Monday, July 28, 2008

Lazy days of summer

I am so ready for summer to be over. I know that I have said this before-I just feel the need to reiterate this point.

I will not miss the oppurtunity to sleep in until 9! Alright-sometimes 10. I'll tell the truth! My kids are good to let mommy sleep. Not so good when I wake up!

So-after doing way too many loads of laundry I had the need to craft!!

This is what I did.

I had a little old lady neighbor that was so sweet to me and she gave me this clock! I love clocks! All kinds. They don't even have to work. All they have to do is be cute.

I spray painted this on sunday night at about 9:15 p.m.-my hubby just rolled his eyes-again. I am starting to get used to this reaction.I hated the black and gold on the glass so I modge podged some cute paper over it. No, the hands are not real-Like I said, clocks don't have to work to be cute. When I come across some hands that are big enough and cute enough, I will replace my homemade ones. I am just too impatient. Sorry! What can I say.

I haven't hung it yet, not too sure where to put it. I am hoping that I will dream about it tonight. Yes, I have major decisions going through my head.

I also did this clock. I picked it up about a month ago at the thrift store. It was $2.00. Again, I just pulled out the modge podge and paper and Voila! 8 broke my super cute H that was on my new "entry table" so I had to replace it with something tall. My girls have never broke any of my decor before. I was ticked! But, it was an accident. still mad though. Next "h" will be hung on the wall.

I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like before till I was halfway done. Sorry! I used this super cute paisley paper. I had this "H" that I picked up at Wally's. It was a $1.25 and way to plain for me. So I add some more paisley paper to kick it up a bit. I love this crafty bug! I figure I better do all I can why I want too. I know all too well life will get in the way soon enough.

Have a great day and go craft something, you will feel better!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally Finished!

Yea-I finally got it done!
After sitting in my garage for about 2 weeks, I finally got them all painted!
This is just two of the 6 things that I did today. I will post the freaking, cutest sofa table ever another day. I have to spread it out-I don't do stuff like this as often as I should.
The sofa table is for a client. I am pretty sure that she is going to love it! I know that I do!
This table/bookshelf was originally for another client, but I loved it too much that I kept it for myself. I know, I am terrible. We found her something else. (If you were worried.)
This is a chair that Bonnie gave me a year ago. I saw it sitting in her garage all lonely and forgotten. I commented on how much I loved it and one day she brought it down to me! Isn't she the best. Too bad you don't all have a Bonnie.
I was trying to sleep last night and the bright idea to paint the chair came into my head.

BEFORE -it still looked great, I just wanted something different.

After. What do you think? Super cute huh? I was wondering why I didn't do this a long time ago. My husband thinks it's too bright, but what does he know?This is my downstairs entry wall. This is the fabulous view I see when I walk in the door every day. Nice huh?This is an old bed headboard. It was ugly brown and scratched all up. This is the in between process. Still needed another coat of black and poly.

So-what do you think? Too cute huh? I recomend that everyone go out to the thrift store and pick up an old headboard. The headboard was $8.00 Red box-$1.00-sparay painted that red. We will use that for the mail. The hook that the quilt is on was a $1.00. I spray painted an old frame hanging out in the garage and stuck a wreath over it. I love how it looked and I think that I will copy it for our client this week. The letter H was gold-spray painted that too. All the other stuff was gathered from around the house. You know rob peter to pay paul? I do that all the time!

I love how it turned out. I want to find another one for the upstairs entry. These headboards are perfect for the entryway because they are usually very narrow and a table is hard to find. So-I will have to head to thrift store on Monday. Shhh don't tell my husband!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Ok, I know that my last post was about how I was such a terrible mom.

Well-I am now the greatest Mom ever!
Whats that?
You want to be the greatest mom ever too!
Well, I guess I can share my secret.

I was watching QVC, for those of you who live under a rock, it's the home shopping channel on tv. Now, I love QVC. I go on kicks. Sometimes I watch it all the time and sometimes I never do.

I never even knew about QVC till a while ago. My MIL loves it, so I watched to see what the big deal was about. I was hooked too! Too fun!

They have great stuff and even better deals.
If you hate your stuff-you can send it back and they send you your money back.
My hubby doesnt love that I love this channel. I am trying to cut back.
Ok, on to why I am the greatest MOM ever.

So, QVC has Christmas in July right now.
and they had this!

