Thursday, April 30, 2009

I really need to try harder....

I really need to try harder at being more consistent at this whole blogging thing.

I was blog surfing the other day-you know going to others blogs and not really knowing how in the heck you even got there.
Well-I saw me on a couple of people blogroll. I felt so special and so slackerish.
So-I am going to post pics and everything.
You should all feel special.
I even updated my etsy shop.
All kinds of new stuff. Go and check it out.
There is some pretty cute stuff in there-if I do say so myself.
Then again, I am a little biased, I did make it all!
Here are just a few pics of what I have been doing lately.
I did a boutique last Saturday.
It was a blast.
A friend of mine called me last Monday, so I got busy and made a bunch of stuff so I could set up on Friday.
Yes-I am one of those people who work best better under pressure.
So-I looked around and wodered what I could make with the stuff I had and not have to buy a bunch of stuff.
So-I looked in my yard and found some sticks.
What the crap did I do with sticks.
I must admit-they were not all of my own sticks, I did borrow some from Bonnie.
She is always there for me, even when I need sticks.
If you don't have a friend like her, you should really go and find one.
These are just a couple pics of some of the stick pics that I made. These are the ones that are listed in Etsy. I sold everything else.
I know. Forgive me.
Still Love ME!

So-go and see what is in that etsy shop of mine.
I will post more stuff this week-promise!
Luv You All!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just my humble opinion....

Ok-I am just warning you all.
I have been in creating overhaul the past couple of days.
I am doing a local boutique.
And if you know me, I work best under pressure-hence the overhaul.
Nothing like waiting till the last minute.
I would post pictures, but I am too lazy to get up from the most uncomfortable chair in the world and find the camera.
Sorry-next week-promise (sortof)

So, I took a crafting break to blog surf.
I went along to my favs and then wondered into unknown neighborhoods, all while listening to the new Rascall Flatts cd. (fabulous btw)
Let me start this little rant by saying-this is just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

I hate music on blogs. (unless your Chelsie-I actually really love your selection of randomness, I sometimes just go to your blog and jam to the tunes for a while.)
Anyway-If I want music on, I will turn it on. I hate to go to a new blog and be blasted by some random song. I prefer to turn on my own music.
I know, I know, turn the sound off.
I normally do, but I was listening to my Rascall.
I so hate scrolling down someones blog to find the pause key.
SO annoying.
See, I told you that this was my own little rant and I am tired and I am sitting in a very uncomfortable chair.
I really hope that all of you that have music on your blog just think that I am the crazy, vacuuming mouse lady and still love me!!
BTW-Now that I have all offended my music friends-I am in need of some new tunes to be blaring in my craft space.
I can't keep buying music from Itunes. Soon, hubby is going to catch on.
Let me know what some of your favs are.

Have a fantastic weekend.
Thanks for still loving me and my opinions!
PS-had to include this pic. Seriously-are you laughing out loud?
This is real-I was driving through a parking lot the other day, glanced over and reversed and laughed and laughed-took a pic, showed it to to everyone I knew-cause I thought it was funny. Hope that you do too. Maybe it will make up for my large opinions!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am still LAME!

You would think that I would do better after my late, lame, last post.
Apparenlty not.
Maybe none of you really care and I just flattering myself.

So, I do have some pics but I am too lazy to upload them.
That is pathetic I know.
Actually, I don't even know where my camera is.
I did take pics of this weekend. Not a lot, but some count, right?

I have to share what happened to us last week.

I was down watching a movie with the kiddos.
I look down and there is a little mouse scurring across the tile floor, follows the floor boards and hides out behind the tv.

Well, you would have thought that this thing was a muskrat the way I FREAKED out.
I immediately called my husband hyperventalating.
He told me to chill, I told him to come home right now and get rid of the mouse.
He told me to go upstairs and not think about it.
Ok, that is like asking me to not go shopping when there is a sale.
So, I called my Dad.
I thought for sure he would come running down to help his daughter in distress.
Yea, NO. He laughed.
I told him if I was Shawni, he would come.
He assured me he wouldn't.
(she is my sister and the golden one. Pretty sure that she could ask my dad for gas money and he would STILL give it to her. She is married with a baby.)
Obviously I am not bitter or anything.

So-the big girls got home from school and the mouse was still holed up behind the tv.
I didn't tell them.
I just let them and their little friends watch the movie and think that all was well.
Then they all shrieked.
All 6 of them.
They tried to catch the mouse.
They tried to hit it with a stick.
They were much braver than I.
NOne of their ideas worked either.

It was then 5 o'clock and my knight in shining armor was home.
He set a couple traps and waited for the mouse to eat the peanut butter.
Guess what, it didn't want peanut butter.
So-we both sat in the room waiting for the stupid thing to come out from behind the tv.
My super smart husband tried to "herd" it outside.
Since it was not a dog, it didn't work.
DUH! He should have listenend to me.
So-he got out the vacuum.
He was trying to suck it up with my Dyson.
He thought he had it corned until it ran across my foot!!!!!
I was standing on the couch quicker than he could blink.
My speed was really quite impressive.

Husband chased it into a corner with a blanket.
It was in the folds of the stupid thing.
I was screaming and freaking out.
My husband was laughing and trying to "suck" up the little thing at the same time.

Finally, he picked up the blanket ever so carefully and shook it outside.
The little mouse ran away as fast as it's little legs could carry it.

I am really hoping it went and told all of it's little friends that a freaky lady lives there who has a very powerful vacuum and she is so not afraid to use it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am so lame...

I am so lame.

I haven't posted in way too long.

I probably don't have anybody that still even reads my opinions-I mean my blog.

If you are still there-Holla!!!

It's not that I don't want to blog-per say-

I just have been doing other things-like laundry!

Lame-I know.

Spring break starts here day after tomorrow.

Am I a terrible mother to tell you all -that I am so NOT excited.

Nope-not even a little bit.

It would be a little more pleasurable if it was going to be sunny and nice-



I am going to be going to blockbuster tomorrow to rent wii games,

It's OK-you can think I am a bad mom cause I don't have all kinds of fun things planned.
Or a little vacation.
I am figuring that I will be doing good if I don't reach for a diet coke anytime in the next 5 days.

Yep-I am off diet coke.

It's official.

I know, I know, I have said this before, but I am serious now.


I have gastritis-so my stomach does not like any soda beverage.

Yep-fantastic news isn't it?

If I am having a really good day-chocolate doesn't agree either.

I know, you all wish that you could me.

My husband-who I love-is Modge Podging.

Is podging even a word?

Anyway-he didn't like the "girlified" clipboard that I offered him-so he is "manning" it up.


I told him that I am not helping,

and he better not mess up my crafting oasis!~ (aka-table full of crap)

This is the most random post, so I will even post a random pic.

This is just for posterity-to prove that I am not a "lame" mom all the time!
Yes, I was there-I looked fat in all the pics so I wont post any of me.
I am sure that you were all dying to see a pic of me, or of my kids and some sting rays.
You know you love me!


"peeps" (a little Easter humor)