Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ok people-
who doesn't love a giveaway, but espescially when it involoves food!!
My new friend(she doesn't know how lucky she is) :) AKA-Queen of my house is hosting a fantastic giveaway.
GO and check it out and tell her Tausha sent you!!
Good luck to you all, but really I am the one who wants to win!! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Craft Room Extadroniaire!

ok-so these before pics are so very embarrassing.
Yes, I did take them when the room was at it's worst, but still.
No, I promise, I don't live like a pig. (usually)

Here is my dilemma with this room. I have a green wall.
NO big deal right? Just paint it. Easy fix
Well, the lovely homeowners before us, loved this green color so much, they put in matching carpet.
I can't replace the carpet. Not in the near future anyway.
So, I kept the green wall. I figure it makes the putrid carpet look less bad. (i know, terrible grammar)
Here is the first before and after. I thought, instead of fighting the wall, I would work with it.Yes-I LOVE old windows. The best part about this love. I can get them for free.
So, I have quite the stash. I use them for clients all the time, so I hung some for easy access. When I use them up, I will just hang some more. Plus, I love how they look.
I also have a tendency to buy frames. I love chunky ones, skinny ones, plastic whatever. There is no favoritism here. So-I used them to my advantage.
I must admit, they look much cuter on the wall, than in the tote in the closet.

this before is pretty bad. So sorry you have to look at it :)I know that this is not quite the same angle, but you get the point right?
I know that there are some of you out there, who make your computer look all pretty in a cabinet or something else to enclose it.
Well-my husband is a freak and he hates to confined when he surfs the net.
See my curtains? More about those later.Holy crap! Whoever lives here is a HOG!!!
This was my work space. I use this room everyday, multiple times a day-so I have to have somewhere to work. This was so not working.
What do you think?I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with this idea.
This is a plate rack. You know the kinds that you hang on your wall. Well-I don't really have anywhere to use this the way it's supposed to-so voila!
A purse hanger. This is not ALL of my purses, but I am looking at them thinking that I don't have enough and I MUST get more. This was what the closet looked like before. Lame closet doors, but behind those doors was a huge closet that I knew I could use to my advantage. Yes-I know this looks like chaos still, but it is organized chaos.
I told you the closet was huge!! I can now put all of my crap in here, and it is much easier to get too. Plus, it looks so much better!!Alright-now back to the curtains. I had one 32" pillow valancy thingy that tied up.
It was originally in my bathroom, but I changed my mind and switched it out for something else. So-the panel was sitting in my linen closet on the shelf that is completely full of old curtains. (I know, you just never know when you might need them)
So-I cut the curtain up. I needed some fabric to recover my footstool.
Then, I cut the ties and used some of the tie to tie back the panels. (the curtain was not wide enough to cover the whole window) I still had some tie back left-so I hot glued it around the lamp shade.
The best part-it was all FREE!!! My husband was not as impressed as he should have been. That is why I have to blog about it, I need someone to tell me what a genius I am! :) Last pic-I promise. I needed a skirt to cover more crap that I have. So, I cut a drop cloth in half and hot glued it to my table.
SO much better!

Total cost of this room: $5.00-This was for the rolly chair that my husband for me from work! Heck, it even matches!! Score!

Now, tell me the truth-did you really even notice the green wall all that much?
How about the crappy green carpet?

It is such a nicer place to work now.
Maybe I will be able to get more done?
Yea-probably not.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm back

And crafting/redoing/using my glue gun like a mad woman!
I will have pics tomorrow sometime.
I will give you a hint-I have done so many things with a 32" curtain panel.
My husband is amazed!
(he so is not-he's just tells me it looks nice. Guess I will take what I can get)
Ta ta for now

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a Quick Check in...

I am down-
down for the count.
I have the flu.
and a earache.
Who gets the flu and a earache in the middle of JULY?
I feel like crap!
My lovely Dad exposed me to h1n1-they still are not sure if I have it.
All I know is that my head hurts, and so does my body. Did I mention my ear?
I know, I am whining. I will stop now.

See my new button on the side?
Sassy Style Redesign.
That is my business with my mom.
Go and check it out.
If you love me, put the button on your blog.
The blog is under construction.
I need to get some current clients up there.
Stupid flu!
So cramping my style!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th festivites!

Our Fourth of July was super fun!
I know, so was everyone elses.
But, did everyone else get to ride in a parade?
In a yellow Jeep, with a big ol' sign and
throw candy at people screaming your name
and dance to Michael Jackson?
See-I told you it was super fun!! This is me, my mom and my little sis. Don't we all look sassy?

This pic is for my dad. This jeep is his baby. He wanted to make sure that we got a pic of it. Plus, the system that he rigged up to hold the sign up was the bomb. I wanted all of you to see it! Don't you feel lucky?

We went to some local fireworks. We go early and play games and eat a lot of food and visit. It is something that the girls look forward to every year!

I loved this pic. I wish that all of the lighting in my pic could be this awesome.
Does that mean that I would be Awesome-all the time?
Just checkin. :)
Hope your Fourth was a BLAST!!
PS-I redid my bedroom. Pics to come soon!!!