Reminder-I have 3 girls, who have their own aprons for cooking and another one for crafting.
Yes, I am so proud of them!
Anyway, they had this cupcake maker that doesn't use the oven and it tastes good.
It even lets them frost them without making a mess.
Yes, I had to have this!
How do I know the mixes taste good?
Welll, I figure if their gross, I'll send it back.
All of this fantasticness for under $35.00!
I had to have it.
So, I ordered it.
It will be here around the 5th of August.
I am so excited!
Hubby said I can't give it to them until Christmas.
He's no fun!
I will do my best!
So-If you too have girls and you want to be as cool as me
go to and look for the Gourmet Girl cupcake maker.
Your little girls will be in heaven.
Who knows, maybe this baby has magic powers! I am hoping that it turnes them into angels instead children with horns and tails who love to throw tantrums.
At least that is what I am hoping for!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the most terrible,horrible, no good, very bad MOM

Yep-that's me. At least that is what my kids will tell you. Especial today.

I guess there is some "new" parenting book circling the universe that tells us moms that we should Not ever, no never, give our children work or responsibility.

My children apparently have read this.
Why else would they pull out all the stops when it comes to work?
I know that I didn't teach it to them, my hubby didn't either.
So, where...?

Yes, I will admit that I have maybe taught them some swear words.
How to find a bargain.
How to love chocolate and rely on diet coke (not too proud of this one)
but I have never thrown myself on the floor when I have to do laundry or make my bed.

Am I alone?

Are my loverly children the only ones in the universe who do this?
Look at them! Do they look like they could be evil.
Believe me, they can!

Now, I must admit, there are some things going on in my life right now, that are really throwing me for a loop. I know that my patience is not what is should be, and I am not as happy as I could be, but what am I supposed to do?

So-what do you think?
Should I try and find this new "parenting" book or maybe sell them to the gypsies? (do they even exist?)
Whatever I do, I think that I will be eating chocolate for lunch.
Now the only decision I will have to make is milk or dark~much easier!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ding Dong the witch is dead!

Is that really how the song goes? Probably not, but I did get your attention right?

So-I know I have been a slacker. What can I say? We have been busy, you know with all the summer crap. I am so ready for school to start. We start somewhere around the 25th of August. I think that I am going to make a chain out of paper. Maybe I will make a candy chain. You know, with the saran wrap and the hershey kisses. I think I'll do that. A peice of chocolate makes every day a little more bearable.

Don't you think??

I can't be the only Mom out there who is thinking about the first day of school and how fabuolous it will be.

I have two in school all day this year!!


I am starting to get giddy just thinking about it!!

Does this make a bad mom or normal?

So, you know how I re-decorate others homes?
If you don't know that, -I decorate others homes!
I love it!!
We go into a house, look at the stuff they have and redo it.
We sometimes add a couple of special touches to make it more homey, but for the most part, we use all their stuff.

For some reason, my bedroom has been really hard for me to figure out.
Master Bedrooms are hard.

Not too sure why.

Anyway-I finally figured it out.
for summer anyway.

You know me, I'll change again in the fall.

I hate things staying the same.

i love old windows! I have a ton of them too. So I am always looking for new ways to use them in my house. I saw the three windows on a decorating show once and I loved it!! I finally got my hubby to help me hang them!! YEA!

I got new bed shams from the thrift store. They were brand new, still with tags. They only cost me a buck each!! Don't worry-I used the anti-bacterial cycle on the new "lexus" to clean them! No bed bugs here! NO SIREE BOB!

I hate not having double sinks in my bathroom!! I hate it! When my hubby and I both have to go somewhere at the same time, we tend to yell.

So-I fixed it. I grabbed an old desk, filled the drawers with makeup. Put an old mirror on a plate stand and stuck a tray with all my lotions and potions and brushes in it!!

It defniately makes for a much easier morning!! Plus-I can pluck my eyebrows in the morning sunlight!! YES!!

Sorry-I couldn't get the pic to turn, you'll just have to turn your head a little weird. I had to post this pic though. I loved how the frames turned out. I saw in a magazine that they framed cute paper and wrapping paper and a little bling. I thought-perfect!! Cheap and fun!!

So-what do you think? When I change my bedding in the fall back to the chocolate bedding with the blue and green pillows, then I can change the paper to match! Super cute and super cheap! Right up my alley!!

I hope you all don't mind my posting my bedroom. I was just so happy that I finally got it done, done and I like it! Bonus! I had to share it with you!!

So-go hunting at the the thrift store and see what you can find! You and your hubby or whoever, will be so glad that you did! Heck-you will even have enough money left over that you can go and buy yourself a new outfit at Old Navy!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

No-I am not dead!!!

