Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little begging and groveling...

I know that this blog has been a little neglected.
I am embarrased to say.
I have been working on all kinds of other crap.
One including working on another blog.
So, I am asking a favor.
If you like my little creations that I post from time to time,
head on over to the Sassy Style blog.
This blog is full of all kinds of creations and ideas that my crazy head comes up with.

This blog will now just be for family stuff.
Not that family stuff is bad, just that if you don't want to hear about  me talk about how cute my kids and husband are, then maybe you will like the other blog better.
So, if you love me, (which I REALLY hope that you do-head on over to the other blog)
I am going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow.
So hurry-run, make me feel better about myself!
Thanks in advance!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new Friend and some awesome dieting advice

I was watching my favorite local morning show earlier.
And yes, I am a little biased. You would be too if you were one of their favorite guests.
No, they didn't actually TELL me this, I just know.

Anyway...while I was watching, there was this most fabulous woman on.
She is a local blogging gal that has the most hilarious blog.
Her name is Annie, and her tag line on the top of her blog is what all of us are really thinking.

Now, you have to go and see her.
I have piqued your curiosity.

You will be glad that you did.
She will make your day!
Tell her I sent you.

Your welcome.

ps-the dieting's more of a tip really.
Don't eat half the bag of kit kats and a diet coke.
Not really the best idea I have ever had.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We have a winner and a confirmation that I am a CLUTZ!

So-there is a winner posted over at the other blog.
Go and check-maybe it's you!

Yes-it has been confirmed that I am a klutz.
If you know me, then this bit of news comes as NO surprise.

Let me set the stage-Saturday night-we (all of my brothers and sister and husband and wives) just got home from a yummy new BBQ place for dinner.
(it really was delish-so if your local-you should definitely check it out)
I was walking down the stairs and I slipped.
Yep-my feet went out from under me, I went down and my lower back hit the edge of the stairs.
It was beautiful and graceful I'm sure.
Just the sound of it was awesome.

I laid on the couch and cried.
Yep-I am so tough I know.

You should all be impressed-I sucked it up and didn't go to the Dr until yesterday.
Luckily, nothing is broken, just extremely swollen.
So swollen in fact-he said the stomach cramps that I am having is from the fall.
You wish that you were me-don't cha!

So-I am sitting, laying whichever way I can situate myself without it hurting.
My dad told me I needed to go for a walk today. So, I listened.
Not too sure why I did that.
Guess it's because I am such an obedient child :)
So-I sit here-crooked, really wishing that there was such a thing as a cupcake, plain m&m's diet coke drive through.
I would have my husband stop.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Having A Giveaway!

And I want you to win!

So go over to my OTHER blog and enter!

PS-Tell all your friends! :)

A cupcake kind of day

So, have you ever just wanted one of these?

Just had one of those days?
You were overwhelmed, not necessarily with anything particular, just overwhelmed.
All you could think about was frosting on a little cake and how it was sure to make me feel better.
Chocolate would have worked too, but both would have been AWESOME!
I had one of those days yesterday.
I kind of felt like that one cat picture with it's hair all sticking up all over the place.
You know the one where it looks so not amused to be having it's picture taken.
(I would go and find the pic and post it here, but I know you know which one I am talking about)
I was in a funk.
and my solution was a cupcake.
(I know, I so shouldn't associate food with making one feel better, but whatever. You know you do it too! )
The little cake of goodness was sure to get rid of the looming cloud that was around me.
The frosting was sure to make me smile.
And licking the frosting off my fingers would just make me giddy!
So, I am sure you are dying to know, did I get my cupcake?
Did it make me feel better?
Yes, I did get a cupcake.
My sweet husband stopped in centerville on his way home from work and brought me home a red velvet one with cream cheese frosting.
It was so yummy!
He brought it home, set it on my table and sat down.
I ate the cupcake, no, I devoured the cupcake, and was waiting for the feel better feeling that I was sure only a cupcake would bring.
Imagine my disappointment when it didn't come.
It wasn't until I stood up and my husband gave me a hug that I got that "cupcake" feeling.
It was what I wanted all day. Ir was what I needed.
And it didn't come from a cupcake.
(I like to think that the cupcake helped-a lot)
What I'm trying to say is, be someones cupcake today.
Call them, or better yet visit.
I am sure it wouldn't hurt if you brought cupcakes :)
(ps-there will be a giveaway on my OTHER blog later on today, it might even be tonight, I haven't made the "giveaway" yet. It's still in my head. I promise, it will get done today. So, tell your friends and check back!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Studio 5 Segment and some more fun!

I am digging this whole TV thing.
I can say that I had a BLAST this time!
I was much more at ease and was really able to enjoy myself this time!
It was awesome!
If you didn't see it, or you did and you are just dying to see it again-

Also...if you want some more totally awesome decorating tips-that go on over to my OTHER blog and see what other crap I have come up with!
Thanks for all the kind words and support.
You guys rock!

PS-LeeAnn and Jess-the frames look freakin awesome and I feel honored that you would take a tip from me! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Making Laundry Look Good!

Here is a little sneak of one of the five tips that I am sharing tomorrow on Studio 5!
Yep-I get to go on again!
I am really excited this time. Not as nervous, still preparing at the last minute,
but thats how I roll!
I am going to be giving tips for every room in your home.
This is just a little peak at one of them.
If you want to see more-click here

This little dude is my January VT kits.
They are super cute and are the perfect thing for helping you keep
your New Years resolution to go VT more!

Wish me luck Tomorrow!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas and a fun new decorating trick!!!

I think that my sis-in-law put it best when she said,
Make yourself comfortable, this is an uber long post!!

Ahh Christmas memories. I thought this pic turned out darling! This is all the grand kids together on Christmas eve. Super cute huh? I know, I am a little biased, but still!

Scotlyn's favorite present was the paper that everything came in!

Henry loved the chocolate ice cream! A LOT!!

Santa brought us Band Hero for Christmas! We have all had a blast with it! This is my awesome brother singing American Pie! He was totally getting into it, can you tell?

This is pretty much the view we had Christmas day!

I am mad that this pic is blurry! Super cute of 9 with her new hat!
Investigating a present that was left under the tree.

Snuggies were worn by all children!

She was still happy even though she was up a little early this year!

The kids playing restaurant with Grandmas new kitchen!

Chelsie got the girls super cute headbands! Can you tell that 9 loved it?

Hope all of your Christmas Memories were as fun as ours!
For the most awesome, new genius decorating tip go to my other blog!