Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little begging and groveling...

I know that this blog has been a little neglected.
I am embarrased to say.
I have been working on all kinds of other crap.
One including working on another blog.
So, I am asking a favor.
If you like my little creations that I post from time to time,
head on over to the Sassy Style blog.
This blog is full of all kinds of creations and ideas that my crazy head comes up with.

This blog will now just be for family stuff.
Not that family stuff is bad, just that if you don't want to hear about  me talk about how cute my kids and husband are, then maybe you will like the other blog better.
So, if you love me, (which I REALLY hope that you do-head on over to the other blog)
I am going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow.
So hurry-run, make me feel better about myself!
Thanks in advance!