Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Bonnie

No-this post is not about the song. but about my neighbor, my friend, my listener, my motivation, my example and fellow mother who also yells at her kids.
This post is dedicated to my friend Bonnie. Her blog is "The Zoo" just over to your right. Anyway-I moved into this house last June. I had been there 2 days-I met this great spunky lady at church who was super friendly and i loved her jewelry! I talked to Kal about how I met a new friend who liked mm's and diet coke as much as I did. I told him that is why we moved here. He rolled his eyes.
The next day I was trying to unpack and get things put away, when Bonnie came over and offered to take my kids so I could get some stuff done. Now, let me remind you, i am new, she doesn't know me, and yet she offers to take my kids, ALL DAY! I was so thankful. I got a lot of work done that day. That was the begining of a great friendship. Her kids and mine, love to play and we can see each other from our porches. She can call me for anything and i can call her for anything. She brings me treats-just enough to get a taste, not share and not feel to guilty about eating the whole plate. She listens, she worries, she cares. She is one of my Bestest Friends. I love her, I love her kids and i don't ever want her to move. She is one of those kindred friends. You know the kind. Remember Anne of Green Gables? Anne and Diana were Kindred Spirits-thats how Bonnie and I are-Kindred Spirits.
I hope that I am as good as a friend to her as she is to me. Take that back-i must work harder, she does far more for me than i do for her.
So, in a nutshell-she is the best! You should all be jealous that I have a friend like her. If you are lucky enough to have a friend like her-you should call her, right now, and tell her how much you love her.
So, now that i look back-we were supposed to move here for lots of things, but the most important reason, so I could have My Bonnie-my kindred spirit who loves mm's and diet coke as much as I do! Luv Ya Bonn!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My three girls

So-I love my girls. My wonderful dramatic

"My life is so not fair"

"Why do I have it"

three Girls.

Did I mention that I have 3 girls. Three Girls, ThReE girls!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAHHH!

I love my girls, I really do, there are just some days when I want someone to put me in my room for a timeout. I really think that it is not fair that we had to be banished to our room when we didn't want to. But, now, that we want to, we don't get to. As my girls so eloquently stated earlier today, "my life is so not fair."

I could go on about how my lovely 6 and 8 year old were told to do the dishes, really, just load the dishwasher. Yet, they managed to each get soaking wet and slap each other and blame it on the other.

Or, I could tell you how my 3 year old told hubby "no, i don't want to" when he asked her to put her shoes away. Yes, she is 3, and no, I didn't teach her do that, and yes, she did get in trouble,great BIG trouble.

As well as her sisters, they all got in trouble, 2 minutes before they were supposed to go bed. How hard would it be for my 3 little drama queens to just be cute and quiet ,like, when they are sleeping.
This pic looks like a bad drivers license picture.
Also, one of the many reasons my kids
CAN'T touch my camera!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks Thanks Thanks

See-I knew that all of you would help me feel better. You all made me cry! Thanks so much for all the love that you have sent my way. I am truly blessed to have such great friends! Thanks again.
Good news! I took myself off one of the meds that really helped me out with the pain because of side effects. I forgot how much this hurts wihout it. The Dr. put me back on it and gave me something else for the side effects. Yea!!! He also put me on something for my thyroid. Apparently, my thyroid is underacting. So, the meds will get rid of the swelling and being so tired. That will also help with the numbness. So, that will solve most problems. Yes! He put me on some med call ed ur a spaz- yes, that is really what it is called. For those of you who know me, that is a perfect med. Kal laughed so hard he cried. He also asked if I could be on the med painintheass. Yes, my loving, sweet husband of 9 years today, said that about me, his fabulously beautiful wife. So, thanks for all the sweet words and thought that you sent my way. They helped me more than you know! You all ROCK!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little tyrade

First, don't look at my spelling or punctuation or paragraphs or lack thereof. I just want to write.

So, Isn't a blog someplace where one can vent, express their true feelings and no one will judge them. Random strangers and friends will offer strength and support because they too, know what it's like to feel that way. That is what a blog is for right? If you don't think so, you will probably not want to read this post. I wont have any pics, I might say something funny, but I can't guarantee that.

Along with the post.
Ok-so I really don't know where to start. How about with some adjectives. Overwhelmed, stressed, sad, distressed, depressed, painful, questioning. Ok, some of you know that i have been diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain. i have been dealing with this pain for 3 years. i was just diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. I have had 6 laproscopic surgeries, and a total hysterectomy all of this before the age of 29. No one can fiegure out what is wrong with me, so this is the diagnosis that i now have. i went to my family doc about a month ago and he gave me great hope. He put me on some meds that were really helping me. i woke up and some days were bad days, but most days were good days. i was feeling so happy. i was starting to feel normal. Those of you who have never felt this way, you are so lucky, and i hope that you never do. For those of you who do know how i feel, i will say a prayer for all of you.

