Friday, May 30, 2008

Bippity Boppity Boo!

kind of scary pic-10pm, no makeup
In my jammies-the things i do for my friends

OK-So I don't have a Fairy godmother that makes me dresses and accessories.
but I do have a Mother-in-law that can sew anything!

I am talking anything! She made my girls blessing dresses. All of them were beautiful and different. She makes me the cutest things for my house.

She also makes me all kind of things I dream up. I call her up and say;
I saw this super cute thing and I was wondering if you could make it.
It looked like this and I was thinking it would be cute this color. Will you do it for me?
She usually does. Only because I am her favorite Daughter in Law.
(Did I mention I am the only one)

She makes my girls super cute stuff. Dresses for them and their cabbage patch dolls. (seriously the doll clothes match the kids clothes-darling) blankets, quilts etc...

So- I am proud to say that she has an ETSY shop that is just begining to carry all the beautiful, darling things that you all need for your home and for you. I told her to make purses and more aprons like the one that she made for me for mothers day.

Now, don't get any ideas-I can't sew a stitch. That's why I am so happy to have her as a Mother IN Law. She not only loves my kids, raised a super cute guy that I get to call my husband, she also makes me the cutest stuff around.

So-go to her shop, and visit often. She will update it all the time (she sews way fast) with all the things that you will HAVE to have.

Maybe she will even take requests. So-leave comments on things that you would like to have. I figure it's the same thing as me asking her to make me something that looks like this, and is made out of this.

Yes, you all should be jealous. I get to call her family plus, I get things for free! This is the runner that she gave me tonight when I dropped off the girls. Yep, she makes me stuff and takes my girls for a few days. I know,I know, I am lucky.

I have a runner for every season. My favorite is the one that she made for Valentines day. It's under the stairs in a box-so sorry, you don't get to see it. It does look a lot like this one though.

(i know that the pic is small-i borrowed from her etsy-to see it bigger go to her Etsy)
P.s. Did you see that I linked the site to the word. I am not sure of the proper term, but I am very proud of myself! I can still count it even if my hubby helped me right?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

FlOwErS for a JoB WeLL DoNe!!

Ok-so my hubby is still in Minnesota.

He told that he didn't buy me anything at the
He said that he couldn't decide.
There were too many stores, it overwhelmed him.
I thought he was lying.
He does that sometimes.
This time, he was not kidding.
Now, before you all think, what a punk!
He did give me something else.

Are they not the cutest flowers ever? For some of you, I am sure that this is a common occurance, but for me, this is HUGE! He has not ever sent me Flowers.

Thats a lie-he did give me flowers in college. They were beautiful, long stemmed Roses that smelled like peaches.
In the card he said,
"Here are your flowers. Kal"

This is the card that came with the flowers today.
He might not be Mr. Poetic, but I love him-Always.
Ok-now is the time to be Jealous. :)
On another note-I did accomplish some things today. YAY!!

I have a very narrow hall. I am not able to put a lot of fun,cutsy furniture in it because it is too narrow. Well, I decided to think out of the box today. You know, look around my house and see what I could use. (this is what I tell my clients ALL THE TIME!) Yes, I guess I am a little slow.

This is what I came up with. This super cute table has been everywhere in my house, except here. I think that I like it best here.
Sorry-I know that the picture is not the best, but it is kind of hard to take a picture of your hall.

I have never really liked anything on the wall in my hall-but last night, I had an epiphany!

I took empty picture frames, roughed them up a little and hung them. I didn't like them empty so I took out my CRICUT and did some words with vinyl. The cute parenthesis and hearts were done in paper and then I ran through my zyron machine. (it makes stuff sticky) I need to still fuss up the frames, but I like the overall effect, what do you think?

Now on to the next project!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok-My hubby is here:

On a business trip. No, he didn't have to specifically go to the Mall of America-it just happens to be close by to the event he has to attend. If he did have to come here for his job-he would have had to bring me-his GORGEOUS, SHOPAHOLIC Wife with him. If airfare wouldn't have been $700 bucks a ticket-I would be with him.

