Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You have got to be kidding me!

6 and her friend "cutie" were laying on the floor, digging their fingers into the carpet and mumbling, Oh-Oh!
"What the heck are you doing?" I asked.
We are looking for something." said 6.
"I gathered that, what are you looking for?" I said
"Cutie's potato bug." 6 calmly said.
"WHAT? Cutie, why in the world did you bring bugs into my house and then drop the stupid thing on the carpet."
Cutie said, "I don't know."
"Don't ever bring bugs into my house again-understand?"
She nodded her head and her and 6 giggled off.

Now, I know that Cutie is not my child, she belongs to The Zoo. (see right hand column) I know that if my child took a bug into her house and dropped it on the carpet, she too would tell them that they couldn't bring bugs into her house again!
So-I am just being a good friend.
A good friend, who now has a potato bug somewhere in her carpet.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Always get a good nights sleep.

Ok people-I can't be the only person out there in this big blogging world that does this. So-I have a hard time sleeping. I can fall asleep easy enough, just the staying asleep till morning is what I have a problem with.

Anyway-one night-I couldn't sleep at all. So, what's a girl to do? Turn on the tv of course! The only problem is that it was 2 in the moring and by then, the only thing that is really on is infomercials. I usually don't watch these and there was nothing else on. So.. as you can see, I didn't really have a choice.

The infomercial was for a "CRICUT" system. If you have never heard of them, google them for all the details. But, the jist of it is-a cool cutting machine that can cut out really cool things and most poeple don't really have a NEED for this item. Maybe some would argue with me. But this item is not a need-it is a WANT! So, I watched and watched some more and decided that I "needed" this! So-after the chick threw in a free gift worth a $100 value-I really "needed" it now. So, I did what any other girl who couldn't sleep would do. I got my husbands wallet and bought the damn thing. (if you are offended by my swearing, pretend it says crappy)

So-my husband wanted to know what in the hell this charge was on the CC. (again fill in with heck) I told him it was something that i needed and i would pay him back.

I kind of forgot about it until the UPS man came today. I really love the UPS man espescially when he carries large boxes of stuff that I totally "NEED." SO-i ripped the box open and finally got to the dang things (ur welcome) I plugged it in-skipped the hard instructions, read the quick use ones and was on my way. I never knew that I could love something I "needed" so much! Seriously, I really love this little gem of a toy!

I was sad that I had to leave and couldn't stay home and play with my toy! Now i know how little kids feel on christmas morning! I love it! It is so cool! Really, it is a fabulous thing!! So-I think that I will stop watching infomercials in case i find something else i "need." My husband will be so happy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I have a bunch of old windows laying around, so I thought that I would use them. This super cute one, I think is my fav. but I have not quite decided yet. This is all paper. I just pieced a couple diff. pieces of paper together. I went to a boutique today and was able to pick up some really cheep vinyl.. So, this whole project cost me 2 dollars! Yep, cute and cheep! Plus-this took my 1hour to make, start to finish.
This one made the perfect frame. Are not my girls the cutest! (Only in pics and when they are sleeping!) :)

I just put some paper on the pane and then hung the pics from ribbon and nails that I hammered in to the top. Except for the middle pic-that one is hung on the old latch on the window. I love this one cause it is so unique!

I have always loved this saying. I am so happy that I found some vinyl for 3 dollrs. I just had this window and new the vinyl would be perfect! I am not too sure about the wreath-but it will do until I find something else I love! I was able to hang this on the wall as you are going down the stairs-that way we can all see it and be reminded about who we are and the decisions we need to make that day!

So-I am so not tooting my own horn. Anyone with a old window and some vinyl could so these, but I was just proud that I got them all done and hung in one day! Plus, i got my craft/laundry/computer room all done and organized today. I will have to post those pics later. So, does this super productive day counteract the other totally, completely unproductive day?

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Copy Post!

So, I was just over at my blogging friend Jill's blog. Her post today was all the funny things that her kids have said. So-I figured that I would copy her. It will do me good to see my children in a good light-I have about had it with my shedevil aka 3! Notice the time-it is only 12p.m.

When my oldest was little, probably about 2. It had been one of those espescially trying days that young moms have. I was trying to get her shoes on. Little people shoes are such a pain to put on. The cuter, the harder! So-she was kicking and I was trying to get the strap where it was supposed to be. I had had it! I blew out my breath in a exasperated sigh and said,

"Kinli-I have lost my patience with you!"

