Sunday, September 28, 2008

My fantastic family went away for the weekend.
What did I do you wonder.
Did I do the laundry?
Did I clean the dirty bathrooms?
Did I mop the sticky floor?
You so no I didn't.
I did all of these fun things instead. So-I loved this cute paper-orange with cute witch shoes/plaid on the other side. I had to do something with it. Something that I could see all the time. Cause I need more Halloween crap! Why did I make three plates? Well, the big one is mine, and the two small ones are gifts. The best part about this little craft-it was FREE! Just goes to show it pays to hoards craft supplies!
This is my witching hour clock. I didn't have to redo the numbers-they were already spooky/orangey looking! Sweet!
I don't know if I love it, there is just something about it that bugs me. What do you think?

So-my kids bring home so much crap every single day. Between their papers and the mail-Mom has got paper overload! I have been meaning to do this for a while now-just never got around to it. I told myself I would get it done this weekend if it killed me! I picked up the clipboards at the di-$1.00 each. I did have 3-not too sure where the other one is. Dang-guess I'll have to go thrifting again!

See that cute little yellow thing? What is it you ask? An old mailbox! This was a $1.00 too! It was white with tape marks all over it (guess you can't ask for too much-it was only a buck) I couldn't get the sticky stuff off. So-I covered it with paper. It did say MAIL-right there on the bottom-but I didn't like the looks of it when I sprayed it. So-I covered it! Now the bills have a pretty place to live.

Now-everything how has a place. This should mean that my kitchen should never be dirty again!

Guess I'll clean tomorrow. Unless of course the cleaning fairy comes tonight. Keep dreaming Taush-keep dreaming!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What makes a girl giggle?

Ok-so I want to know, what makes you giggle? Or a laugh out loud belly laugh.

You all know what moments I am talking about.

The kinds that just get you when you least expect it.

I thought that I would share what makes this girl giggle.

I am sure that you are all dying to know.

On the edge of your seats right?

Who blogs about this anyway?

Well people-I have got nothing-nothing else to say.

I know that this is shocking to most of you, but it does happen occassionally.

So-what makes me giggle?

You know that commercial for master card?

The one where there is 3 little boys with their new backpacks, you know the one.

The one where they dance.

You know, the one where the one little boy starts to dance and the other little boys follow.

they talk about being with people who understand the real you-priceless.


it makes me laugh out loud every single time I see it.

I giggle when I think about the time when one my little girls was saying prayers-she still needed a little help-

So.. I whisper to her-Please bless us-

She repeats-Please Bless Texas.

I tried really hard not to giggle.

You know when you are trying to supress a laugh when you shouldn't be laughing.

I was doing that.

She didn't think it was as funny as I did.

Or how about when 4 walks around singing the latest music-

"Apple Bottom Jeans-boots with the furrr.....

She doesn't know any other words-just that sentance.

When she sings it-she shakes her little hips and bum.

She thinks she is all that and a CASE of CHIPS-not just a bag.

I giggle every time she sings that song. (it is often)

I also giggle when I know that I can't watch American Idol without calling my sister so I have someone to make fun of the contestants with.

I am so not kidding about this.

I love when they try out-I call her a LOT when this is going on.

We are terrible!

but, when i think about it-I giggle!
(I would so make fun of these people. Not all the pretty people in the first pic-just the one with the hair. You know the one I am talking about-you would do it too.)

I can't really think about anything else that makes me giggle.

just the standard things, that I didn't list.

Getting a wingin deal for clothes, or better yet, when I get a deal on

other peoples crap that I MUST have when I am thrifting.

OK-go on and tell me what makes you giggle. Or who makes you giggle.

PS the new guy-the red headed surgeon that is a guest on a GREYS tonight. He is a babe. Maybe I only think that because he is tough and new-but either way, I am kind of liking the red headed man.

