doing?
OK, I will tell you.
I have been crafting, like an idiot!!
Cause that's how I Roll!
Kind of like an idiot!

I have done lots of boutiques, and I have even added a new title to my repertoire.
Boutique Goddess Extraordinaire.
OK, so I made up the title, but that pretty much covers what we have been doing.

My friend started a show called Mindy Mae's Market.
She is the bomb! I want to be just like her when I grow up.
Anyway-we teamed up. So, now we do the show as a team.
It was just so we could go crazy together.
It's always funner with someone else right?
Anyway-we just finished our last show of the year.
So-that is what I have been doing. Living, breathing, boutiquing.
I have loved every second of it, but I am glad for a 2 month break.

So, what is a girl to do on a break?
Well, I am going to go on TV!!
Studio 5, a local show here in Utah, contacted me and asked me to come on.
They want some sassy tips to spruce up your home.
I am so excited, yet so nervous!
The first thing that ran through my head was not what was I going to say, or if I would be OK on TV, but what was I going to wear?
I have priorities people!

So..that's is what I am thinking about.
If you live in Utah, and you want too, set your dvr for Dec 21st at 11am on channel 5.

I am going to be better.
I am going to blog more.
So, when I chat with you tomorrow-I will have pics.
And yes, I promise that I will be here tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know, I am totally lame!

My kids think that this is a crack up!
You should go and make one. It takes some time, but so worth it.
My kids want to watch it over and over.
Maybe I should start charging them!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Love me?

I really hope that you don't hate me!
Are you still there?
Do you still like me?

I have been crazy crafting for the past two weeks!!
I have a boutique show this weekend.
What was that?
You want to come?
You will definately want to come!
So-If your local, grab some girlfriends and come say HI!!
Friday October 2nd from 5-9pm
Saturday October 3rd from 10-9 pm

There is so many different, fantastic, wonderful talents showcased at this show.
There is crafty stuff, designer jeans, headbands, purses, jewelry, banners, you name it, they have it!! I am so thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to do this!!

The show is in Farmington at the Destination Model Home
1875 N. 800 W.
Click on the link for directions!

Come and say hi and buy!
You will be so glad that you did!
I promise!
I would even be willing to bet my chocolate stash that you will love it!!
(you know it's good if I am willing to do this! )

I'm off to craft more, wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Look what I made.

I almost didn't want to post it cause I liked it so much.

But, I sacrificed-for all of you.

So, if you have to have it, it's my etsy shop!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And the Winner is.....

You know I did this all sophisticated like.
I put all of your names and how many times you entered in a bowl.
A big, old, green, kitchen mixing bowl to be exact.
I then put one hand over my eyes and one hand in the bowl.
Then......I pulled out a winner.
(see I told you it was all sophisticated and cool :)
So, would
3 BLESSINGS please come forward and claim your prize?
The rest of you-you all rock and I am so flattered that you like me and my ideas!
I am adding new items soon!!
I made this cutest halloween sign that you are all going to want :)

So-please email me @
with your info so I can send your package out to you!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


See, I told you I was going to do one.
Better late than never right?

These are some of my newest creations. Halloween blocks and my pumpkin face.

These blocks would be so cute anywhere, and you know that you have to have them for this halloween.
So, how do you win you ask?
Well-See over there on my sidebar.
I have an etsy shop.
I have been working like an idiot to get some fun,new stuff in there.
I have all kinds of creations.
Go on over and let me know what you think.
And, if you really want to, purchase one or two things.
Then, leave a comment and tell me how great I am and how great all my creations are!! :)
So kidding.
Leave me your thoughts.
Then tell your friends.
One entry for going into the shop.
Another for sending someone on over.
Just tell them to put your name in the comment and I will make sure to HOOK YOU UP!
So, go and post about this little giveaway!!
I hope you win!!
Giveaway ends Sunday nightish! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Come back Tomorrow-
Friday, Sept 11th.
I am doing a big old giveaway!!
I hope you win!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame......