She sweetly looked at me and said,

"Don't worry Mom, I will go and get it for you!"

How can you stay mad at that?


So, My 6 is very tender and worries about everyone. She is the little girl who loves to play with cabbage patch's and tuck them in at night. She is such a sweet sister to the little blue eyed devil!

She is very concerned about all walks of life including all types of animals-except snakes! (she told me to write that) She takes things very literally and always willing to help.

It was an exceptional blustery day! I was putting away groceries and talking on the phone and noticed that I had a letter that needed to be put in the mailbox. I asked Hannah to go outside and put it in the mailbox and make sure to put the flag up!

Kal walked in about 3minutes later and asked me why Hannah was putting up the LARGE American Flag by the mailbox. I busted a gut! We were both laughing when Hannah came in in tears because she thought we were laughing at her, not at what she had done. I couldn't even stop laughing to explain to her what she did. I know, I am a terrible mother, but picture a small little 5yr. old blonde little girl, trying to put the flag up by the mailbox. The flag is much bigger than she is and it was windy! Seriously-hillarious!!!


Let's see. which do I pick for Blue Eyed Devil Child.

One night, we were saying prayers and I was helping her. I whispered in her ear,

"Please Bless us."

She repeated,

"and please Bless Texas"

Everyone of us cracked up! It was way too funny not to laugh.

The other day I wanted a sip of Sprite she looked at me and said,

"Sprite is for little kids, Diet Coke is for Moms!"

What am I teaching her?

The other day, we were at a restaurant, and please tell me that you all know how 3 year olds are and they say what they think, without thinking.

Hey Mom look-that lady has a baby in her tummy that is not born! She was NOT pregnant!

or how about-

Mom-look at that guy, he has girl sunglasses on! He did not have girl sunglasses on!

She cracks me up-when we go to our favorite mexican restaurant she tries to speak spanish. Very funny!

Oh-and last night, she was at the grocery store with Kal. There was a little black baby in the cart right by them.

She said,

"look Dad, that baby has a mustache!"

That one was not too funny, Kal said he didn't think that they heard her! I hope so!

And to think-all of these funny little things all came out of her mouth in the past week! Oh, what fun things we have to look forward next week!
Now-all you mom's that read my blog-with children that talk, I tag you all to write a post about all the funny things that they say. You will all thank me. I will accept gifts, if you want to show me how thankful you really are!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Super Fabulous Giveaway

This girls site has the most amazing, darling quilts that I have ever seen. You can buy a pattern or the quilt itself. But, I love giveaways, even though, i have never won one. She is giving away a absoulately darling quilt. So-go and check it out and maybe you might win! I will hate you if you do-but you might.
Also-when you go and leave a comment, put that you found her through me.

Good luck all!

Kathleen-I love her quilts! If i bought a pattern, would you help me get the fabric and then make it for me? Or how about, I help you make it for me?
Remember how much you love me?!!
Here is the link that I was talking about-also go to is a link on the side. I want the purse pattern and the freshly squeezed square, scalloped runner. So-I am hoping that you are going to help me out.


I am going to admit it. No more hiding from the facts. It is time that I stood up and admitted who I really am.

I am a closet Lazy Girl! What is a lazy girl you ask? Well-I am so Lazy, that there are some days that I fall asleep sitting up. (this could be a side effect from the meds-but whatever) I am so not a morning person. Now-don't let the word "early" fool ya. I know to some that early means 5, 6 or maybe 7 in the morning. There was a time that was the case. Lately-it is more like 10-10:30. Not kidding people. I am such a lazy girl. I really hate that I am this way. I just can't wake up. It sucks!

My house doesn't get attention until after lunch. I do my best work at dusk. After the children are fed and in bed-I could clean and clean. Maybe that is the problem.

I clean and clean and then when it's time to go to bed I can't shut my brain off and then I can't go to sleep.

Actually, the whole sleep problem is really all my husbands fault. He snores so loud! I can't handle it! My poor honey has had to go down to the couch for the past two nights. So-if any of you have any ideas for the whole snoring husband-let me know.

Also-I really need help with the whole LAZY GIRL thing. How can I get up when the rest of the world does. I figure if I could get out of bed when all the rest of you do-my house could be clean when normal people would see it, not just the people of the night!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cover your Ears-I'm gonna Swear!