YEP- my hubby is sitting next to me and rolling his eyes. (his trademark reaction to almost all things that I do)

Oh well!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Before and Afters

Here are the before and afters of our cute client's house. I really like how it turned out. She liked it as well. It was a mAJOR change, so it was a lot to take in.
We did some major changes-as you can see-the kitchen table is in a totally different room. We made the usable space in her family room way bigger. Now she has seating for her whole family at the same time. YEA!
We really enjoyed working with our client on this home. We still get to work with her in about 3 weeks, and do her daughters bedrooms.
Some people asked me what I do-so here is the gist of it. For those of ou who already know-sorry this is a repeat and it's boring for you. Hope that you will forgive me and still love me!
We love what we do. It is not a JOB is the whole sense of the word. It really is too fun to go and buy fun stuff and then completely change a clients home.
Our goal is for the home to still be "THEM" just a little cozier and homier. (is that a word?)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Other people's goodies!

ok-so I have a client that we are going to decorate tomorrow.

We are doing her living room, kitchen and family room.

I am super excited to decorate her home.

We have found some really fun stuff-most of which I have found at thrift stores!

Rock on!

So-I thought that I would share a couple of fun things that I created and that I so want to keep for myself!

I hate it when that happens!

It happens quite a bit actually.

Thats a good thing-right?

So-what do you think?

Isn't it the cutest star? Just used a regular old barn star, paper, the freaking cutest ribbon ever and some ink! Love how it turned out! I so want to keep it!

I got this cute little lantern for $3.00-painted it a new color-HONEY (which I love)

and modge podged some paper on the sides.

I did not intentially want to use paper-but when I sprayed I forgot that the top was open!


So-I got paint all over the inside of the glass.

I so didn't want to scrape the inside with a razor blade-so I did this.

Happy mistake.

I actually really like how it turned out.

Finally-I love this new plant that we discovered!

Is not the cute little red things on it the best!

If I needed another plant-I so would have kept it.

I first need to kill one of my other ones.

I am actually pretty close to that goal.

Not that I tried-I swear-it just happened!

I suck at plants-unless it's a philendron (not sure on the spelling)

Can't kill those-believe me, I have tried!

Ok-tomorrow I will post before and after pics!

Hopefully they are as great as I am hoping!

ps-Hope that this all makes sense-I am super tired-so forgive any more grammatical errors than normal!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is it werd?

So-is it weird that I have too many pillows?

No-not on the couches or loveseats-on my bed.

I know that most of you have about 5 or maybe 6-

well if you haven't figured it out-

I am so not normal!

I have accepted and embraced this concept!

Anyway-I have 17 pillows!

I was making my bed today thinking, this is taking me a really long time!

I counted all the pillows-you know just so I could know.

I was a little shocked!

I love pillows, and I love to make my bed all cute.

I agree though-17 is a little much!

I need to get rid of some, but I love them all!

Ok-maybe not love-but I really like them all.

I just accumulated the cute red gingham shams the other day.

They were free and I love them, so I had to have them

Heck Tausha, would it be so bad to not use something?

Just save in case you ever need it-

Yea,cause that would be better!

It's alright, you can tell me I'm a freak!

I know that you are just saying it out of love!

See this ugly white cupboard!

Stay tuned to see what I did to it!

(this will give me a little incentive to hang it on the wall)

(sorry about the huge spaces-blogger wont let me do anything else! Stupid blogger!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I know that I shouldn't laugh, but this was too funny not too share.
You know how when some people tell you stories about their kids, are they are not really that funny?
Maybe this story will be like that.
If it is, it's your own fault that you don't think my kids are funny!

