Saturday, February 28, 2009

Webkinz vs. Facebook

As you all know-I have 3 little people that mooch off of me.
They are all very girly, with curly hair and pink clothes.
They say silly things and play mani/pedi's on saturday morning.
But, my little girls are techy.

You know that Microsoft commercial with the 4 year old and the camera.
You know the one where she takes a pic-plugs the camera in and edits the picture.
Then, she emails it to her family.
My 4 year old can do this-my mother can't though.
I am so not kidding.

My little techies can also manuever the world of webkinz.
They can go to work to make money so they can buy things.
At least my girls buy clothes and things to decorate their houses.
They do have their priorities.
This little world of stuffed animals never ceases to amaze me.
I really wish that I was one of the now ridiculously rich people to come up with it.
I am putting my money on a mom-no doubt her kids were driving her crazy.
Or, she was probably one of those moms who loved her kids and never yelled and her kids voices never grated on her nerves!
(can you tell it is 8 o'clock at night and bedtime)

So-as my kids were chatting with their friends online and bartering fire-breathing dragon beds for curtains (so not kidding) I thought ,
Heck-these girls would be a wiz on facebook.
They could probably teach me AND use the voice I used to use on my mom.
"Ahhh Mom, come on, it's not that hard."

So, if I was wondering if I am being a good parent, you know teaching my children right from wrong, how to be honest, good, hard working people.
I will always know that I have taught my children the important things in life.
How to be effecient online.
Shopping, making friends and the like.

Now, if only they could make facebook as fun as Webkinz world.
Probably a good thing they don't. I already spend way too much time online.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Am I the only adult out there who wishes there was a tooth fairy for our big, old teeth?
I mean, come one, think about it.
We have to PAY the guy to rip the tooth out of your head, and then we have to deal with the pain of pulling the thing out. top it all off, no one winged, mythical creature comes and takes the tooth that I put under my pillow.
Heck, the fairy wouldn't even have to leave money.
Of course, I wouldn't turn down money, but I would take anything.
Clean laundry, a dishwasher that was "magically" unloaded, chocolate.
Although, maybe the chocolate is what got me into this mess in the first place.

So, here I sit, a big, old hole in my mouth-dishes all over and laundry undone, wishing that a fairy was on the way!

Sometimes it just sucks to be an adult.

P.S.-I was under the unfluence of GOOD drugs when I wrote this-so that might be part of the reason why I don't make sense and I am bitter.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am having major blog with drawls!
I haven't posted about anything lame is like a week!
I am sure that you have all missed me-huh?

I was just hoping that all you fabulous women and men out there, could help me out with something.
I live in Utah.
You would think the craft capitl of the universe.
Not so much when it comes to stores that carry craft stuff.
The only two places that I have to visit to get my paper craftiness going on is
Michael's and Joanne's.
Both are 20 min away-on the freeway!
Then, when I get there, they NEVER have what I need or want!

SO-I am done!
I need your help.
I can buy on eBay or somewhere online-but if there are some of you out there who have a store, or someone you know does, let me know.
I would much rather support fellow mom bloggers, than someone I don't know.

Enough of my rant.
I am going to go and watch a movie and veg-and hope that my stupid tooth ache goes away!
2 weeks people-2 weeks!
I am not a very nice person right now!
I am thinking that I am going to have to brake into the chocolate stash.
Not that I can chew it, but I can suck on it and still get that little bit of enjoyment that only chocolate can provide!

Thanks girlie's-
You are all the best!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

And the Winner is.....

After all the fantastic ideas and wonderful new friends that I have met. I picked a winner.
It was very scientific. I cut up papers with all your numbers of entry's and put them in a jar.
Then 4-she pulled one lucky girl out!!

Imperectly Beautiful @
She is a awesome girl-as all of you are. If you have never visited her before-you should go. She has great idea! You will be so happy that you found here!

Those great bloggers that I all met-you are all fantastic and I hope that you will come back and say hi.
I loved the whole giveaway-too fun.
I will have to do more!

So-I hope that you all have a wonderful, Sassy day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


My first Giveaway.