OK people-I was messing around last night on the blog trying to change some things around, I must have hit the wrong button and Poof-all my stuff was gone!
^$&@(@(!!!!! &^**!!!!! That is my version of swearing A LOT!
So-my friends who frequent my blog and I don't have you listed on the blog roll-please leave a comment so I can link again. I already miss u all. It's like I am missing a vital part of my life. Pathetic I know-but I love my blogging friends!!!!!
So-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment.
Thank you for your time-I know us mom's who blog are very limited on online time-so leave just a quick note-I will love you forever!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Cause!

Hey people-I have some really good friends who are biking for a really good cause. MS. They are trying to raise funds for the fight. So, if this is close to your heart, or just want to help-hop on over here and donate.

Maybe there are some of you who already know this, but I am learning lots about this disease. It effects everyone-not just older people. On Brooke's site-she has a cousin who is 26 ish who was just diagnosed with it and I have a cousin who was diagnosed with it when she was 22. I also have a really close wonderful friend who had a mom pass away from this horrible diease. So, anything you can give would really help everyone out! Thanks for listening.

Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Now that I got your attention. Ok-So I was looking at some ads today. If you don't already know, I am kind of a coupon freak. I am not as good as others, but I can hold my own. Anyway, this weak, featured in Rite Aid's ad is :


This sweat-absorbing, friction-fighting wonder powder will keep you gloriously dry and comfortable during everyday manly chainsaw juggling.

And now, here are some of the comments on the page that random people left-

I bought this for my stinky, sweaty feet. It has really helped with the sweating and the foot acne. Thanks Monkey Butt!

First of all-what the heck is foot acne? Is that a real thing? Grose and ow!

Ok-I Promise, I did not make this up! Had to post this though-totally too funny not too. This should all make your monday a little brighter!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

What a special day it has been! My heart is so full it hurts!
My 8 was baptized today. I am having a really hard time that I am old enough to have a child be baptized. This day has been great! We have really felt the spirit.
I have also cried-alot! What do you expect, I am a big boob anyway-just mix in a emotional day-and you for sure have got some tears that are going to come!
I cried when she got teary eyed as she read the card from me and her dad. I cried when I heard her giggle with excitement. I cried when I saw her all in white. I cried when I held her wrapped in a towell with her teath chattering! I cried when I heard my husbands sweet voice as he confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. and when he gave her the Holy Ghost. I cried as she grinned while she shook all the hands of the men that stood inthe circle. I cried when I read the note that her sister wrote telling her she was proud of her and she loved her.
Today has been one of those "Proud Mom Moments" The kind where you know that you are doing something right. How grateful I am to Heavenly Father for loving me so much and blessing me with such a sweet memory!
So-I sit here peacefully as my children play outside without fighting.
Today is defniately a good day!

Monday, April 14, 2008


You know when you make all of these great plans in your head and get all excited to get them done and crossed off your list?
Well, i did this last night. i made a list at target and jo-annes and a quick trip to the d.i. The goal was to get all of this done before 6 got home from school (11:30) So, we wake up late 7:45, and so we were all running around like a bunch of idiots!
hubby decides that he is sick, so he stays home.
I get done running around with the girls to get ready for school and decide, oh, i will just lay down for a minute.
OH-i wake up at 10:45!
So much for making plans and sticking to them. Maybe I can squeeze them in tomorrow. Send good vibes my way.
Pretty pathetic that i was so ticked that i couldn't get my stuff done. Oh well, it's only Monday right?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Laundry gets a new home!

