Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Way overdue update!

I know- i know. I am lame. I have not done one thing on this blog in almost a month. So-my new years resolution is to do better when it comes to my blog. Now that I know friends and family from far way that really care what i am doing-i will be better, Promise!!

Well-lets see, lots has happened since Christmas. First of all-we had a wonderful Christmas. I started getting sick-ok, i had pains in my abdomen and low back. This for those of you who don't know, this is a common occurance. About every 8 months or so i get this pain. So-i just kind of ignored it-just hoping that it would go away. It didn't, in fact it got worse. Lucky Me! So-we went to the Dr. and got to have some surgery for removal of Scar tissue. Again!!! I had it on the 8th-it wasn't too bad this time around. Not a lot-just enought to cause some pain-so they removed it and also put some new stuff inside that stops your body from producing as much scar tissue. Yea!! This surgery was really a good one. I was good to go after about 4 days. I know that this is pretty normal for others-but i am not normal when it comes to a lot of stuff-espescially health problems. So-I am really doing awesome. Not at the gym yet-but hopefully by next week. (it will be 2 weeks by then)

My 29th Birthday was on Sunday. We celebrated on Saturday. I was very spoiled!!! The girls and Kal got me some workout clothes and those new Nike shoes with the chip in them for your ipod. Way awesome! And then, too top it all off, I got to enjoy a 2 hour facial! It was heavenly! I told myself that every 12 pounds i lose-i get to have another one. I am definately being good because i want another one ASAP! If anyone from around here wants a fabulous facial-i will

give u my girls name. (valentines day is just around the corner:)

all of us as Hannah Montana-what do you think-could we all be Triplets with Hannah Montana!


Lori said...

Wow, what a blog post! First off, good luck on the resolution - hope you can keep it!
Second, who knew you had all these health problems, I hope you got it taken care of this time!
Third, glad you had a good birthday. That means the big one is next year! I hope your family is already planning...
Fourth, your girls are so cute. That top picture is fantastic! I want a green vest!
Fifth, good luck with the gym thing - I have been doing the treadmill while watching tivo'd programs - works like a charm now that we moved it out of the guest room!
Sixth, so we should be looking for another blog post any day now, right???

Chelsie said...

That pic of you guys in your vests is SO cute! I love it! Such cute girls. I am going to hold you to your New Years resolution...not like I don't see you..but I still like to see you guys in pictures! I'm glad you're feeling better and had a fabulous birthday. I guess from Lori's comment we should start planning for next year eh? You might as well tell us what you want to do though right?! Ha, thanks for the comment on my blog! My mom hadn't watched Coop forever..but we might be having a little adult dinner at my moms with my cousins on Friday...so if you guys aren't doing anything, you could watch Coop for an hour or two..but if not that's alright. It's not for sure yet if we're doing it or not..ok long comment..moral of the story..cute pics, cute fam...love you all