Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

Well-the pageant went well.
The girls had a lot of fun.
They made new friends, smiled A LOT and won crowns!

Yep-they all won!
I am so not bragging-I promise.
5 and 9 both won princess and 7 won Queen.
They have royalty in all 3 age groups so, they called 5 out first.
Then 7 and 9 was last.
I prayed before the pageant started that they would all win a crown or all lose.
I so didn't want to have to go through 2 won a crown and the other didn't.
Luckily-they all did great and got crowns!
Yes-I was relieved and one proud mama!
They all loved it!
This is the whole crew with my little sis. She took care of all of them backstage. They wouldn't let any moms back there-so it was all her-through 3 clothes
changes each! Yep-I owe her big time!!

9-can you tell that she was happy!
5 was more excited about the candy than anything else. I had to keep telling her not to throw the sash on the groud. She still has to wear it and I didn't think that footprints across it would look that cute!

7-she was such a gracious winner. Look at all of their super cute skirts! Yep=my MIL is the bomb!!

A quick little before and after. Sorry-the pics are backwards. I had this sofa table that my grandpa made for me a few years ago. The knobs were broken off and it wasn't really that exciting of a color.
I needed a punch of color in my drab family room. The walls are a rust color and the only light come from a sliding glass door. I added the knobs. They were 95 cents at Lowes. I sprayed they antique white-they were ugly brass color.
I love how much it brighten up the room.
Not so drab!

Ok-now I HAVE TO CLEAN my Crap Room!
Really-it's supposed to be craft-but there is so much CRAP in there-it's the other way around!
Wish me luck!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture + Projects= Fun!!!

Sorry-You must look at pics of my children.
I do this for my mother in law-I know that she looks at my blog.
My girlies are doing a local, little, "pageant." I use that term very loosely.
Everyone who enters wins a trophy, a sash and big, old bag of stuff.
This is totally a nostalgia thing for me.
I grew up in the town that we live in now.
I did this pageant and so did my sister.
So-yes, now my children are doing it as well.
My husband rolled his eyes when I told him this is what they were doing.
He so didn't understand that they HAD to do it.
He also didn't understand when I HAD to buy them new clothes!
Silly man!!
These pics were taken the other day before they had their "interview" and pics done.
This is 7. Can you tell that she loves to have her pics taken.

Here is 4-almost 5. She is not quite a ham in front of the camera when she is supposed to be-only when they steal the camera and make videos of themselves.

This girlie is 9. She is definitely not little any more. I look at her and feel old. She just got her hair cut-with bangs. The first time she has ever had them in her life. I think that they make her look older. Maybe I should not have let her cut them :)

Here is the whole bunch. The cute skirts that 4 and 9 have on were made by MIL-they are darling!! Oh how this wonderful woman spoils me!

ok-I did get some projects done the weekend-IN THE RAIN!! I am usually not one who complains about moisture. We live in a desert and we need all that we can get. BUT-there have only been 2 days in June-that has NOT had rain. Unheard of for here. Yes-my flowers and yard look awesome-but my disposition-not so much.
This is my porch all "freedomed" up. I know, I am a freak.
I decorate my porch for the seasons.
I am proud to say that most of the things that are on here are from garage sales or thrift stores.
Except the star-I picked that up at ross for $7.00!!
sorry, the pics are kind of hard to see. It was 10am when I took them, at it is a little to bright.

I figured out my shelf issue. I spray it-while it was raining-in my garage.
My husband hates when I do this.
I don't know why-it's not like he is the one who has to inhale the fumes! :)
The pics are kind of hard to tell-but I painted it antique white. It looks green in the pics.
I was too impatient to let it dry all the way-so I just sanded a little bit-so the red shows through quite a bit. It looks SOOO much better-not so much like a RED shelf Glaring at you.
Softer-much nicer to look at.
This is a close up my latest little project that i did and stuck up there.
I found the frame for 50 cents-the plate holder a quarter-I just put some scrapbook paper under the glass and cut some letters with my trusty cricut.
I didn't like the look of the letters at first so I inked them.
Much better don't you think?