The reason why I am even talking about this is because he just called. This is what he said,

"I'm Bored!"

"WHAT! how in the heck can you bored at the Mall of America?"

"There is nothing for me to do."

"Are you kidding me?"

There is nothing that I really want to buy-or look at."

"Really-your wife is home-alone with 3 kids who all think that they need to be entertained every minute, not to mention eat all time, and you don't have anything to buy?"


I then proceeded to tell him all the things that he could legitimately buy without my help and then that he couldn't screw up on. Silver earrings, pj bottoms(i love these) cute shoes(yes, he does do a great job at this) a clock (always a safe bet with me-i collect.. Not that they help with the whole on time thing). So, I basically gave many ideas for him. After all, i was only thinking of him, he was bored. I felt it was my duty as a wife to provide him with some entertainment while he was away. Yes, I am that nice!

"OK-i guess I can look"

"good answer-i would hate for you to have to sleep on the couch when you get home."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick Fix a lala

so-if any of you have read my profile, you know that I love to decorate. I espescially get a kick out of finding junk, repurposing it, and making it mine-only way better. So, this is the first post of many of how I have done this.

So-I have a nice bed, but i get sick of stuff-so instead of buying all new things I funk mine up. I know that I have done a good job when my hubby looks at it and says;

"nice" and walks away.

8 comes in and smiles and walks away. (she is either her nor there on stuff that doesn't involve her. Guess that is just how 8 year olds are.

6 come in ans oohs and aahs over it.

3 comes in and says

"that is so cute, I love it mom!"

I really like her when she says things like this.

So-want to see it? I have a great black iron bed-just needed a change. I read a magazine, that said to use a blanked or a rug-fold over head board-clip sides with curtain clips, attach clips to bed with ribbon. before

This is the pic of the blanket attached to headboard. Quick fix huh? I quite like the change. The only thing that I might do is change the ribbon.
So-this is the after shot witht he blanked back board and the bed made. What do you think?

Nothing major-but I like it. NOw-I just need to paint the walls chocolate and change my window treatments and paint my dresses and vanity. That is why I only do one thing at a time, it is mush more satisfying and not so hard. WHen I think of the whole pic-i tend to stress and want it done now! My hubby doesn't like it when i get this why. HMM wonder why?
Swap info-emails with all of your swappers info in your email tomorrow. So go and check her blog and see what she like dislike or needs. Ask her questions if you need to. Just use your imagination and make it awesome! So-check your email! Hope that you all had a great memorial day! A whole lot better than me! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Cats meow!

I had to post this pic. Perfect example of how I feel right now. Yes, it has been that good of a week! Jealous? I know that you are?

I am confused!

Ok- I have to make a confession. I am getting some emails from all of you and not from some of you (u know who you are and yes, I need your info) And you just tell me your "real" name. This is great, but if your real name is nowhere on your blog-this does not help me! NO-not at all. So-to stop the confusion would you please be so kind to include all names, real and /or fictious.

I am going to get a button for the side var-but until this will have to do.
Swap Details:
Your first letter of your first or last name is the letter u will use.

You fill your box with things that either start with the letter of your first name or use that letter for a theme. Whichever your prefer.

You must do your best! You don't have to be "crafty" to use your imagination. Just make sure your box is something that you would love to receive.

you can't spend more than $10.00 This is to fill the box. This does not include the postage. You can get an emvelope from the Post Office if you prefer- Whichever works best. The POSTAGE is not included in the $10.

If you make things-great. They don't cost u anything-great! Just make your best judgement calls on those things. I have had a couple of questions about that, so I thought that I would clarify. :)

I will be sending you the info on your swap recieptant. (hopefully this week-if people cooperate)Go and check out her blog and come up with some fun ideas that she would enjoy.