So this is 9. She starts competition softball tomorrow night. Can you tell that she is excited? I asked the girls to go outside and take pics of 9 in her WHOLE uniform. NOT just her head.
They listen so well.

Of course, we had to get as close as possible to each other!!
You know, this pic would have been super cute if she didn't have her stupid helmet on.
5 started Kindergarten today. She was so excited to FINALLY get to go to school. Everyone else started last week. She was ticked that she had to wait a whole week to wear her new clothes. I know, I am such a mean mom.
I think that she looks pretty stinking darling in this picture. Yes, she is my daughter, so I am a little partial, but still.
So, I am completely child free for 3 whole hours EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
Yep-I am a little excited!!
So, today to celebrate, I changed my hair color. Now, for anyone who knows me, this is not that big of a deal. But, I thought that I would still share that info with all of you.
What? No pic to show you my new fabulous RED do? Nope-sorry. Not until I am done with this diet. I will be done next Wednesday, just in time for KEITH URBAN!! (yes, I know you are jealous) I am down 10lbs!! Yea!

Monday, August 24, 2009

BacK tO ScHooL!!

YES!! School is Back in Session!!
I am one excited mamma!!
I even went to breakfast with friends to celebrate!!
The real celebration will start next Monday when 5 goes to Kindergarten!!
This is what she looked like when the girls left for school!!

The girls are the Zoo Family!! Don't they all look super cute?

Here is 7. Would you look at her outift? The big red and black plaid-It was killing me shopping for the girls this year. All 80's all the way!! I had a shirt like this plaid when I was little. One thing I refuse(maybe refuse is too strong of a word) to let them wear stirup pants!!!

Here is 9 looking way too grown up for her own good!! She is in 4th this year, and I am starting to feel old!! (check out the belt-silver and braided-oh yEA!!)

They were so excited for school. Not as much as their mom, but still pretty excited!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm back!!!

Chef Leo!! The dinner was delish!!!

7 with her Dad and her first fish!! We didn't tell her it was a crappy carp. It was still a fish, and that was all that mattered!!

Did you miss me??

I was so sick of looking at the pics, I had to post more.

School starts on Monday here and I am busy with all of that stuff!!

So-I will do a much better, more exciting post later!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am going on VACATON!!!!

Wish you were all coming!!


so we could all play together! In LAKE POWELL

Picture me doing the happy dance.
Maybe you shouldn't do that.
Either way-I am off to soak up the sun, read some good books and eat, drink diet coke and be merry!!
Wish me no sunburns and only tan thoughts!!
See you next tuesday!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dollar store Delights

I know, I know, it's waaayy to early to thinking about Halloween.
But when the dollar store has all kinds of ghoully goodies, whats a girl supposed to?
I couldn't help but think spooky thoughts.

See these little gems?
They were a dollar.
Hence-purchasing at the dollar store.
I love me some glitter, is a holiday ever really complete without glitter?
I don't think so.
So, walk don't run to your nearest Dollar Tree-they only had 2 left at mine.
They come in black, silver and white.

You can thank me later by sending me lavish gifts and lots of comments!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thrfty Goodness that even my husband approved of!!

So, I was at the thrift the other day. NOT really looking for anything. Just killing time with my sis. We were ready to leave and she suggested that we go to the outside yard and see if there is anything. Look what I found!!!
She is a beautiful armoire/pantry/entertainment center. I had big plans I tell ya, big plans!!
I have NO cupboard space in my kitchen. ALL of my food was shoved in one cupboard and the top shelf of my lazy susan! It stressed me out just looking for the ingredients to cook!! My husband said that he would NOT build me a pantry without redoing the entire kitchen.
So, since I didn't have a couple extra grand just hanging out, I had to take matters into my own hands. (why that much $ you ask, well we would have to move the dishwasher, redo the floor not to mention all the cosmetic stuff I want done anyway-that I am going to do this fall :)
So-I found this for $20 bucks a shoved her in my van and brought her home.

