Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just another manic holiday!

Whew! I am sure that I am not the only mom out there who is thinking-

Wow-this Christmas sure went fast!
It seems that we all prepare and prepare for the perfect Christmas and it's over in minutes.
Then, we all promise ourselves that we will do it different next year. Make some better decisions so that the whole thing will last longer.
Well-at least I do this.
I just never seem to follow through.
So-I am warning you now. This is a very long post, full of a whole lot of pics.
I think that the best way to tell a story is with lots of pictures. Especially when celebrations are involved. So-grab a snack and get comfy, you might be here a while!!!
This is 6. Do you see that hole in her mouth. The one where her front tooth used to be? Well-we started out our December with one less tooth. She was thrilled! 8 informed her that if one loses a front tooth-the tooth fairy pays more. Whaa? I apparently missed that memo.
8 told her it was $5.00. She was a little disappointed when the fairy only left her $1.00. Guess that 8 is not as smart as she thinks she is. SHOCKER!!!

These pics were taken right before we had a major family event. I don't want to share the details of this particular day, but I do want to share the pictures. I also want everyone to know how lucky I am. I am a member of a family who is truly top notch. I know that we are all a little biased when it comes to our families-but I am really blessed.
I love being a mom. I am so blessed to be married to my best friend-forever!
I have some of the greatest, most supportive parents a girl could ask for.
My sister is my best friend and I am proud beyond proud to be the big sister of such wonderful brothers. I like to think that I had a little bit to do with how well they turned out! :)
I am also the favorite aunt and the favorite Sister in Law!! I hate that term-they are my sisters!
I love my family and consider them to be one of my favorite and greatest gifts! (don't we all)

Look at 8-she is turning into a beautiful young lady. She is not a little girl anymore and it's killing her Dad and I. She turns 9 in March. I can't believe it! She is as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside. I am very blessed to be her mom.
(Sorry I am being all sappy-but a Mom has got to do this sometimes)
Am I the only Mom out there who thinks that her children look almost angelic in pictures. Too bad as soon as the camera is put away-the horns and tails come out! :)
Here is 4! Ok- I know that every family has a child like her. You know what I am talking about. They just crack you up. They say the most random things and their hugs are magic. That is 4's jobs at our house. She goes to preschool only 2 days a week. I love this time with her. She always is cracking me up over random things that she says. The other day-we were looking at some old family pictures. I was about 12 in these particular pictures. She took the picture and studied quite intently-then she said
"Mom-that girl has your face."
Yes-she is 4 and she came up with that.
She had her winter performance for school last week. She was the loudest little singer in the group. Not to mention very energetic with the actions! I have no idea where she gets this from. Not a clue. :0) She is one peppy little chicky and I love her-a lot! ( most of the time)

This is 6! She is my happy go lucky gal. She loves to be the little helper. She loves to cuddle and spend one on one time with both her Dad and I. She is the little mother to not only her sisters but also to her little cousins. My little nephew just adores her!! She is a joy in our family.

These are our Christmas Eve pics. We have "our" Santa come every year. He is not just any old ordinary Santa man. He is My Santa. Meaning, this particular Santa's helper has been coming to our Christmas eve parties since I was about 4! I love him! My kids adore him!

Here are my munchkins singing Santa Claus is coming to town. Can you tell which one was the most excited?Jingle bells-jingle bells, jingle all the way. What is up with 6's face. Cracks me up.

This is 8 pinkie promising that she will keep her room clean. I now have proof. Mwhahhhahaaa!

Grammy and the girls. See how much 4 is loving Santa. I think that she has a little crush on the big man. :)
Here is all of the grand kids with G&G! I don't know who loves who more. My parents or the kids. I guess that is one of those age old questions. Kind of like which came first, the chicken or the egg.
8 & 6 are part of a singing group. They love it. They go once a week and put on two shows a year, spring and Christmas. They did a program called "Christmas Vacation" and they both did great! 6 had a solo and some speaking parts. 8 had speaking parts. She doesn't love the whole center of attention like her sister does, so she did not do a solo.
4's favorite part of the whole night? COOKIES!!

We were very proud of our little singers!