I am so excited!
I have never done this before.
You know, never given away free stuff.
I think that I am going to like this.
So much so, that I will have to do it again.
If tons of people enter-then I will definitely have to do this again!
I really like the whole idea of being the most popular girl in blog land.
Yes, I know that I am not, but I didn't get a Valentines present so......
Anyway-on with the prize!
As you all know, I love to decorate. Especially for holidays.
I don't have a lot of St. Patricks Day decor, so I figured most people don't either.
So I made some-just for you!
First, a rag wreath. Sorry girls, the wreath holder is not included. This super cute wreath is made in the same way as a garland, just in a circle.
A little bit of luck-irish style. A cute little container filled with Luck and a couple of four leaf clovers~This would be so cute on a table with a green plant or by a lamp, or in a hutch or get the idea.
Last but not least-this cute little clover under glass. Perfect to hang from a knob. It will definitely bring you lots of luck! Also, a little bit of chocolate gold-to make you extra happy!
Lucky, lucky!!
So, what do you have to do to enter?
I just launched my etsy
It will be full of all kinds of homemade goodies.
It's not super stocked right now, but I will keep adding to it.
1st-Go and check out my etsy store. Come on back and leave me a comment about some things that you like and an etsy store tip. Since I am new to this whole game, I would love advice. How to make my shop look better, how to bring people to my shop, what you would like to see in the shop etc.....
2nd-Post about my giveaway on your blog. You know, the more people that know about you the better right?
3rd-Follow me. (not literally-I know, lame joke)
Put your info and stuff just to let me know that you love me so much that you want to know everything about me!!! :)
4th-Every person you send on over here, and they tell me. You get another entry.
How can you not win?
4 entries! Easy, Easy!
The giveaway will end on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. mountain time.
I will post on Thursday who the lucky winner is!!
Good Luck to you all!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Love

Maybe I should explain what these little beauties are.
No, they are not valentines.
I am so not that good. Not even close!!
These are Visiting Teaching kits.
In my church, (LDS) we go and visit some ladies once a month. We check in on them, make lasting friendships and offer service.
Well-these are kits designed just for that purpose.
They include a recipe, the mesage and either a cookie cutter or a pin that is darling on a coat, jacket or purse.
The best part...they are only $2.00!! I know have an Etsy shop-if you would like to purchase-run on over there!!!

I am going to do an etsy shop for these. I will be making them for every month. So, if you are intersted, or know anyone who would be, send them my way.
I am happy to mail as many as you need. Your ladies will love you and be oh so impressed.

Have a great day! I hope that you all gets lots of chocolate and all of it is calorie free!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love is in the air at our house..

It's so not what you are thinking.
Or what I was thinking either.

As you all know-(look at me being all pompous thinking that ALL of you read my blog-like I am THE popular girl)
I have 3 girls.
They all have names, but I call them by numbers.
I didn't really think that it was funny, but, apparently it is.
This is totally of the subject....

U know that 6 just turned 7 and 8 is almost 9.
Her birthday is in March.
She is in third grade.

She told me today that Derek asked her to be his Valentine today.
Come on Mom, you heard me.
Derek wants me to be his valentine.

It was then that I paused my movie.

So, what does that mean.
You know, he would write me notes and stuff.

I told my husband.
He promplty told me that was never into girls.
He would do manly things, you know like hunt and fish and kill poor animals.

She told me at dinner that she told him she would be his Valentine-if he would leave her alone.
He agreed.
She said that he is weird and all he does is stare at her.

So, 9 has a valentine that stares at her and is kind of weird.

I am so good with this.
Is that bad?

I am not old enough to do this.

Am I?
So glad that my child will get a special valentine and I wont.

Well, maybe not.
My husband did read my post and then went and ate the rest of my stash!

I might have him conned into going to the store-tonight.
We will see how much control I have over my valentine!
If he doesn't, I will just go to the store and use his money again.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Chocolate Confession....

Ok-I so I have a confession.

It's kind of an embarassing thing.
I wouldn't just tell anybody.
Only my closest friends and family.
I figure no one will judge me here.
We are all accepting of each other flaws-right?
I hide my chocolate.
Notice I said MY CHOCOLATE!
I went to the store and used my husbands hard earned money to buy that chocolate
therefore, it's mine!
I don't like to share.
Cause when I share, there is never any left when I really need a sweet fix.
So....I hide it.
Where do I hide it?
I have a table in the family room-it looks like a normal enough table.

But, it has a secret drawer. It's not really a secret, you can see the drawer, but no one ever opens it.

I have another hiding place.
I just discovered it today.
I think it is the best place yet.
I have these ceramic indians that were my moms.
No ONE is to touch these. EveR!
They have been warned.
The inside of these little gems is hollow, the perfect place to stash my stash!