Thanks for all the excitement in my first swap! I hope that it will rock and we will all want to do it again!

pps-i did not have time to spell check this post-still love me though!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rant and Rave

Ok-you must excuse me! I am going to throw a collasal fit!

I have got a couple of opinions about a couple of things.

First-I tivo "ksl 5" If you are not from utah, it is local morning show. So, they have a chick on promoting her swim suit line.

Ok-they are super cute suits. They have all kinds of little tricks and secrets that other suits don't have. So-of course, I am interested. What girl would not like to have the perfect suit?

So-the models come out. I am thinking, she is a 30 somthing mom, she is not a size 3, she will have "normal" models. NO!}


These models were all teenagers. They were all thin, and tall! (seriously, some were 5'10") So, the suits are darling on them. Well duh! Of course they are. They have yet to experience life. The worst things that they have to go through is a zit on the night before the dance. They have not had children and all the scars that come with child birth. They have never stressed out because their children were shoving small animals down the heat vent. They have never been stressed because their husband left on a 5 day fishing trip and you ate your body weight in crap while he was gone!

So-i don't think that these suits are all that and a bag of chips. If I looked like them, I would look fabulous in suit also. Come on fellow mom-you are normal, you don't look that way in swimwear, how can you expect, me, the mom with money, the mom who is your target market, to look that way in suit. Stupid stuoid chick. Now, I am not even going to go to her site, I bet she only has pics with skinny, sixteen year olds!!

Ok-next rage! So, I am a lover of purses! Really, the bigger the better! I look at peoples hair and purses. So-today I am running erands. Going to the bank, and the gas station (damn gas) and buy my husband clothes. He said that all his clothes shrunk. Really, all of them shrunk? Amazing! Anyway, I go to ross, find all the stuff for him, find me a couple of shirts and head out to the car, right on schedule! I get to the car..


I locked the keys in my car. Damn!!!

Well, my hubby's car is in the shop, so he couldn't come and get me. My mom wouldn't answer the phone, so I called my S-i-l who just had a baby. Luckily she said yes,! Yea. SO I ran home, grabbed the extra set of keys, jumped on Bonnie's car and zoomed to my hubby's office, zoomed to ross, zoomed to arbys to get my sister dinner, zoomed up the hill to pick up the kids who were at my moms, zoom home, feed my kids nasty $5 pizza and send them to bed.

I know, you are reading this and thinking, what does this have to do purses?

Well, in the midst of all this crap happening, I lost my cell phone (in my purse) I lost the extra set of keys (in my purse) I lost the chocate kiss (in the bottom of my purse) and that was the last straw! I really thought that when i got out of the car at the store, I dropped the keys in my purse.
So-are you seeing a pattern here? My purse in darling! Every body tells me how cute it is! I really love it, but it is time to let the big purses go. I have lost way too many things to keep it. I lose everything! It is a purse like those magic hats that you can just keep pulling stuff out of.

So-I am on the hunt, for a super cute purse that is a little bit more reasonable in size.

So-for a recap-I hate skinny sixteen year old swim suit models and I am freak cause I lose things in my purse.

So glad that this day will be over soon! I should sleep really well tonight!!!

swap info and summer ideas

ok-so I think that I have figured out the details. Bear with me, this is mly first time.

ok-there is a $10.00 limit to fill the box or envelope. This does not include the postage. This way, it will be fair to everyone. We will all get the same $ amount of stuff.

Your letter, is the letter of your first or last name. Whichever you prefer. Be creative, make this the first letter of your theme, or fun stuff that starts with that letter for us moms. Everyone who is participating in the swap is a mom. So, we are all tired, underpaid and all ready for a break. :)

The boxes will be sent out on the first tuesday in June. So, we will all send them out on the 3rd of june.

I will get you the name and info on the person that you will swapping with, sometime this week.

Will you all please send me your info. Name, address email address
Please send it to Don't worry, I wil not publish this info. I personally know at least 1/2 of the people who are participating and the other half i know from online-
I trust you all-so don't worry about that. :)

So-I think I covered all the bases that i am supposed to cover. If there is something that I left out, please let me know.