I know, I know, I am a slacker! What can I say. I haven't even been in the technology world for about 5 days.
I would like to tell you all it was because I am so in love with my new "Lexus" that is parked in the closet where the washer in dryer used to live, but alas, I would be lying.
Yes, I LOVE my new LEXUS(this is my new pet name for the w&D) but it still doesn't make laundry fun. Faster yes, funner, No! Still can't get it off the to do list, but it does get done faster!!!
So, for those of you who are decided between the crappy ones and these fantastic front loaders-splurge baby! You will be thrilled that you did!!!

Ok-enough about the W&D, that is not very fun to talk about.
Lets see, what else can I talk about.
No, I haven't crafted anything fantastic lately.
I am itching too though!!
I am needing a new outfit.
I just think that I need to go shopping.
My hubby will be thrilled.
He has put the kabosh on that lately.
He thinks that we need to eat and pay for gas.
Totally overrated, don't you think?

I have fantastic news!!!
Yes, I have found a DR who has helped me with the pain!
I will shout his praises from every mountain top that I can now climb.
He is my new best friend!!
He is Dr is California.
I found him though a friend.
I talked to him on the phone for about an hour or so.
He put me on a BUNCH of natural supplements.
Yes, I had my doubts.
What did I have to lose??
No other Dr was helping with "modern medicine"
So-I took the plunge!!
I have been taking them since Friday afternoon.
Yep, not even a week.
My pain has been cut by 75%!!
I have not felt this good in over a year!!
I love him!
I love the supplements!
I love that they make me not only pain free, but I am more calm, I have lost weight!!! and I am better person overall!
Have I convinced you all yet?
I am so happy, overjoyed, elated that he is in my life!!
He is fantastic!!!
So-if you know anyone who is suffering from pain, sickness anything.
Let me know.
I will give you his info!!
He really has been an answer to my prayers. Not to mention my hubby, my mom, my kids, everyone who knows me and loves me. (I think anyway!!)

So-know I am off to clean for the bbq tonight. Make the list for the store and maybe, just maybe, I will stop at the thrift store or Old Navy.

SHHH don't tell my husband!!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look what I got!!!

So-my dryer is going out. Crap!!!
I have to dry ALL clothes for 3 sessions at 90 mins on high. Not exicted to see the bill. So because of this, I went dryer shopping today.
It really was not that fun.
Why is dryer shopping not fun?
Whats that, I like all kinds of shopping.!
I don't think that this should be called shopping.
Shopping is fun!
You get to go and spend money on things that are fun like furniture, clothes, shoes and purses!
Not appliances!
Why is it that we have to spend so much money on a dryer.
Really, think about it.
We spend a butt load of money on something that we don't even like.
Come on-who likes to do laundry?
I don't believe you.
It's the job that is never checked off the list.
So-why am I talking about a washer AND a dryer.
You thought I only needed a dryer.
I did, but this was just too good to pass up.
So, we bought both.
The washer is on it's last leg.
I figure with my luck, it would probably break about Christmas.
What a fun present-a washer!!
Just what I always wanted!
So-I thought that I would nip it in the bud-and be the early bird for once!!!
I know am the proud owner of a LG SUPER CAPACITY WASHER AND DRYER!!
It will hold and clean 26 towells.!!
Holy CRAP!!
That was the selling poing-26 towells!
I don't even own 26 towells.
I want to go and buy some, just so I can see if they are telling the truth.
Not that I have the cash to do so.
I did just buy a freaking WASHER AND DRYER!!
I will let you know if it is really as great as everyone says it is.

So-if you have this beautiful washer and dryer, or any front loader, tell me all about how fabulous it is. How much money it saves you, how HAPPY it makes you, stuff like that. I am super excited, really I am.
I am as excited as a girl can be with a new washer and dryer.
Who knows-maybe this new TOY-will allow me to check it off the list.
We'll see!!
Hope So!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Random thoughts

I have to post my thoughts cause I have no pictures.
Good news-I found the camera.
Took it to a bbq, left it there.
Smart huh?
My mom got it for me.
So-it's at her house.
So-you get my thoughts without any pictures.
Lucky You!!!

So-I was flipping through the channels.
Why was I watching TV when my house is such a freaking mess you ask?
Well-it so HOT-I get lazy so I don't do anything.
Yea-I am that good.
Oh well.
Anyway-I stopped on HGTV.
I have a love/hate relationship with this channel.
Yep, I have a relationship with a TV channel.