have you ever just felt like you were crazy in every sense of the word? Please tell me that all mom's feel this way and i am not the only one in the mom universe that feels like this.
So-call me crazy if you must, but, i really like having a spot to do laundry. When we bought our house-i was ecstatic that the laundry was upstairs in a closet. YEs! I always thought that I wanted this. Now-i know that i was wrong.
I really like the fact that the washer is close to all the things that make the clothes dirty. I don't like it that it is a closet. I have nowhere to put clothes. They are either all over the hall-or-in the most likely place, my bedroom.
I am one of those people who think that their room should be a place of rest. A place to relax-get away from your troubles and your kids.
This was not the most relaxing place when it was covered with laundry.
So, i made an executive decision-i needed my spare room back. A room to keep laundry in and have a table for crafts and crap. A place to go and be crafty and not have to share my glue or sparkles with anyone under the age of 8.
Much to my husbands discontent-we moved 6 down to 8 room. 8 has a big, pink room that was plenty big that they could share. It's only temporary-were going to frame the space next to it in a couple of months.
I thounght this whole transition would be pretty simple. Move the bed and her stuff and be done. I was wrong-very, very wrong. 3 1/2 hours later i had just finished vacuuming and threatening that if this room was messy-anywhere-including under beds, closets, corners, wherever little people shove stuff, that they would be sorry, very, very sorry!
It was worth it-after much swearing and sweating my laundry finally has a home. A home that is gloriously empty. Life is better.
Yes-this did take a long time to post-but i figured it was sunday and you all needed something to read.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

and they all SMILED while they WORKED!

Ok- some genius mom figured this little chore system out. Props to her. I did add my own little spin on it though. My kids are hurrying home to do their work so they can play the Wii or have extra time with friends.

They love getting their little tokens and I like to think that this helps them take pride in their work in addition to learning how to work. (at least learning how to do it my way)

So-I made a little flip chart with thier jobs on it for each day of the week. I am one of those mean moms who don't think that their kids should be rewarded for doing the every day things like, hair, brushing teeth and getting dressed. In our house, one of the tickets to being able to live here is keeping a clean room-so they don't get props for that either.

Since I also have a child who can't read-hers has pics.

And this is my prize system. I hope that you can see it ok-sorry the pic is kind of blurry. They have to earn for tv time, wii time, extra play time, special treats from the prize bucket etc..
My 3 doesn't quite get this whole concept-so she has a different prize- She really wants a strawberry shortcake bedspread-so she has to earn 20 stickers and then she can have it. So-this is her special little card.

So far so good. It seems to be working and helping our family. Maybe you mom's out there are way smarter than I, and have already implemented a working chore system. i am just a little slow with finding one that works.
On a different note-Look what I got today!

yea-i already had each of these appliances-they just worked like crap! You know-in my opinion-a dishwasher should-i don't know-clean the dishes. Mine-does not do this. So, i guess i did enough complaing and my sweet husband bought me a new one. While he was at it-he bought a stove too. I told him, just because i got a dishwasher and stove DOES NOT mean that i will clean more or cook more.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yummy EASY QUICK Dinner

Yes-your kids will eat this! Even the most picky, I promise!

Chicken Pillows
2 can crescent Rolls-i use low fat
4 oz. cream cheese-low-fat/fat free-whatever Has to be Philidelphia
3 heaping spoon fulls of Sour Cream-Daisy Low fat
1 Can of chicken-drained and shredded.
garlic powder, onion salt, salt and pepper
now-mix all this together-and taste it. It should taste like a yummy dip. My kids can't keep their fingers out of it.

Open Crescent rolls-roll out on cookie sheets. Add spoonful of chicken mix to crescent-roll up. I push the sides in as i roll.
Spray the rolls with spray butter or brush with melted butter-ass crushed crackers on top of each roll. We like Ritz the best-but whatever you have got will work.
bake 350-about 15 mins-until golden

Serve with Rice-we use microwave with chicken broth instead of water. Gravy mix out of a packet.
My kids like these without gravy so they can pick them up and eat them. Adults tend to like them with rice underneath and gravy on top.

This whole dinner takes about 20 mins to make,cook and serve. No thinking required. You all should have it for dinner tomorrow night.

Lor-this one was posted just for you. Make it-you will like it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Am I Alone?

seriously people, tell me the truth-do any of you do this? Anyone? Or am I alone on this one? Please tell me the truth! I love my kids, i really really do. When bedtime rolls around at our house, it can't come soon enough! By the time the 8 o'clock is here-you can pretty much just roll me up in a ball and shove me down the stairs ?????

"i don't care! Go to bed!"
"Mom, I need a drink."
"I don't care! Go to bed!"
My tommy hurts mom."
"I don't care! Go to bed!"
Mom, I just......
I DON'T CARE!!!!!! GO TO BED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, i was pounding the exclamation point!
Am i alone?

Put the Cat down, she doesn't like to dance!
Guess who I said this to? You only get one guess.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

You have got to watch this.