Well, the past 5 days or so, things have really done down hill. i woke up one day with swollen feet that progressed to swollen everything. My pain that seemed to be getting under control, all of a sudden was not anymore and i now look in the mirror and hate what i see. My face and neck are so swollen , it looks like i have gained 20 pounds in the last 6 days. My pain is back, just as bad as ever before and now they tell me that i have thyroid problem.

I am just overwhelmed with my life right now. i know that thing s could be far worse than they are. i keep telling myself that, but I am pretty overwhelmed with everything right now. I just want to wake up tomorrow and feel better. i want to sleep and not wake up at 3 because of the pain. I just want to me again. I am sorry that i am going on like this, but i truly feel non judged here. No one tries to fix it, no one tells me that tomorrow will be better and no one tells me that they understand. i have yet to meet someone who totally understands. so, if you are out there, please tell me that i am not alone. I am sorry that i am being such a baby, i am crying as i write this post. I just want to be normal, i want to be a great mom again instead of a mom who is sick. I want to be a wife who can go away for her aniversary which is tomorrow and i can't go. I just want to be me. I know that this is happening for a reason, i know that this is just a trial, i just wish that it was over. Tomorrow will be better than today, my world wont seem so overwhelming, but right now, i feel like I am being crushed with the reality of everything. Well, if any of you are still reading, I appreciate you. Just knowing that i am a part of this whole blogging community sometimes gives me great comfort. thanks so much. I appreciate anyone who reads my blog and leaves a comment, they really do make my day. Ok-enough with the rambling. I said that i would not be wordy-i lied, I'll try better next time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Have your cake and eat it too!

hey ya'll. i found this girls blog and she makes the most amazing cakes. I am not kidding, i really have not ever seen such fun cakes that were affordable. So, go on over and maybe you can win a free cake! You might get lucky.

Little Piggies

Ok- I am only posting these pics so you will all feel bad for me. I figure any type of sympathy is the good kind right? So, you all know how I have CPP, and I take meds for it. So, I woke up the other day and notices that I had swollen feet. Now any of you who have been pregnant and had "elaphant feet" now what I am talking about. I didn't really think much of it until the next day, they were really swollen and so were my ankles, calves, legs, hands, neck, face and my BUTT! Ok, maybe not my butt, but it's a good excuse, don't you think?

Anyway, I decided to go to the doctor when my feet started to go numb. So, I went and they took a bunch of blood work and said I will get back to you. So, today they called and now, my thyroid is out of whack. Lovely! Another thing that is wrong with me. I can hardly wait to go back to the Dr. and have him give me another pill. YES! My life rocks right now, I am sure that you are all jealous. My husband's new pet name for me is "Cabbage Patch" I know. I know, your all wishing your "honeys" would call you that right? Sorry-you must have "elephant feet" or a swollen butt to be bestowed with this title!

I know, I know, I need a pedicure!

Even my toes are Fat. At least I have an excuse to be "Puffy" and it's not food!

Friday, March 14, 2008

it is so late that i should so NOt be posting.

I just had to write a quick update. I absoulately love the blogging world. I love it, I love it, I love it. Why the sudden love affair you ask? Well, you know when you go around and snoop in random strangers lives? Don't act apalled, you all do it, admit it, it's ok. Anyway, I stumbled upon some old friends from high school and I was thrilled. I am talking excited beyond description. They all have beautiful families and they all live all over the world. Yes, I wrote world.
Anyway-I love to snoop,so I read and read and read. My eyes hurt so bad right now they are burning and watering. My friends are still teaching me and they don't even know it. I have a friend, Emily. I always loved her. She always made me laugh and I was always amazed at her relationships with her family. She too is a mom, like me and many of you. She has 3 beautfil children that keep her on her toes. She wrote a post about motherhood and all the joys and sorrows that go along with it. She inspired me, made me cry and make me want to try harder at being a mom. There she goes again, making me better that I was yesterday and knowing that I can do better than today, tomorrow. So thanks Em, you are a lifelong friend, a lifelong example and how thrilled I am to be in touch again. So all you mom's out there who want to be inspired come here- "motherhood musings" February 8th posting.
You will be inspired also, I promise.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The best blog ever and my new passion!

ok people, two things that have been consuming my free time in my life lately. Coupons and this guys freekingly funny blog. I do not know this man. I have never met him, but I do frequent his blog. He makes me laugh out loud. Sometimes so much, i get little tears in my eyes. He is a dad and he blogs about his kids and his adventures with his kids. He must be very smart, he sounds very smart. Can someone sound smart? Anyway-I love his blog. You must all go and read it and tell all of your friends. Add it to your blog roll because all of us need a good chuckle or a rip roaring laugh every once in a while.
I know that his name is my name, but, no, i don't know if we are related.