I know, not a very fun post, but my brain is bearly functioning. I am on auto pilot this week. This is the last week of school for us (groan) and i think that the girls teachers have shoved everything that they possibly can into this last week. GRRRRR. So-I get to try to be two places at once. YEa!

So- summer officially starts for me this week. SO, if there are any of you who have great ideas that have kept you sane in the summers past, please pass them along too me. Anything you have got, Job schedules, food schedules(my kids seem to think that just because it's summer that have to eat everything all the time) Fun things that you did with your kids, Ideas that you did every day so your kids knew that you loved them etc.

So-all you smart moms-send some tips my way. If they are all great-which I am sure that they will be, I will have to make a post out of them, so all will have the knowledge! The power!!

oK-ENOUGH! I must hurry and shower-my first of 7 activities starts in 40 mins.

Hope you all have a wonderful monday!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

So-I am so excited for the swap. I am thrilled with all the people who want to participate. I am note quite sure how to do it, so if there are any of you out there who have done a swap, or particiapte in one, let me know some of the tricks and tips that make the whole thing run smooth and most imprtantly-FUN!
I do know the date-
It will be the first tuesday in June. Why Tuesday-that is when we usually get the bills, so why not throw something fun into the mix.

We are going to do the idea that Lola sent my way. Each of you, take the first letter of your first name, and that is the letter for your box. Fill your box with all things that start with that letter. Or, you can pick a theme that starts with your letter, and do it that way.

I am not sure on all the rules and regulations, I will let you know very soon!
I just want us all to do our best. Use your imagination and rock that box.
That is the only way I can think of to make it fair, and so that we all get an awesome box!

So-look for info in the next couple of days. Again, any info or tips, will be greatly appreciated!

So-my hubby is out of town AGAIN! No, I was not too thrilled that he was gone again-but he was going fishing and he really wanted to go. I told him that pay backs are a &%#=+!
So-I am sitting here, all by myself, the big girls are sleeping at grandmas. I am so spoiled,they go up there just about every week. They love it! I love it too! I have very fond memories of spending every Friday night with my favorite grandma. I am so glad that my girls get to make the same special memories as i did.
Unfortunately-the blue eyed devil child, has been just that today, so she doesn't get to go when she acts like this. But, she is in bed also. YEA!!!
So, I don't really have anything to blog about. So, whats a girl to do when this is the case? Blog surf of course!
In my surfing, I came across this and thought that it would be fun. It is from the blog-
"Tuesday Tell All"
So, be excited that you get to know this little bit of info about me.
And yes, I will be tagging some of you!

Answer the following with only one word.
1. Where is your cell phone? .Charging.............
2. Your significant other?
3. Your hair?.....freaky!...............................
4. Your mother? ....home.............................
5. Your father working
6. Your favorite thing?.clothes........................
.7. Your dream last night?...none.....................
8. Your favorite drink...Diet Coke........................
9. Your dream/goal?.....eternity.........................
10. The room you're in?...Family room.......................
11. Your children?.......sleeping..............................
12. Your fear?.....intruders..............................
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years...stable........
14. Where were you last night?..bed................
15. What you're not?...insecure..........................
16. Muffins.....blueberry.................................
17. One of your wish list items? (new).............
18. Where you grew up?....Utah.......................
20. What are you wearing?....jammies....................
21. Your TV?.....House................................
22. Your pets?...smokin wayne................................
23. Your computer? ..working............................
24. Your life?...good................................
25. Your mood?...relaxed................................
26. Missing someone?...hubby..........................
27. Your car?....dirty!................................
28. Something you're not wearing?......bra..........
29. Favorite Store?......d.i.........................
30. Your summer?
31. Like someone?.mom...............................
32. Your favorite color?
33. Last time you laughed..3 p.m.......................
34. Last time you cried?...wednesday......................