This is such a lame angle-again-sorry for the weird colors. I guess when you get no natural light in the hall-you get what you get.

alright-I am off to the pool. Wish me no sunburn thoughts!!
Have a fantastic Monday!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

something old turns to something new!

I will get to old to new in a sec.
I am in some need of some opinions.
And since I know that you all are full of them-I need some help.
See this shelf.
It's in my hallway-I hate it!
Why do I hate it-cause I don't know what to do with it.
So-help me out. The sign is going to go bye-bye-because every time I turn on the ac-Which has not been at all lately-it moves and it drives me crazy!!!!
Now, remember-I have all kinds of crap that I could put up there, but for some reason, I am not putting it together.
So, help me out-would ya??
Thank you in advance!!

Now...on to the old to new....

I have a "younger" friend that requested a 6 pane window for her apt @ school.
This is what I came up with.
Sorry about the glare-
Pretend that you can't see all the crap that is behind the window or to the side of it.
My craft room looks like Michaels threw up in it.
So messy-so embarrassing.
But am I cleaning it-nope. I am blogging.
I figure the mess will be there when I get to it.

The window says: Your future is only as bright as your faith-Thomas S. Monson

I have been working my butt off to lose some of my butt!! :) (lame joke I know...)
I have lost 3.2 since I started this on the 3rd.
I have been doing Pilates-This is the devil I am telling you. The whole time I am in class I am swearing in my head.
Walking and the active.
Writing down EVERYTHING I put in my mouth and YES..
I have even cut down on diet coke. YEA ME!!!
It's hurts to walk up the stairs, or walk in general but it's a good hurt-right?

Sorry for the sporadic posts-they called me to be the Enrichment Leader in my ward.
So, with fathers day, an activity tonight and all the other stuff-I have been a little slacking in the personal blogging dept.
We are having a swap meet tonight. I am so excited for this.
Other peoples Junk for free-it does not get any better than that!!!
I can't wait!!
Hopefully I will have all kinds of good of junk stuff to share tomorrow.

Now-if only it would QUIT raining so I can get my spray paint on!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love Love Love this idea!

I found this idea in blog world and loved it!
I even have an old footboard and headbord sitting in my shed.
I found them under my house when we moved.
Guess the people that lived here before us were to lazy to take them.
(this is really a true statement about the previous owners-I know, I am so mean!!)

So..now I know what to do with the little gems.
My husband is thrilled that they are going to get out of his shed.
Now, if only it would quit raining!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This is So COOL!

We got a new toy!

I actually got a toy-but I am nice and sharing and letting my children play with it as well.

We have a Wii-we love it.

My sis got the active and said it was cool.

So-since I do everything she says-I went and got one too.

This little game-kicks your butt.

My kids love it too.

Even my hubby loves it as well!


They have a 30 day challenge that you can do.

I started day one today.

I was dripping sweat!

It's all different kinds of exercises that pre-planned or you can pick your own.

My kids are fielding balls right now. They don't even realize that they are exercising.

I have read if you put your goals on paper-or in this case in type-you are more likely to achieve them.

So-I am starting and exercise/eating right plan.

I need to lose weight. My knees hurt and I am sick of being a little more jiggly than I would like.

Here's my plan:

Active-every day

Pilate's: Wed and Friday

Weigh in: Every Wednesday

Cut Diet coke consumption to 2 a week. (i am actually doing really good at this.)

I know, You are all thinking-yea right-she has said that before.

I found this (again, my sis told me to get it and since I do EVERYTHING she says...)

This little gem has helped the water intake big time and it tastes super yummy-I highly recommend this as well. NO funky aftertaste either.

Last but not least-take every effort as a win. I am so hard on myself.

Aren't we all?

That is another reason why the active is so great. The chick tells you how great you are and that you are working hard and you are awesome and all kinds of good stuff.

I wish I could just turn her on so she could tell me how great I am ALL the time.

Just think someone telling you that you are rocking those towels or the dishes have never been so clean. Imagine the possibilities.

