Monday, August 31, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame......

So this is 9. She starts competition softball tomorrow night. Can you tell that she is excited? I asked the girls to go outside and take pics of 9 in her WHOLE uniform. NOT just her head.
They listen so well.

Of course, we had to get as close as possible to each other!!
You know, this pic would have been super cute if she didn't have her stupid helmet on.
5 started Kindergarten today. She was so excited to FINALLY get to go to school. Everyone else started last week. She was ticked that she had to wait a whole week to wear her new clothes. I know, I am such a mean mom.
I think that she looks pretty stinking darling in this picture. Yes, she is my daughter, so I am a little partial, but still.
So, I am completely child free for 3 whole hours EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
Yep-I am a little excited!!
So, today to celebrate, I changed my hair color. Now, for anyone who knows me, this is not that big of a deal. But, I thought that I would still share that info with all of you.
What? No pic to show you my new fabulous RED do? Nope-sorry. Not until I am done with this diet. I will be done next Wednesday, just in time for KEITH URBAN!! (yes, I know you are jealous) I am down 10lbs!! Yea!

Monday, August 24, 2009

BacK tO ScHooL!!

YES!! School is Back in Session!!
I am one excited mamma!!
I even went to breakfast with friends to celebrate!!
The real celebration will start next Monday when 5 goes to Kindergarten!!
This is what she looked like when the girls left for school!!

The girls are the Zoo Family!! Don't they all look super cute?

Here is 7. Would you look at her outift? The big red and black plaid-It was killing me shopping for the girls this year. All 80's all the way!! I had a shirt like this plaid when I was little. One thing I refuse(maybe refuse is too strong of a word) to let them wear stirup pants!!!

Here is 9 looking way too grown up for her own good!! She is in 4th this year, and I am starting to feel old!! (check out the belt-silver and braided-oh yEA!!)

They were so excited for school. Not as much as their mom, but still pretty excited!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm back!!!

Chef Leo!! The dinner was delish!!!

7 with her Dad and her first fish!! We didn't tell her it was a crappy carp. It was still a fish, and that was all that mattered!!

Did you miss me??

I was so sick of looking at the pics, I had to post more.

School starts on Monday here and I am busy with all of that stuff!!

So-I will do a much better, more exciting post later!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am going on VACATON!!!!

Wish you were all coming!!


so we could all play together! In LAKE POWELL

Picture me doing the happy dance.
Maybe you shouldn't do that.
Either way-I am off to soak up the sun, read some good books and eat, drink diet coke and be merry!!
Wish me no sunburns and only tan thoughts!!
See you next tuesday!!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dollar store Delights

I know, I know, it's waaayy to early to thinking about Halloween.
But when the dollar store has all kinds of ghoully goodies, whats a girl supposed to?
I couldn't help but think spooky thoughts.

See these little gems?
They were a dollar.
Hence-purchasing at the dollar store.
I love me some glitter, is a holiday ever really complete without glitter?
I don't think so.
So, walk don't run to your nearest Dollar Tree-they only had 2 left at mine.
They come in black, silver and white.

You can thank me later by sending me lavish gifts and lots of comments!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thrfty Goodness that even my husband approved of!!

So, I was at the thrift the other day. NOT really looking for anything. Just killing time with my sis. We were ready to leave and she suggested that we go to the outside yard and see if there is anything. Look what I found!!!
She is a beautiful armoire/pantry/entertainment center. I had big plans I tell ya, big plans!!
I have NO cupboard space in my kitchen. ALL of my food was shoved in one cupboard and the top shelf of my lazy susan! It stressed me out just looking for the ingredients to cook!! My husband said that he would NOT build me a pantry without redoing the entire kitchen.
So, since I didn't have a couple extra grand just hanging out, I had to take matters into my own hands. (why that much $ you ask, well we would have to move the dishwasher, redo the floor not to mention all the cosmetic stuff I want done anyway-that I am going to do this fall :)
So-I found this for $20 bucks a shoved her in my van and brought her home.

I thought that this was a pre-fab piece, but upon closer inspection-she was custom.
Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!
Since I am so inpatient, I stopped at Lowe's on the way home and got me some paint and supplies. Here she is after the first coat. Isn't she pretty? I was GiDDY with excitement!!

Here she is all finished. Sorry about the glare. I took some chocolate paint in the sample size can-watered it down and wiped it on and then wiped it off. I bought some new hardware and moved her inside. I love it!!!!!!!!

It has completely changed the look in the kitchen. I can't wait to paint the cupboards now. Like I said, even my husband was impressed with this purchase.
When everything was said and done, I spent about $60 on this custom piece of fabulousness! (the hardware was $20-I even got them on clearance ):

Look how big it is! I know can see my food and know what I have. Guess no more excuses for not cooking dinner. This little addition cleared out 2 whole cupboards!! I don't even know what to do with myself!!

So-if any of you ever doubt that your husband will actually approve of your thrift purchases, this is proof he will. He might even tell you thanks and buy you chocolate!!!
Mission Accomplished!!