Please tell me that I am not alone.
If I am, I am ok with that.
I do have a hard time believing that I am the only mom who has a stash.
I also wont share my Diet Coke.
This is a whole nother post in itself.
My family (Chelsie) is laughing at me.
I have tried to kick it.
Notice I said TRY.
It's not worth it.
Sometimes you just need a little pick me up
I am off to look for more places to hide my yummies!
Where do you stash your stash.
I promise that i wont tell! I could use more places-a girl can never have too much chocolate!!
Have a Happy Monday!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

6 turns 7 tomorrow. We had a little family party tonight.
I am one of those mean moms who only let her kids have birthday parties every other year-
this year is the off year!
So I made a yummy blue, heart shaped cake with lots of frosting!!
Yep-blue and yellow heart. I didn't have any red food coloring.
She didn't care-as long as it was a cake, she was good.
Here are some pics from the big event. 7 and my cutest, little nephew Coop. He just loves her and she is quite the little mother. Bet you couldn't tell from the grin on her face. She was much more concerned about Coop blowing out candles, then herself. I sure love 7!4 and 7-
7 didn't really want 4 in the pic-but i won.
I am the mom after all, I have got to have some say in things.I had to share some pics of my brilliant moments.
These do not happen as often as I would like-so I must document with pics when it happens.

I have a mondo family room.
I know that is not a word-but it's my blog and I can do what I want!
It has this weird little mini room/alcove/big, awkward corner (see pic below)
This is the after my brilliancy struck.
I have been looking at every ones fantastic children's crap storing ideas and what do you know, I had one of my own.
My kids like to be where I am. Go figure?
Well-when they get home from school-Ellen and Oprah is on.
I really like both of these shows, so I like to watch them. Crazy idea huh?
Well, they like to try and do their homework on the carpet with a pen.
So not working!!
Until now!
I used this weird corner, my sofa table, a shelf that goes on the floor, one of my many extra lamps and Ta-da.
My kids own "learning corner"
(or the place where they can do their homework while mom is watching Ellen :)

I hung the shelf low-low enough that they could reach the stuff on the bottom shelf.
I found some jars that I had laying around and filled them with crayons and SHARP pencils!
The little yellow basket has scissors, glue, extra notebooks.
Plus it's deep enough that it can hide all kinds of crap!
See that old picnic basket on the floor?
Garbage Can!
It's big enough for all the papers that they bring home and it had a lid!!! BoNuS!
Now I know that this is not some earth shattering idea-but for me, it's huge!!
I also moved a red cubby thing with hooks in from the garage and put it in my entry.
I was so sick of all the coats and shoes and backpacks that would litter my floor come 3:30 p.m.
There is even enough cubbies for mom and dad too!!
I am being all kinds of organized!
I might even tackle my linen closet.

One more thing-I have a huge wall in the family room-with nothing on it.
I saw on this blog of this super cute girl that I can't remember the name of-sorry
she put a window with shutters to the side of it above her fireplace.
I so loved it! I wanted to do it.
One problem-I don't have a fireplace.
So, I improvised.
The window wasn't big enough by itself, so I hung a big old, green frame around it.
I love the look and the scale is just right for the wall!
Oh how I love blogs and all the fabulous ideas that they contain!

Sorry-my pics are crappy. It's late at night and I had to use the flash and every lamp in the room to get enough light. Pretend that they are awesome like lots of others blogs.
I hope that you wont hold my crappy photography skills against me!
Thanks for all your inspiration! Keep it coming-I am thinking that some painting will be in our future. HMMM....what should I paint?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LauNdRy ReDo...

I never said it was a laundry "room" redo.
See...this is my laundry closet.
I wish that I had a room-but I do like the convenience of the upstairs laundry HOLE!
This is how big it is.
Huge right?
I was so sick of laundry everywhere! We don't have any extra cash right now, so if I wanted something done to this closet-I had to improvise.
Let me tell you-I really wanted to have a cute lamp and laundry sign, but this was not really feasable, with the LaunDrY and all. This is the extent of my "decor" I picked this little white wire basket a long time ago at the thrift store. I was not too sure what I was going to do with it, just knew that one day it would come in handy.
I know that this is kind of hard to see but...the basket is hung from the hook on a shower curtain rod that is in the top of the closet. There is a little space on the right side of the "work horses" so I used it. I put the dryer sheets and stain stuff in it. It really is super convenient to have those things right there.