We were eating dinner and 6 had just got done slurping up her soup with her straw.
(what a great idea huh-they always drink every bit)
It was her turn to tell us about her day.
You know how kids don't leave out any details.
6 is espescially good at this.
So-she told what her teacher wore today and what she and her friends played at recess.
You know, only the really important stuff.
She said, with a straight face-cause to her it wasn't funny, only to her mean mom!
Mom-I am quittin the monkey bars!
They are just too painful. I don't want to quit, but I think it would be good if I did.
(she really said these words-so not kidding)

I almost spit my milk out!
Hubby and I were cracking up!
He said to me-Honey I'm gonna quit the swings!
I replied with, I gotta quit the slide.
Too painful!
then we laughed out loud!
I know, we win the award for the most terrible parents ever.
It's ok, I have accepted it and moved on!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mr Bones!

So, I finally put up the fall stuff.

It was chilly and rainy yesterday so it was perfect for decorating and cooking.
I quickly made some taco soup-(that 2 of my 3 children did not eat )
& then went downstairs for the halloween crap!
I have so much decor that I have to store it under the stairs. I know that I am not the only one who does this.
I couldn't put anything out that was remotely spooky-except for this.
I couldn't help myself.

I stopped at the dollar store for a second and I saw these bags of bones.

the skulls were in a pkg.

the arm bones were in a seprate bag. At least I think that they are arm bones.

I thought that my kids would love this.

I was right, and my husband got a kick out of it as well.

I love thes glass jars-this one was a $1 at goodwill.

I wanted to put candy in it-but my children would have ate it all. (and mom too-at least I tell the truth)

So-bones it was.

I also shoved my cute cloth pumpkins in this basket with some leaves.

I can say they are cute cause I didn't make them.

My very talented MIL did.

I love them cause they can stay up till the christmas trees come out!

I am hoping that little MIL plug will entice her to give me the chicken runner! :)

I also found this little cheese dome for $1.00-and the little gourds in it-they were at the dollar store as well.

I so scored at Dollar Tree yesterday!

I havn't been there in forever-maybe I should go more often?

Probably better if I stay away!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Before and After's

I know that you are oh so excited to see the before and afters. You can hardly contain yourself? Well-here you go.

This is the dining room. It was originally the family room-we switched the furniture so it would be more cozy.

This is the family room. She has such a cute little potbelly stove. We wanted her to want to spend time in here. She loved it! Mission accomplished!

Sorry-not a lot of pics for the family room. I tried to get some of the window treatments-it was WAY to bright and the pics were terrible.

I love the plate rack! The plates were picked up at good will. A quarter!
I so love it when I get a good deal. My client was pretty stoked as well.

One last picture. these are the back of her kitchen cabinets. This is what you look at when you sit in the family room. Her budget was pretty small, so we had to come up with something that would not only fill the space, but look great as well.
I love how this turned out. Just got some frames from the thrift store-painted them red and voila!
She had the cute bird pic in the middle. It was such a cheap fix, and such a big impact. I must do this again.
If you have a wall that you don't know what to do with it. Do this. Cheap and easy!
My kind of project!
Ok-I think that I have talked enough for one day. Hope that you liked the pics.
Have a fantastic day! I am off to make blackberry jam! (yep-I am that domestic or stupid-one of the two)

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ok-So I went to the dentist 3x on friday. One to the refular dentist, she sent me to a specialist. He looked at my tooth and said I needed a root canal-so I went back later that night.
My mouth is much better than it was. It's still sore though. I am thinking it is residual effects from the 10 shots that I had cause my mouth wouldn't go numb!
So glad to know that I am not the only one who hates the dentist and all the problems that go with it!
And, I am espescially glad that I am not the only one who is a wuss when it comes to pain in the mouth!
So-thanks so much for all your kind words and the knowledge that I am not the only one who is a teeth wuss!

Ok-boring post. Sorry.
I am going to do a house in a few hours, so I will post some before and after pics later!
Bet you are super excited right?
I am kind of excited about this client.
We will be doing some major "mistreatments" so I am excited to see how it all turns out!