Make sure that your sound is turned up....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Water Pills are AwESoMe!

ok people, this is what i looked like in vegas. Now can you see why i didn't want to take any pics. I looked like the pillsbury dough boy, but with the dough in my FACE! When i saw this pic, i cried. My mom said that i don't normally look like this. When i asked my sister if i looked like this all the time-she hesitated, and said "no, not really." JERK! You know that you can't tell what you really look like in the mirror-we are not objective enough. if we were, we would all get flattering hair cuts, wear the right color lipstick and not have foundation lines. (i do not have these by the way, but, i know a lot of people who do-if it is you-just say no to the wrong color of foundation! Back to my face-so i was horrified-so no more pictures.

Since i don't just take pics of myself i grabbed my camera on the way out to dinner.
I am sure that some of the poeple thought that we were weird, but whatever. I was so happy to see, that the water was pretty much gone! Yay! I forgot that i was cute, and i don't always look like i am saving nuts in my cheeks for the winter. (k said this-not kidding) Almost a whole week of good days, just bad moments and the water weight is going down! i am happy, happy, happy. Did i say that i was happy? so, if any of you struggle with the whole water thing-ask for water pills-they are FABULOUS!

Girls Night Out

We got to have a girls night out. I say "got to" like it is never possible.
Come on, I have 3 girls who happen to live with me.
So, a girls night out is really not a once in a lifetime experience.

Even though we get to have these all the time, there was a special reason for tonight's gathering. For those of you who read my blog and are not familiar with the LDS church, the next bit of info will confuse you. 2wice a year we have general conference and part of general conference is the priesthood session. It is a meeting that all the men attend.

So, us girls have a special tradition, we go out to dinner somewhere and then do something fun after. My lovely little sis was out of town, my one sister in law was at her mom's and my other sister in law is VERY pregnant and VERY tired so she stayed home. So, it was just me and my girls and my mom.

We went to Godfathers Pizza and had yummy food and a really good time. It was a all you can eat buffet, so my girls thought that it was pretty cool that they could go up themselves and get whatever kind of pizza they wanted, plus all the pop they could drink. (or, what mom would LET them drink) 8 said that it was the best night of her life. I don't know if i would go that far, but it was pretty fun. I even took pics to prove it. After dinner we came home and watched "enchanted" The girls love this show, it is all about princesses, frilly dresses and singing. We can't go wrong whith a show like this at our house. It was a fun night, and i am very glad that all the little people at our house are in their beds. I know that at least one is not asleep, but she is away from me and not talking and talking and talking. It is amazing how much a 3 year old can talk. Truly Astounding! I am sorry, i guess that i am on a adjective kick tonight-so sorry!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vegas Baby!

i am ashamed of myself. I have yet to post in such a long time. Go ahead, think I'm a slacker, i don't care.
Well, this past weekend we went to VEGAS. It was so very, very FUN! Yes, it was fantastic weather! 80 degrees. Not stupid snow and rain and wind like all you Utah people had while i was gone.
No, we did not go to the strip Vegas, we went to the really nice, i wouldn't mind living there Vegas. We went and stayed with my Aunt and 2 cousins. We hadn't seen them in a really long time, so it was great time.
Well-it was a great time for us. All we did was shop. I don't think that they thought we were really serious when we said that all we want to do is shop. Well, we really fooled them, all we really did was shop, and shop and shop. I got my whole spring wardrobe. Super cute and super fabulous. I think that we should go back every season, so we can look fabulous and get it for much cheaper that here.
No, i will not be posting any pictures. Why you ask. Well, this super fun trip, caused super fun swelling and in all the pics-i look like a great big fat chipmunk. I looked terrible. My feet looked something like a ogre's. My hands looked like i got stung and forgot to take a bendadryl. Really, they are terrible. So, you will just have to imagine. Sorry. When i wear my super cute new clothes, i'll take a pic and post so you can see my super cute clothes.

So, to my fam in Vegas-you guys rock and we all had a really great time and i want you to all invite us back. thanks Jes for the house, super cute. Thanks LeeAnn for the yummy food and for making us feel so welcome and for also being my favorite aunt! Thanks Lori-for driving us all over and driving us again, and for having such a super cute Ellie-she is darling and you should be proud that you are such a great mom.
So-people-want to escape Utah-go to Vegas-the good vegas. I guarantee that you will have a great time! We didn't buy ALL the shoes!