Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just my humble opinion....

Ok-I am just warning you all.
I have been in creating overhaul the past couple of days.
I am doing a local boutique.
And if you know me, I work best under pressure-hence the overhaul.
Nothing like waiting till the last minute.
I would post pictures, but I am too lazy to get up from the most uncomfortable chair in the world and find the camera.
Sorry-next week-promise (sortof)

So, I took a crafting break to blog surf.
I went along to my favs and then wondered into unknown neighborhoods, all while listening to the new Rascall Flatts cd. (fabulous btw)
Let me start this little rant by saying-this is just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

I hate music on blogs. (unless your Chelsie-I actually really love your selection of randomness, I sometimes just go to your blog and jam to the tunes for a while.)
Anyway-If I want music on, I will turn it on. I hate to go to a new blog and be blasted by some random song. I prefer to turn on my own music.
I know, I know, turn the sound off.
I normally do, but I was listening to my Rascall.
I so hate scrolling down someones blog to find the pause key.
SO annoying.
See, I told you that this was my own little rant and I am tired and I am sitting in a very uncomfortable chair.
I really hope that all of you that have music on your blog just think that I am the crazy, vacuuming mouse lady and still love me!!
BTW-Now that I have all offended my music friends-I am in need of some new tunes to be blaring in my craft space.
I can't keep buying music from Itunes. Soon, hubby is going to catch on.
Let me know what some of your favs are.

Have a fantastic weekend.
Thanks for still loving me and my opinions!
PS-had to include this pic. Seriously-are you laughing out loud?
This is real-I was driving through a parking lot the other day, glanced over and reversed and laughed and laughed-took a pic, showed it to to everyone I knew-cause I thought it was funny. Hope that you do too. Maybe it will make up for my large opinions!


Mercy Ottis/The Stone House said...

.......rant away! lol I like my playlist, but I do know what you mean about playlists on every blog..... the pic was funny! When is your boutique? ANNNNNND, what are you making for it? post some pictures......♥

Mindy said...

So you want to know some of our favorites... UMMMM... that's why we have playlists!!! Is this an Ah-Ha moment? :) JK You need to post pictures of what you are going to have in your boutique! I want to see.

Mindy said...

Oh, yeah... I can't believe you would take your Golden Dyson and try to suck up a disgusting mouse!!!! I would never put my Dyson through that! I love my Dyson! (And it cost way too much money to suck up a rodent...) ;)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Not a music fan either! So are you all done with your stuff?

Lori said...

Craft show huh? Good for you guys. I could give you a GREAT playlist but chances are you won't like any of it, or heard of any of it for that matter.
However, maybe I should work on sending you a cd anyway...

Chelsie said...

ha, thanks for clarifying on my playlist.. :-) have fun this weekend!

Sarah said...

Tasha, I too am not a fan of music on blogs. But I'm not really that big of a fan of most music (but I do love Julieta Venegas and Mana, but that's beside the point). Anyway, my other annoyance with blogs is text that is too light to read - and I can't read yours! I was getting a headache just trying to make it to the end of your post. Girl, I love you, but the pink words have GOT to go!

The Hicken's said...

Hey there! I'm glad you hopped over to my blog! I have actually had yours on my list for a little bit now! I found it from somewhere I don't remember. How is the family? I haven't talked to you in way too long.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Rant away.....I don't like it when people put u on their list of blogs they like..thank take you off...with no reason...I feel like it is a put down. There..thats my rant...rofl. cherry

Nicole said...

I'm not a big fan of music on blogs either, although I do love Rascall Flats, I'll listen to his music anytime even though I can't spell his name. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner about the Strawberry Syrup, now I hope I can remember your questions.

You really do need to strain the seeds out, it makes the syrup a nice clear liquid instead of all pulpy! I didn't use cheesecloth though. I found something at Walmarts canning section that is for straining things and it worked great.

Definitely double the recipie, if you don't it takes way too long. I was also lazy and did not process them after either. I figure if it's hot enough for the jar to seal it's ok. I never process grape juice either, maybe well all die of food poisioning! Although I've done it that way for alot of years and were all still alive.

You better post pictures of all the cute stuff you've been making!