I know that these pics are kind of hard to see, i don't really have a lot of room to take pics either. Sorry-bear with me here.
I found this wire shelf in the basement. It was perfect to put the girls "CLean ClOthes Containers-CCC
It was too high for 4 to reach, so I found a hook and hung her CCC lower.
I just wired their name tage onto the shelf.

I know that this is not the prettiest picture ever-but this is SOOOO much more organized than it once was.
I stole the little table out of 4's room and shoved it in there. I was able to stack 2 baskets on top and two on the bottom. I even had "room" to put an extra catch all basket on top. I usually just grab the clothes out of the dryer and then come back twice to pick up all the clothes that dropped on the floor cause my clothes load is bigger than my arms.
Now, it will take a hole 30 seconds less to do laundry.
I figure with this system-I should be able to shave off a whole 5 mins. of my laundry time.
Every little bit helps right?
It is a major bonus that now my children can open the doors and put their dirty clothes in the approiate color basket.

I loves these little workers! They are the bestest little friends a girl could have!

Well-them and chocolate. They get along really well.
I should look really hard, maybe I could find a place to stash my chocolate.
I know that it would be safe in here-after all, I am the only one who seems to use this space.
Too bad it doesn't fit a big comfy chair, soft blanket and a book. No one would ever look here for me.

I know that this post is kind of lame. I am always coveting everyones laundry room. Since it is a commandment not to covet-I figured i would make my own space. Maybe someone else only has a closet and I can help them out.
Or maybe I will just inspire you to throw the laundry in the hall, move a big, comfy chair in instead, pull out the hidden m&m's and get to "WORK"
Have a great thursday!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Look who is finally here!
Scotlyn Fronk
7lbs. 8 oz
20 in. long
dark hair and eyes.
She has her mommy's lips and cheeks and Daddy's feet!

I know that we are a little more biased to our own flesh and blood-but isn't she a doll?Shawni is my little sister-she was freaking awesome! The Dr. even commented on how great she looked. I wonder why she looked so good? Yep-thats me doing my sisters makeup BEFORE the delivery. I told her that I looked like crap in every single one of my kids pics, and she was not going to look like that. S0...I got out the brushes and the lipstick and went to town! After all, what are sisters for?

My only neice-she already loves me! Yes-I will be the favorite aunt! Guaranteed! Sorry Chels :)

Look at my cute hubby. He has a special place in his heart for babies. He loves those little girls espescially! :0)

Here is 4....

Here she is with 6 (almost 7) 7 is such the little mom. She loves all little people and they love here. Can't you just tell by how she is looking at her?

I know what you are thinking. Don't you have 3 girls?
Yes, Yes I do.
8-wasn't feeling to hot, so she didn't want to hold her.
I told her it wasn't a big deal-we would see her again.
I know this post is kind of sappy and lame-
but I do have to get excited-come on girls-it's my sisters first baby!
One more thing-My sister and I look a lot alike. People confuse us for each other all the time. They ask us if were twins blah, blah, blah.
Well-the nurse walked into the room and looked and me and said-
Wow! You look great!
I smiled and said Thank you!
All the while-you could hear my sister cracking up in the bathroom.
When she came out, the poor girl was thoroughly confused.
But to not give her some credit-i did have levis on.
What new mom wears levis-right after having a baby?
(Don't tell me that you do-I will hate you for ever and ever!)
The good kind of hate though. :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't you hate it when.....

You don't update blog in a timely manner?

You have to get a root canal and then your stupid tooth hurts far worse than it did when you went it?

Your craft room is way too messy to craft?

You have to go out in public and you really want to wear scrub bottoms even though you know you shouldn't.

You eat cookie dough for breakfast.

You HAVE to do laundry!

You lost that magic Cleaning wand. It's probably in the same place where the "Get Ready Quick" wand is.


Don't you love it when you get to go and sit at the hospital with your little sister while she is going through labor. And knowing that sooner rather than later you get to hold that brand new baby girl?

Last but not least....

You are thrilled and excited and overjoyed because your fantastic, talented and handsome husband got a new job, AND he is so excited and happy about his job for the first time in years!!!

So-even though I ate cookie dough for breakfast and my tooth hurts-the good far outweighs the bad!

A baby, a new job and a happy husband-what more could a girl want?

That dang wand.

PS-I am going to wear the scrub bottoms.
I know that everyone will be jealous of my fantastic fashion sense!!