Friday, November 2, 2007

November is a month to be thankful! So first of all i am thankful that i changed the Halloween pics and music. As the picture clearly shows-we were all sick of them!
These pics are from our famly mini trip to Snowbird over Conference weekend. It was a great time-the kids swam outside while it was snowing! Thye loved it-I did not!

I am thnakful for my girls and how they always make me laugh! They were so excited to stick their heads in this thing. Who knew wodden cutout of german people would be such a hit!

I'm thankful for my wonderfu husband and all that he does for me! Without him i would be very sad, bored and unspoiled! This pic was taken at the top of snowbird. It was beautiful-but very cold!!!

I am thankful for my 3 year old. No, you did not read the past sentance wrong-thankful and 3 year old were in the same sentance. 3 makes us all laugh-alot. She loves to be the center of attention-but when she's mad-watch out (see bottom pic)


mom said...

Ilove it! Im thankfull for YOU! love ya mom

Chelsie said...

Check it out..Marci made a've made a blog..I'm very thankful for the both of you! I love you guys! That was a fun post. You do have a very fabulous family to be greatful they have a fabulous wife and mom to be thankful for. Ah..running in the snow after getting out of that pool was not the most fun..that pic of Hannah and Kinli in the cutouts is hilarious! I hadn't seen that yet..she does crack me up quite often.

Toyn Family said...

HI Tausha, Thats such a super cute blog idea. i love it!Thanks for making a blog so i can seee what you are up to.