One last thought, the other day 6 was having a moment before school started and she didn't want to go.
So-I grabbed a sharpie and drew a heart on her palm and told her when she was having a h and how hard time-just look at her hand and she would be reminded of how much I loved her and how special she was!
Well-it worked like a charm.
She is a little tenderhearted my 6.
She has always been this way.
So this whole idea was like pure genius!
You like it?
You want to steal it?
Where did I get the idea?
A commercial.
How lame is that?
I am pretty sure it was for juice.
At least I gave props to the juice people.
I didn't want you all to read this and think I was the smartes mom in the world, and then see the commercial and realize that I was just ripping off some company's idea.
I like to think though-that I made it better.
My heart was way cuter than theirs!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me and my big mouth

Ok-my sis so might get mad at me, but she didn't tell me that I couldn't. Since most of you don't know who she is, I don't think that it matters.
She is having a girl!
I so called it.
You know that I must tell everyone when I am right!
No one ever gives me the approiate props, so I must boost my own ego.
(insert my family rolling their eyes here)

Anyway-whats up with my title you ask?
Well-I had to go to the $*&((!! dentist today.
Nope, I do don't love it there.
Even if they do have a tv on the ceiling.
Why don't I love it?
Every time I go it hurts.
Every time!
Today-they are not too sure what is wrong.
My dentist(whom I love) stuck a temporary crown on it and called it good.
Then he went to florida
Jerk! Didn't he know that my mouth would hurt like holy crap and I would have to sleep with an ice pack on my cheek?
You think that i am kidding.
Nope-so wish that i was.
I must explain-anything that can go wrong with my teeth-will.
I have no molars on either side of my mouth.
They all had to be pulled out.
That so hurts!
Oh, you don't know from first hand experience-trust me!
So-I am sitting here trying really hard not to type swear words.
Pretty sure that the crown isn't the problem.
Why would it be?
That is way to easy!
Yep-I am so going to bed early.
I figure that tomorrow willl be better,
If not-the Dentist office is around the corner.
At least my laundry is caught up!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The first utah fall morning and fruity pebbles

Ok-I know that I might be a little behind on the times. But this one is so not my fault!

As you know, I live in Utah. Utah weather tends to do whatever in the heck it wants, regardless of the season. (yep we have got snow in June and been golfing in November)

Anyway-today is the first FALL day!

Yep-finally got here. Better late then never.

It was so chilly this morning that I got to drink my apple cider.
I know, I am lame.

I am not a cofee girl, and I have an issue with drinking hot things when it's hot.

Call me crazy.

So-I was so excited when I pulled out the "Cider Mug" that I had to call my husband.

He was not as excited as I was.

Oh well-I still thouroughly enjoyed it!

I will get to wear levi's today!

I know that you all think that I am weird, but it has been over 100 for the past 4 months!

I am so sick of the heat!

Who knows-I might just get out the fall decor!

Ok-So I have a bone to pick with the Post Cereal people.

now, don't get me wrong, I love their cereal.
So good, sweet and tasty.

Cereal is a food group at our house.

I espescially love the TASTE of Fruity Pebbles.,

Yep-I love sugar!

The only problem with this sweet goodness is the size.

It is so small that it sticks to everything.

I hate dried on cereal anyway-but this one seems to have glue in it.

My kiddies love it! My husband hates it.

I am so torn!

What do I do?

So-if anyone reading this know someone from Post cereals, tell them to make this ceral just a little bit bigger. Just so it wont stick to every surface in my kitchen.

If they do not do this, I am sad to say-my hubby said that I could never buy it again.

Even if it's free, he said, DON"T TOUCH IT!
He is the "MURDERED OF FUN!"

Ok-one last thought-today is 4's first day of preschool.

She doesn't go until 12:30-she is having a very hard time waiting.

She already has her new High School Musical shirt on and her backpack.

She is walking around the house, trying to change every clock she is able to reach.

I am so ready to kick her.

I told her that I can't make time go by faster.

She told me that she could.

That is why she is changing the clocks.

I must say though, that is pretty smart.

Pretty sure I wouldn't have thought to do that when I was 4!

Have a great day! I am off to fix all of my clocks!