Saturday, December 29, 2007


My three little DiVaS! They love to have their pics taken and come up with a pose too boot! we were on our way to the Workman PJ party! 6 and Coop
3 and Santa-Kal and 3 practiced all day with what she was going to say-she got up there and all she could think of that she wanted was a gift.Top: Chelsie, Jen, Me and Hailey Bottom: Steph, Tausha, Jen

Santa came to our house! 8 and 6 must have been super good because they got a High School Musical Dance Mat. Not only does this light up to show you the dances, it also includes the music. So, with the touch of a button-it is like you are "in" High School Musical.
The favorite gift that Santa left under our tree was definately the MP3 players. The girls were dancing and jammin all day-come to think of it-they still are! They are fabulous for the car. Our little people have never been so quiet. I am sure that this will wear off-but for now-Mom is loving these also!
6 singing Hairspray-AAHHOOOHH! We love LINK!

Christmas was so fun this year. We are so blessed to be surrounded with family and friends. They are the greatest gifts that we could ever receive! We love you all!


Chelsie said...

Those pictures are so cute! Ah Hannah and Coop. He loves that girl! No one can get him to smile and laugh like she can. I didn't know that they got the high school musical dance mat! I might have to come over and play it with the girls. I just watched Hairspray last night...and I too love LINK! :-) Think I'm a little too old for him? I didn't see any pics of you or Kal?! Come on off that new fabulous robe! I hope you're feeling ok! We love you!

Lori said...

I am glad to see that Santa is still showing up at the Workman parties! Thanks for showing all those pics, it is good to see part of the family again. They all need to start blogs! Last time I saw everyone was at my wedding, 3 years ago! Your girls are too cute, I love that they are such hams - I wonder where they got that from?? Hope you all have a happy and safe new year!

LeeAnn said...

Taush - When are you coming to Vegas?