I thought that this was a pre-fab piece, but upon closer inspection-she was custom.
Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!
Since I am so inpatient, I stopped at Lowe's on the way home and got me some paint and supplies. Here she is after the first coat. Isn't she pretty? I was GiDDY with excitement!!

Here she is all finished. Sorry about the glare. I took some chocolate paint in the sample size can-watered it down and wiped it on and then wiped it off. I bought some new hardware and moved her inside. I love it!!!!!!!!

It has completely changed the look in the kitchen. I can't wait to paint the cupboards now. Like I said, even my husband was impressed with this purchase.
When everything was said and done, I spent about $60 on this custom piece of fabulousness! (the hardware was $20-I even got them on clearance ):

Look how big it is! I know can see my food and know what I have. Guess no more excuses for not cooking dinner. This little addition cleared out 2 whole cupboards!! I don't even know what to do with myself!!

So-if any of you ever doubt that your husband will actually approve of your thrift purchases, this is proof he will. He might even tell you thanks and buy you chocolate!!!
Mission Accomplished!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ok people-
who doesn't love a giveaway, but espescially when it involoves food!!
My new friend(she doesn't know how lucky she is) :) AKA-Queen of my house is hosting a fantastic giveaway.
GO and check it out and tell her Tausha sent you!!
Good luck to you all, but really I am the one who wants to win!! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Craft Room Extadroniaire!

ok-so these before pics are so very embarrassing.
Yes, I did take them when the room was at it's worst, but still.
No, I promise, I don't live like a pig. (usually)

Here is my dilemma with this room. I have a green wall.
NO big deal right? Just paint it. Easy fix
Well, the lovely homeowners before us, loved this green color so much, they put in matching carpet.
I can't replace the carpet. Not in the near future anyway.
So, I kept the green wall. I figure it makes the putrid carpet look less bad. (i know, terrible grammar)
Here is the first before and after. I thought, instead of fighting the wall, I would work with it.Yes-I LOVE old windows. The best part about this love. I can get them for free.
So, I have quite the stash. I use them for clients all the time, so I hung some for easy access. When I use them up, I will just hang some more. Plus, I love how they look.
I also have a tendency to buy frames. I love chunky ones, skinny ones, plastic whatever. There is no favoritism here. So-I used them to my advantage.
I must admit, they look much cuter on the wall, than in the tote in the closet.

this before is pretty bad. So sorry you have to look at it :)I know that this is not quite the same angle, but you get the point right?
I know that there are some of you out there, who make your computer look all pretty in a cabinet or something else to enclose it.
Well-my husband is a freak and he hates to confined when he surfs the net.
See my curtains? More about those later.Holy crap! Whoever lives here is a HOG!!!
This was my work space. I use this room everyday, multiple times a day-so I have to have somewhere to work. This was so not working.
What do you think?I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with this idea.
This is a plate rack. You know the kinds that you hang on your wall. Well-I don't really have anywhere to use this the way it's supposed to-so voila!
A purse hanger. This is not ALL of my purses, but I am looking at them thinking that I don't have enough and I MUST get more. This was what the closet looked like before. Lame closet doors, but behind those doors was a huge closet that I knew I could use to my advantage. Yes-I know this looks like chaos still, but it is organized chaos.
I told you the closet was huge!! I can now put all of my crap in here, and it is much easier to get too. Plus, it looks so much better!!Alright-now back to the curtains. I had one 32" pillow valancy thingy that tied up.
It was originally in my bathroom, but I changed my mind and switched it out for something else. So-the panel was sitting in my linen closet on the shelf that is completely full of old curtains. (I know, you just never know when you might need them)
So-I cut the curtain up. I needed some fabric to recover my footstool.
Then, I cut the ties and used some of the tie to tie back the panels. (the curtain was not wide enough to cover the whole window) I still had some tie back left-so I hot glued it around the lamp shade.
The best part-it was all FREE!!! My husband was not as impressed as he should have been. That is why I have to blog about it, I need someone to tell me what a genius I am! :) Last pic-I promise. I needed a skirt to cover more crap that I have. So, I cut a drop cloth in half and hot glued it to my table.
SO much better!