So-now my goals are out for all to see. Mandy over at Mandie Shandi's does a Weight Watcher Wednesday-she has lost almost 30 pounds (yes-she rocks) she posts recipes every week and little tips to help you. If you need a little nudge in the right direction-who doesn't-head on over and check her out. She also has some really fun decor ideas as well.

So-if you too are jumping on this bandwagon or you are having success already-share some tips and ideas that work for you. I figure the more of us that help each other-the better!

Thanks for listening gals-you all rock!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bathroom Redo in under an hour and under $20 bucks

If you didn't know-I am a very inpatient person.

Much too impatient if you ask my husband.
I wanted a new bathroom.
He told me no.
Actually, he told me not right now.
(ok, he did have an excuse-he did start a new job this week and is stressed to the max)
Still, though, I wanted my bathroom redone NOW!
So...what is a girl to do.
Can't paint (well, I could, I don't need him to paint-but I am so FREAKING sunburnt-it hurts to lift my hands above my head)
Redecorating on the cheap and on the quick-in.
My bathroom that everyone uses is really dark.
I don't love it this dark, but I like it much better now.
Maybe it was because I replaced the 3 burnt out light bulbs.....

After...I know, I know. I didn't paint the little cupboard. I so would have. But, it was way to WINDY to spray paint and I am much to lazy to use anything else.

I must apologize for the pics-there is NO natural light in here and it is small-so the angles are kind of funky. Soorrryy!

I used to have a ladder on the wall. It was cute-I was just super sick of it. That is why the wall is bare.
I so heart that Valspar Mediteranen color. I sprayed all the frames that I had around all that color. And the funky white one in the middle was a yard sale find for .50 cents. I sprayed the star butter yellow.

I went to wal-mart to buy a new shower curtain. I refused to pay $25.00 for a shower curtain. So I walked back to the curtains and picked these up for $15 for the pair. SCORE!!

Now the bathroom is much more pleasant to be in.
Am I pathetic? Oh well-I like it much better.
Price breakdown:
Curtains $15.00
Frames: free & .50 cents
Spray Paint-I already had-so FREE
All the little things around-FREE. I just went through my stuff. The pic of the girls above the cabinet-my cute friend Kelly made for me when we did a swap! The colors rock in here!!!
I know, I am pathetic-even the lotion matches. I don't even like the smell of this kind, but it was the right color. This too was FREE
Total cost-$15.50
SOOOO worth it!! (Even though I had to iron)
Now....if only I could someone else to clean it!!
Go redo something on the cheap! You will feel great!! I know it got rid of my "oh my heck, I forgot what it was like to be a parent full time-funk
Yes-I just admited that. I so hope I am not the only one who feels this way.
(a little bit of chocolate helped too)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You know any post that starts out with a picture of spray paint has to be good-right?
This beauty is called "Mediterranean" by Valspar.
Oh-I think I love it. I am looking around trying to find more things to paint this color.
So....this is what I did with it I cut a hole in a chair from a yard sale. The chair cost me $2.00!
(Who am I kidding-my hunny cut the whole)
I so could have, and I was going to, but he wouldn't let me.

Then I stuck a pot of flowers in it.
I love it!! My dad says it looks like a porta potty-so, I guess it has two uses, if push comes to shove.
Who knew my treasures could be categorized in Emergency Preparedness. :)

I know, I am little late in doing this. There are lot of fabulous bloggers who have already done this-I just never found the right thing to use.
Until Saturday.
This beauty of a tray was 50 cents!! (the guy even threw in a bucket of nails for free-a girl can never have too many nails-right)
Anyway-the center if a mirror-
I just got out the yummy butter color spray paint and my second best friend-chalk board paint.

This is what it ended up like. I so love it! It looks super cute in my kitchen.
My kids want me to put the menu on it.
I told them maybe.
If I do this, I will be much more obligated to make dinner.
No girl wants to be tied down like that!!

Hope you all have a great day!!!

PS-I have new kits listed in Etsy!