Are you tired yet? I am sick of looking of the pics and they are of my kids! Almost done-promise! This must be done-I am only thinking of my posterity and how much they will love me when they have all of these memories! :)
Christmas Morning! The girls were up at 6. Not too bad. We had to sit around and wait for my mom to get here. Did I mention that I had to make my 3 children wait to open presents because my Mother felt the need to make her bed before she came. Yea-it was as fun as it sounds!!
6 & 8 got a super, fantastic present this year. I have done 4 little people's bedrooms for clients the past month. Every time my girls saw these rooms they both said that they wanted their rooms done as well. So, me being the fantastic mom that I am, got on the email with Santa and worked out a plan. 6's room was done in green. turquoise and browns. 8's room was done in pink and brown. Her room was a little more "mature" and 6's was really fun and glittery. I will post more pics of their rooms and my clients bedrooms in the next couple of days.
One last little bit of pictures. December is such a busy month anyway-my moms birthday happens to fall on the 27th. This year was a big deal. She turned the big 50! So-all us kids got together and threw her a surprise party. It was kind of a roast-only nice. We made her a movie and all the guests shared what they loved about her, memories and funny stories. She really had a great time and all of us kids were reminded of how lucky we are to have such a great woman to be our mom!
Doesn't she look great for 50? I want to look as good as she does!
This is 4. The words she said right before this picture was taken-Take a picture of me!!
All of the girls in our family. Look at my cute, very pregnant sister! I like to stand next to her-I look skinny! She is having a girl in 4 weeks and we are so excited!!!!

This is Hailey, Shawni and my bro. Brandon. We were dishing up the sweets for our guests!

Look at this cake! Is it not the cutest thing that you have ever seen? We had a friend do it. She got mom spot on. Zebra, polka dots and feathers! She could not have made a more perfect cake!
This is the whole family!
Happy 50th Mom! We love you!!!
Sorry the super long post! Thanks for sticking with me! (i really hope that you are still here) I will be posting new decor pics this week-the girls rooms and my un Christmas decorated house!!!
Have a great Monday!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One last thing....

I went to the Nerologist today. It was not what I was expecting. \
I wish that this was over.
More than words can express.
But when I stop to think about my life and all the trials that I am going through-I think
1- It could be worse
2- I could have no support
3. the Lord must have a lot of faith in me to send me this trial (s)

The dr. told me that my headache was a tension headache and I needed to exercise and it would go away.
Oh people-it was all I could do to not kick him in the teeth.
I sat there and asked him if he honestly thought that I was not/or had not tried everything that I could do to control this?
Everytime I asked this wonderful DR-he would look at me and not answer.
He would not look me in the eye, but he would my husband!!!
It was such a frustrating day!
I thought that I was going to get an answer-just got nothing instead.

So-I sat and felt sorry for myslef while I drank and eggnog shake. (so good BTW)
then I thought, what good am I doing?
Satan is winning, because I am letting him.
So-I read my comments from "strangers" who don't know me from adam-and felt the love through their words.
I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and try to find good things from this.
S0-here are my "GOOD THINGS"

I am blessed beyond measure
I am stronger than I know
I have faith in Heavenly Father that he will never leave me alone.
I have a husband who is better than gold-even better than the perfect pair of jeans! :)
I have a family who supports me-no matter what I throw at them.
I have 3 beautiful people who love me no matter what.
I have the joy that they bring when they yell MOMMY when I walk in the door.
I have the love of my friends, the concern of strangers, the prayers of others to get me through the days. Sometimes it's hours and sometimes it's minutes-and thats ok.
I am blessed.
I am loved.
I am special.
I can do this.
He sent me this trial because I can do this.

My new favorite quote:
That which brings you closer to God is a blessing.

This trial is a blessing.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No picture post.

I know that sometimes it is not really very fun to look at posts without pics. I just wanted to share some not so fun info.

First-some good news.
We got my FIL home-well at least to UTAH!! Yea!! He is not better and he is still in the ICU-but he is in one of the best hospitals in the state. They are already talking about weaning him of the vent. Small changes but good. We are so thrilled that he is here. It is truly a miracle that he was able to be transferred. The good news is going to be keep coming. I just know it.