I know that it says one word-but how could I only use one word for my fav. drink? But for the most part, I followed directions. Hard for me-just so you know. Fun little task. Fun to have to look back on. Little tidbits of life we don't usually discuss.

I am tagging: Bonnie, Karen, Lori, Lola

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I got an idea!

Ok friends-i have got an idea.
An idea that I really want to come to pass.
An idea, that all of you would really like!
Ok-enough teasing?
Are you just dying to read what my idea is?

I want to do a swap!
I have never done this, but I have read alot about swaps that other people have done and how great it was and how thrilled they were with their swap gift.

So-I am not really sure what kind of swap we could do. But, I just want to know who would want to be a part of it.
Come on, think about it-you put together a little box of fun stuff and stick it in the mail-a few days later-you receive a box full of fun stuff. Who doesn't like to get fun stuff in the mail. Who doesn't like to share ideas, crafts etc...

So.......Now that I have got you all excited-who wants to participate?
COme on-i really want to do this! Really really bad! Simple, fun, yet a little bit of fun just for MOM! So-all of you leave a comment. Then, I will think of some fabulous theme! Maybe if it works out, we could make it a quarterly thing. Yes, I am talking to you, you know who you are!

Really-you would so make my day, and your day too!
After all-I am only thinking of all you!
Your welcome!

Update-I think that I am going to follow Lola's advice and do a alphabet swap. When all have entered who want to , I will assign everybody a letter and a person to swap with. You will get to fill a box with fun things, cutsie, crafty, homemade whatever. as long as it is not over $10 worth. The only rule-do your best. Fill your box with stuff that you would love to have. We want this to be so awesome that we will defniately want to do this again. So, tell your bloggy friends, the more the merrier!

From the mouth of babes

Ok-here I sit-watching "Dancing with the stars with 6. Marissa-she is the cute girl from Hairspray musical. Anway-she is not the teeny tiniest person on the planet, but I think that she is darling!!
Anway 6 said
She is not that skinny.
You are not that skinny either.

Thanks 6!

For what it's worth, she did apologize after I told her it was rude. Damage has been done. I think that I will go and eat some more chocoalte. That always makes me feel better! Hope that your day is better than mine.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Now that I have all your attention-I can say what I really want to say and you all will listen because you want to know why I would love this holiday.

So-here I sit listening to my hubby complain, sigh and yell at me.

3 is crying because her room is such a mess and hubby dumped it all on her bed so she could literally "Live" in her filth. (yes, I clean her room, she destroys it in 3 mins)

6 & 8 are downstairs and I am sure that they are doing something also, it's just that I can't hear them.

So, I sit here and think of all the reasons why I love Mothers Day even though I should really hate it right now.
I love MD because my little girls are such angels on this one day. Even if it is only for one hour.

I love that they make me little gifts and run home from school and hide them and whisper and giggle to each other about how fun it will be to give them to me.

I love MD cause I get to make my Mom cry. No, she was not the BEstest Mom in the whole wide world. She did her best. I am always grateful to know that my Mom's best sometims was barely making it through the day. I am just like her, how lucky I am.

I Love MD cause my hubby gets to take all 3 girls shopping and try to find me a gift that I would want and be surprised over. I love it that he tries, and the whole time he understands what I feel like eveytime I go to the grocery store. He does it because he wants me to be happy. And I am lucky to have him.

I love MD because I get to stop, and look at my life and be grateful for it. For all of it. THe yelling, crying, screaming, witchy, I don't want to get out of bed, hugs, giggles and kisses joys of being a mom.
Happy Mothers Day!


Ok-If you have not seen the movie
"P.S. I love You"
Go and watch it right now!
Bring some kleenex-you will so need them!