They do great stuff.
They really do.
I love most things.
They always look so great.
They give great ideas.
Like putting your books in colors on the shelves.
It really did look fantastic!
Moving on-they do great things-they just always cost a lot of money!!
It bugs me!
I don't have a lot of expandable cash.
I like shows that give cheep ideas.
They used to have a show "Decorating Cents"
Everything was cheap!!!
Cheap cheap cheap!!!
I loved it!
It's not on anymore.
Stupid HGTV!
Come on-I love cheap things, I am a cheap girl!
My hubby likes that I am cheap.
Think of it whatever way you want.
I don't care.
I want DC back!
So-if anyone from HGTV is reading this blog-(yea right)
Please put the show back on the air.
I love it!
I know that I am not alone!

-PS If any of you have a blog that has great, fun crafty, decorating ideas.
Please tell me.
I love them.
I.e-Joys of home-she is on my blog roll.
She rocks! I want more friends like her.
So-if you know anyone who is like that-let me know.
I have got to get a fix somewhere!!!
Thanks girls!!
You all rock!!!!!
Stay tuned. I will post pics of my new room.
As soon as I get it done. :)
Almost done. Really, I promise!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update and the FREAKING Heat!!

OK-so those of you who want to know about the Dr-read the following paragraph. If you don't care-(which I would totally understand) read the 2ND paragraph!

I have a friend who works for a back/pain Dr. She got me in the day after I called. Just go's to show, it's not what you know, it's who you know.
So-I went on Tuesday. I made my hubby go. He always has to go to all of my first appts. I do this just so he knows I am not crazy when I report back.
I went-she shook my hand and hubbie's. First impression was good.
She asked while I was there-I told here, she then preceded to ignore me while she did the examination. I would ask questions and she would give one word answers. She was starting to annoy me.
You have to understand. I have been to a LOT of Dr's. I read up about everything I can. My hubby does even more research.
So-we had found some things that would be beneficial to us. Injections if the abdominal wall. Injections in my hip. My pelvic pain being caused by my back. (the reason why I was there)
We asked her these things. She was very very rude!
She answered most questions stating that she had been a Dr for 25 years. Then she would tell me that all the things that we had researched were almost completely impossible.
Basically making me feel like a total idiot for asking all my questions.
She even told me I was stupid for asking the question about exercise. Whether of not I should be doing it.
Now, I am not stupid. I know that exercise is good for you. I normally would not ask this, but other Dr's including my PT total me not too. The reason-it increases my pain.
She was just so rude and condescenindg.
To say that she was a witch would be a nice term. Her bedside manor had been forgotten in all of her years of practice. I really hated her.
My hubby was not too impressed with her either.
She might be extremely smart and she obviously a good Dr because it takes quite a while to get into.
Regardless-she was a witch but with a B.
I am not discounting her. She might be able to help me. I go back next week with new MRI results. Even if she is a snot and says mean, condescending things, she might be able to help. I am not going to quit.
I do have another appt. on Monday with another pain Dr. I am really hoping that it will be a better apt.
So-I am complaining. It's my blog, I get to do that. Right?
More info will be had next week. I really think that we are going the right direction with the Pain Dr's.

Ok-on too the next thought in my head.
It is so hot I can't even handle it!
I don't even want to get dressed or move or do anything.
I lay in one place, either the fan on, eating a Popsicle.
They say that we are getting AZ and Vegas heat.
Well-move on already.
They have pools and central air. I don't.

I lost my camera.
Yes, all please go ahead and cry a few tears.
A good thing-I had just emptied the pics of the card just the other day.
I am still very sad.
I don't really want to buy a new one.
But, what do you do?
So-no pics for a while.
boring, i know. especially since I am re-doing my master bedroom. It is super cute. I will have to borrow a camera.
Chels-don't you have two?
Can i borrow the extra till I get a new one?

Ok-I am off to strip and eat another Popsicle.
I know this post was lame.
But the fish pic had to get off the page.
I was getting grossed out by it every time I saw it.
I hope you all have a great 4th! Be safe, wear sunscreen and eat lots of watermelon, corn of the cob and home made ice cream! That is what the 4th is about!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just me and my laptop and beanbag!

Oh yea-also....

Diet Coke..



and a movie!

Really-I pray that this Dr. can help me. I need to get better-I am far too lazy!

I have been searching the internet and come across all kinds of great things!

There are some really amazing proplr out there in this blogland I frequent!

I love food!

I love food!

I love, love food!

Did I mention that I love food!

So, I stumbled across a couple of really great food blogs!

This one looks so yummy-I wish I felt good enough to cook.

Well, maybe it's better that I don't

Although-my food selection would taste a whole lot better!!

Go here and here-you will be so happy that you did.

Or you will be super hungry!! (I am a little bit of both! )

Seriously-look at that picture! Doesn't it make you hungry!