Total cost of this room: $5.00-This was for the rolly chair that my husband for me from work! Heck, it even matches!! Score!

Now, tell me the truth-did you really even notice the green wall all that much?
How about the crappy green carpet?

It is such a nicer place to work now.
Maybe I will be able to get more done?
Yea-probably not.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm back

And crafting/redoing/using my glue gun like a mad woman!
I will have pics tomorrow sometime.
I will give you a hint-I have done so many things with a 32" curtain panel.
My husband is amazed!
(he so is not-he's just tells me it looks nice. Guess I will take what I can get)
Ta ta for now

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a Quick Check in...

I am down-
down for the count.
I have the flu.
and a earache.
Who gets the flu and a earache in the middle of JULY?
I feel like crap!
My lovely Dad exposed me to h1n1-they still are not sure if I have it.
All I know is that my head hurts, and so does my body. Did I mention my ear?
I know, I am whining. I will stop now.

See my new button on the side?
Sassy Style Redesign.
That is my business with my mom.
Go and check it out.
If you love me, put the button on your blog.
The blog is under construction.
I need to get some current clients up there.
Stupid flu!
So cramping my style!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th festivites!

Our Fourth of July was super fun!
I know, so was everyone elses.
But, did everyone else get to ride in a parade?
In a yellow Jeep, with a big ol' sign and
throw candy at people screaming your name
and dance to Michael Jackson?
See-I told you it was super fun!! This is me, my mom and my little sis. Don't we all look sassy?

This pic is for my dad. This jeep is his baby. He wanted to make sure that we got a pic of it. Plus, the system that he rigged up to hold the sign up was the bomb. I wanted all of you to see it! Don't you feel lucky?

We went to some local fireworks. We go early and play games and eat a lot of food and visit. It is something that the girls look forward to every year!

I loved this pic. I wish that all of the lighting in my pic could be this awesome.
Does that mean that I would be Awesome-all the time?
Just checkin. :)
Hope your Fourth was a BLAST!!
PS-I redid my bedroom. Pics to come soon!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

Well-the pageant went well.
The girls had a lot of fun.
They made new friends, smiled A LOT and won crowns!

Yep-they all won!
I am so not bragging-I promise.
5 and 9 both won princess and 7 won Queen.
They have royalty in all 3 age groups so, they called 5 out first.
Then 7 and 9 was last.
I prayed before the pageant started that they would all win a crown or all lose.
I so didn't want to have to go through 2 won a crown and the other didn't.
Luckily-they all did great and got crowns!
Yes-I was relieved and one proud mama!
They all loved it!
This is the whole crew with my little sis. She took care of all of them backstage. They wouldn't let any moms back there-so it was all her-through 3 clothes
changes each! Yep-I owe her big time!!

9-can you tell that she was happy!
5 was more excited about the candy than anything else. I had to keep telling her not to throw the sash on the groud. She still has to wear it and I didn't think that footprints across it would look that cute!

7-she was such a gracious winner. Look at all of their super cute skirts! Yep=my MIL is the bomb!!

A quick little before and after. Sorry-the pics are backwards. I had this sofa table that my grandpa made for me a few years ago. The knobs were broken off and it wasn't really that exciting of a color.
I needed a punch of color in my drab family room. The walls are a rust color and the only light come from a sliding glass door. I added the knobs. They were 95 cents at Lowes. I sprayed they antique white-they were ugly brass color.
I love how much it brighten up the room.
Not so drab!

Ok-now I HAVE TO CLEAN my Crap Room!
Really-it's supposed to be craft-but there is so much CRAP in there-it's the other way around!
Wish me luck!