I have not loved a movie like this since Notebook!
Seriously-I cried the ENTIRE time.
Really-The whole time!
The entire, freaking, time!
Good thing I watched it at 11p.m.
by myself!
Every girl who is in love, needs to see this.
We are all girls.
Even if you are not in love, you need to see this
Heck, if you Want to be in Love
You need to see this!
You will love deeper!
You will love him deeper!
go watch it!-Right now!
What are you waiting for?
Go-Right now!
It is better than chocolate and everything else that is good!
Really-that good!
Unless you hate chick flicks(bonnie)
Then Download
Last Train Home
From the soundtrack

Your'e welcome!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I must clarify

Ok, I think that I have confused many of you. I am so sorry for this, and for this reason I am here to clarify my words.

I DO NOT only eat crappy food when my hubby is out of town.
I just eat more!
So those who think that I only am an occassionaly crappy eater, rest assured, I'm not!
In fact, I sit here with my hubby as my pillow chowing on a chocolate bar. I even bought one for each of us, just so I wouldn't have to share.
So, I hope that you still all love me and will not banish me from the "cool club."
Love you all!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I took a chill pill!

Ok people, the witch has left, and I have returned to my body.

Your comments all helped me realize that I am not alone! Thanks! It is so nice to know that I am not alone in this whole witchy, going to lose my mind, worst parent in the world thing! I am so glad that I am not the only one who turns into the Wicked Witch of the West when Daddy hits the road!!

My hubby will be back tomorrow afternoon. All is well now, it's just that first day stuff! I have now got all the laundry caught up, cleaned, folded and put away. (yes-I am that awesome!) No, not really that awesome, sometimes I just like to flatter myself. It is only once in a blue moon that I get to say this. Laundry sucks-it's one of those things that you never get to cross off the list! Probably is never off any one's list.

Ok-so I have this thing that I do when my hubby is gone.

It is just a really strange, totally out of the blue thing that I only do once in a great while!

I know that this is going to sound totally bizarre, but I ask you to not to judge me, but to love me and accept me!

When my hubby leaves I EAT! Ok, it is out in the open, judge me if you must, I am tough, I can accept any criticism that you throw my way.

I tend to go to the store and buy foods that I don't normally eat. Examples, Oreo cookies(tried the new kind-strawberry milkshake, love the mint, so thought, what the heck-not good-don't try:( ) Ben and Jerry's ice cream-I NEVER buy this when he is home, lemon pies-those kind from Hostess.

I know, I am a freak, I have accepted it. It was really bad when he traveled A LOT! Now he only leaves once every 3 or 4 months. I only" lonely eat" now every once in a while. I only eat at night too. I guess it is because no one is around. I really should change it and eat better foods. I don't know, fruit, veggies, protein, whole wheat bread.

Hmmm-I have thought it through and have decided that I would be an idiot if I changed.

It's kind of like going shopping when your man goes hunting or fishing or watches football on TV. We just can't give it up. It is a part of us!

So, I have announced it, I have pretty much said it out loud. As loud as one can say it online anyway. If any of you have this problem, feel free to announce it out loud and know that you are not alone. We are all in this together! I am here to support you and understand you. I also have accepted the fact that I am a shopaholic. This fact I have also accepted.

So friends, My name is Tausha and I love to eat snack foods when my hubby is out of town and absolutely love to shop!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I so love it when my husband goes out of town. Actually, to tell the truth, I hate it! Why do i hate it you ask. Well, whenever my sweet man goes ANYWHERE-I have to pack him. Or, if I don't pack him, I must be in the same room and watch him so he can ask questions about every peice of furniture he puts in the bag. It would have been easier if I would have just packed the damn bag myself.
This trip was for work. He is a manager and they have incentive trips every3 months. He has to go. They want the spouses to go to. So, I usually look forward to these trips, but not this one. Hubby tried to talk me into it-but the idea of riding in a hummer up and down rocks and then going on a 5 mile hike-does not sound like my kind of fun! I know that there are some of you out there that think that this would be a total blast, sorry to say, I am not one of them. Give me a spa and some shopping and I am a happy camper! So-Hubby went down with a guy who is married, but his wife, was smart and opted to stay home also. It might have somthing to do with the fact that she has a month old baby, but, maybe not. He is also traveling with his friend, Bakes. Now, Bakes is a post all by himself, but I am too busy to talk about him, I would rather talk about me.
Now all you think about this car ride, hotel room and the whole trip in general. You all have husbands or know a man or two. They think that bodily functions are hillarious. So, 3 grown men in a very small car on a 4 hour car ride, stopping at gas stations to eat corn dogs and hot dogs and we can't forget the gas station burritos-yummy!! Imagine the smell in that little black car! Another great reason why I am staying home. If I just offended you by that last comment, I am really sorry, it's just a good thing that you don't live in my house, or you would be offended ALOT!