Now-my new reality. I know that it could be worse. Just wish it wasnt' so.
I had another spinal tap done yesterday.
Yes-I still have my headaches. They only went away for about 48 hours. CRAPPY!
Found a new neuro-he ordered another test. This one was nothing like the first. My back doesn't hurt at all!!!!
My head on the other hand, is much worse.
We went to the ER this morning because the headache was different and we were afraid that it was a spinal headache.
No-it wasn't. They just all decided on what on I have for sure and what the next step is.
I have a Pseudo Neuro Cerebrai Tumor.
Basically-this works like a tumor-pressure on my brain and optic nerve, there just insn't a tumor.
They said that this was a possibilty before, but the first Neuro told me it wasn't.
Anyway-after many meds to try and treat this-No luck.
I go tomorrow to see my Neuro so we can decoide when to do the shunt.
Yes-I have to have brain surgery-sort of.
They tell me that they do shunts all the time.
It's a very safe procedure-it's not a big deal.
Well-it's a big deal to me!
I am freaking out.
they will have to drill a hole in my head.
That would freak anyone out-right?
So-that is what is happening here.
Really wish that you all were a littl more closer-Icould use some hugs and mm&m's.
Not to mention a couple of elves who love to wrap!
Haven't even started on that task yet!

Thanks for letting me vent. (if any of you are still reading) I know that it could be worse and there are many others who are dealing with a lot worse. I am just so grateful that I have great insurance, good Dr's who can help and a husband and family who support me in whatever crap I get them in to. Plus-they say that they love me no matter what!
(We'll see )
Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look what came in out mailbox!!!

Santa sent us letters!! Not just any one liner letters-special just for them letters!
The postmark was even from the NORTH POLE!
My girls were more than thrilled.

6 was thrilled!

8 was overjoyed as well!.(sorr the pic was a little blurry)

Look at 4-do you think that she was excited?

Cool-A north pole postmark! Authentic-REAL BABY!

This was picture was taken before they opened the letters. Can you tell how excited they are! Look-they are gritting their teeth-thinking

I am working on another client right now. We get to do two girls bedrooms! We shopped today and hit the jack pot!! It was a blast! It is always so much fun to decorate girls rooms!!
So-I am crafting a bit to make their rooms extra special.
These are some bulletin boards that I did tonight.
The girls are so excited-I had to give them a little somethin-somethin!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy December 5th! Is anyone else freaking out that Christmas is 20 days away?
Or is it just me? Maybe is't because I am not ready.
Please tell me I am not the only one!
I wanted to share a couple more pics of decor at the Hoyt's house.
This is my room divider that I made out of bi-fold closet doors from the thrift store!
They were so simple and a great peice for any room.
Pluse-you can decorate it up with a kinds of sparkly goodness!!! These are trees-2,3 and 4.
Yes, those are snowman plates that you are seeing.
When you have a fake tree-you can whatever on them.
Thats is why there is only pine scented scentsies and no pine scented trees at my house!
I couldn't decorate a real tree with all the crap that I use on a fake!

See these little carboard words.
This is mom genius that you are looking at right now.
No-I am not trying to be stuck up.
If I was going to do that-I wouldn't being sharing this fantastic idea.
It will make your life easier and your children smarter!

The girls were BORED last night. I didn't want them on TV or the Computer. So-I made something up. The little white words were a punchout in a workbook that 6 had.
The directions said to makeup sentences with the words.
Well, there were not enough words for both of them to play.
So-I grabbed the scissors and the empty cereal box that was on the counter-and got to cutting.
We made more of the regular words-and, the as, a, I etc..
Then we added some Christmas words. Sleigh, santa, elf, naughty.
Then we said go and the girls went to town.
They had contests who could make the longest sentance, who could use the most christmas words, who could make the shortest sentance the fastest.
They played happily for over 20 mins.
I had to share.
We are going to make this little game for friends for christmas.
I will make them cuter, and you know, more of the same shape.
8 wants me to use Cursive words. Because they can read them now.

So-I figure with a lipgloss that cost me 69 cents from Avon-and this little gem.
Friends gifts can get the old heave ho off the list.

What are you waiting for-go and make these.
Your kids will love you.
It will take you 3 minutes.
You could even add magnets and stick them on the fridge.
The possibilies are endless.
We are going to make the friend sets this weekend.
Me, the girls and my trusty CRICUT!
Let me know what you think, and if you are going to add the
"20 minutes of pure bliss" game to your house this holiday season!
have a Fantastic Weekend!!!

Sorry there are so many grammatical errors in this post.
I am just not in the mood to make sense!
Hope that you are understand and still love me!!