Next order of business. I have never been a coupon girl. Just not my thing. I have always thought, how much can it really save me? 30 cents here, 40 cents there. Big whoop. Boy was I wrong. I have now repented of my foolishness and have put my feet on the right path, the path of savings! I know that you all think that i am crazy, but i am not. I have a friend Bonnie-she is a fabulous girl, with fabulous talents and is the author of a very funny blog. You can find her by clicking on the link "the zoo" on my friends.
She has told me how much she is saving. I said Whoo-and went on my merry way. Then I stumbled on to other blogs that raved about this whole coupon thing. So, i thought, my bonnie, she is a really smart gal, i want to be like her and save lots of money too. So, i jumped on the bandwagon. I have many coupons from the papers that i stole them out of and the websites that let you pront them for free. I am even taking a class tomorrow from the extension office. I have a strategy for the Smiths, Acres and Walgreens. I have just have to wait until i get paid on friday. When i get all my deals, i will be sure to take pics and post all my savings so you can be jealous and want to join the CCC (cool coupon club) Her are some sites that i really like. Check them out. You will not be sorry! Promise. If anybody out there in the blogging world has any other info or sites, pass them along to me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I have gotta quit!

ok people-it's official-i have finally decided that my little diet coke fetish that i have has got to stop! The reason, my feet are swollen. People, i have not had swollen feet since 3 days before i had my last little person. I am talkin tight, uncomfortable swollen. So, I am going to go off one of my favorite things ever. I don't think that i can go cold turkey, but we are going to start with going down to one a day! So, all of you wish me luck.
On a different subject-have any of you ever felt like a great, big fatso? I know that i can't be alone in my feelings. I have an excuse, i can't exercise because of this stupid pain, but somehow, it just doesn't really help me feel any better. All the doctors assure me that it will get better, i am starting to not believe them. So, instead of letting this pain control me, i am going to control it. Listen to me, all matter of fact and all. Anyway, i am going to kick the diet coke thing, replace it with water. Next, i will not eat after 7 pm. Small goals, i know, but, i have got to start somewhere right? Why is she blogging about this, you ask? Well, i figure if I tell other people then i will be more likely to follow through. So, lets review. Less diet coke, more water, no eating after 7 pm. With this plan i should be 20 pounds lighter by next week. :) Ok, now i am just rambling. I appreciate all of you for listening. Think good thoughts for me!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 9, 2008


So-have you ever been grateful for blogging? I was just checking up on all my blogging friends and doing a little "surfing" I read some really great blogs and found lots of great advice from lots of women who are in the same boat as me. I can't tell you how glad i am when i come across a blog and she is talking about how she is about to have a nervous breakdown and it is only 10 in the morning. I get you, i think, you can do it sister! I love, love it when i come across us moms, who post yummy, tried and true recipes. Those are the JACKPOT! The less thinking that i have to do about food, the better. (you all read my previous post) so basically what i am saying is, Thank you all you blogging moms who write about your kids, your husbands, your days, your dinners, your goals, and your dreams. You all inspire me, help me and want to do better. So, tonight when i say my prayers, I will make sure to thank Heavenly Father for the wonderful technology He has blessed me with, and, the wonderful friends that i get to make because of it!

You guys are the Best!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Frosting and Diet Coke

So...Have you ever looked in the fridge for something to eat, say around Breakfast time? And you looked at the bagels, the yogurt, the fruit, the eggs, the milk for cold cereal or the milk for the really good instant oatmeal that is in the cupboard right next to the fridge. Instead, you reached for chocolate frosting and to wash it down, a good old diet coke! Well, that's what i did this morning i grabbed a spoon and that was my fabulous, grade A, exceptional breakfast!
Am i the only person in the world who has done this? If so, don't hate me, i have 3 sick kids, 2 who have missed 3 days of school (in a row) and my 3 year refuses to blow her nose, so instead, i get to wipe the snot away from her nose ALL DAY LONG!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Have i got a treat for you! Yummy for the tummy, sticky popcorn! So super easy, so delicious, and works well in a pinch for lunch!

Sticky Popcorn

3/4 C. B. Sugar
1 Cube Butter
4 handfulls marshmellows or 10 big
1 bag popcorn
Melt ingred. in a pan. boil for 1 min. Pour over poppped popcorn. Eat a lot and don't share!
the show that we did in October-our booth pretty much looked the same. The show was a great success. But, now we just kind of have to wait and see. People will call us, i just have to wait for them to call. Not that i don't have anything to do. I have 2 kids home from school today. (groan) I also have 5 loads of laundry, and i get to clean the bathrooms and disenfect the whole house so no one else gets sick! Also-we can't forget that we have to cook dinner also! What a great day this day is going to be! I know that you all know excatly how i feel. Sometimes, i wish that i could get up in the morning, get dressed, kiss my husband and come home to a nice clean house, a hot, delicious dinner and have all be well. Don't get me wrong, i know that my sweet husband works very hard for our family, but sometimes i want to go to work and he can stay home. Sorry, just complaining, i'm not alone right? Just another manic monday!