Another reason why I don't like it when my hubby leaves. It seams that when he goes, i have little or NO patience for my children and all their stupid antics. See, I have already lost patience with them-anytime i use the word "stupid or a swear word" the nice mother is GONE! She is replaced with this awaful , horrible woman who screams instead of talks. Who has this look that she gives that causes fear in the eyes of those who dare to look at her. In facct-I am so mad right now, I have to stop posting to put these little hethens to bed! I will have to finish this little "HAPPY" post later. Lucky you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Family Fun!

We had a busy weekend.We all went to graduation dinner-my 2 brothers and brother in law all graduated from WSU-so my dear dad took us all to dinner at the Prarie Schooner. If you are not from here-you don't know that this restaurant is a steak house that is set in the old west. You eat in convered wagons by lantern light-The girls loved it! The food was super ymmy- but the company was better!!

Cooper coop! Guess who is 1! He is cute that i can't not kiss him!

The whole crew minus my people. There was not enough room for us all.
Hailey is my sis-in-law on the left-she is ready to have a baby any day now-yes-i feel bad for her too. i told her, this is the worst part-promise! I wouldn't want to scare her with any thing else that can be pretty crappy!!

8 had a program at school about her best friend-they sang songs and said poems, it was cute. They also drew pics of their spcial friends-8 picked my mom-her pic. made me laugh out loud.
She was right on. what do you think?
They were just the cutest 2nd graders that you have ever seen!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

You have gotta help me!

i know that I have told you in the past that my 3, is a blue eyed devil child. I have said that in the past in jest-now, I am serious.

I am at my wits end-I really don't know what to do with her. I even bought a book-

The secrets of the baby whisperer for Toddlers

I really need help. I know that there are many moms out there who have dealt with a 3 year old with success. I have tried all that I know-and now, I don't know what to do anymore. She hits her sisters-she threw a camera at 8 tonight-in the head, she thought that it was funny.

She doesn't listen-she throws tantrums constantly and I am ready to throw her through a window.

So-please help me. Any tips that have worked for you. I don't really want advice- such as

"don't worry-this too shall pass"

"she will grow out of it"

"You have got a spitfire on your hands-good luck!"_thanks mom.

So-no advice-little tips that are sure to save my sanity. Thanks in advance!

PS-I just saw the new Juicy juice commercial-come on-you are selling a juice!!

Sometomes you gotta get away!

So-my Hubby and i ran away last night. it was so wonderful. No one called and bugged us and if my kids were fighting or complaining-we didn't hear them. Also-all the messes were picked up when we got home. It was the best little getaway ever.

We escaped to the Anniversary Inn. It was great. I told my Hubby that we needed to go away for like 3 days instead of just 1 night. It wad great-but three would be better. So-my dear mother-in-law, I know that you are reading this-get excited, we will be calling you!

I know that this sounds cheesy-but it was great to be reminded of why we fell in love in the first place. Hubby and I met in college and so our "courting time' was a little different than regular people. We were together all the time 24/7. I forgot how much fun that was. I am sure that there are many of you who agree that you love your husbands-but sometimes life gets in the way and we forget how much. I know, I am being cheesy-but...cut me slack, I just had a romantic evening away from home.

so-if any of you get a chance, go away, even if it is only for one night. You will be happy that you did and then you can all tell me later, how grateful and indebted to me. Your welcome!