Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lots of Pictures!
So, I haven't crated, created or done anything right brained for over a month. It is really starting to get to me. I have got back into the blog groove and now I really want to create! There are so many wonderful ideas to copy and claim them as my own! What is a girl to do?
Well,show you old pics of creations that were done before christmas that I should have posted over a month ago!! Better late than never right!!!!

This is 6-she is almost 7. She got a new room for Christmas. The only problem, I didn't get any pictures-just this one. Why is this a problem? Her room will never look the same again!
We did her room in greens, turquoise and browns. I mistreated her curtains with a shower curtain and huge flowers! Maybe I will clean her room and take some pics this week! This is 8. Her room is already painted pink from the previous owners. Since I have a list of things to do before her room gets touched-it is staying pink.
We did hers in pink and browns. Polka Dots, plaids all kinds of fun stuff. Her room is a mess as well-or I would show you more pics. Maybe this week. We'll see.

This is one of my clocks that I made. This one is 8's. I loved how they turned out. They were super easy and I am deciding if I want to etsy some. What do you think?

This room is from a client. She was 11 and so not girly. I made a clock for her and a star as well. We tried to make her a space that was grown up and a little girly. She loved it and so did we!

Joannes has vinyl for walls. It comes in all different designs, shapes and sizes. You just stick them to the wall and Voila! Cheap, easy artwork. It can just be pulled off when you are sick of it.

Who doesn't want a pink chaise lounge in their bedroom? Come on-you know that you love it!

This is a clients room as well. She was a little more girly than her sister. I also made the star and clock for her. The little funky cirlces all over-the cool vinyl from joannes. Go and get some-it is awesome!!
I must share-see her quilt? Super cute huh? Pottery Barn-and it was a steel. Under $40! I love it when I find deals and I get to pass on the savings to my clients.
We wanted to punch it up a little. So, what could we do. Leopard of course! So-her chaise is leapord and so is her lamp shade. GRRRRRR~

I loved her curtains. Are they not the cutest things ever. Lavender and yellow. I loved the print. What? You have never seen anything like that? Well of course not-they are mistreatments. Yep-a toille, lavender tablecloth. We just tied them up with yellow polka dot ribbon! They were perfect!

That white bench-it was an ugly wood toy box. We painted it white and distressed it and also recovered the top with pretty Amy Butler Yellow fabric. She didn't even know that it was the same piece!
Now I am getting really antsy to create. Maybe I should clean the craft room first. Having an empty table to work on is sooooo overrated!!!
Have a fantastic weekend!!!


Megan said...

If you are getting antsy maybe you should come down and help me move on Saturday ;) Anna's new room needs some serious help. Especially since she is moving from the crib to a big girl bed. I don't want her toom to look so baby anymore. I am so lost when it comes to decorating!

Jessica G. said...

Adorable clocks! I think you could sell them on Etsy. And I need your help with what to do on top of a bookcase in my living room...can I email you about it?

Cherry's Jubilee said... have been busy girl! It all looks fab....your sweeties sure look happy...worth it huh? cherry

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Hey girl. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment. I LOVE your clocks. They are so cute and so unique. You should definitely etsy them! Let's be new bloggy friends, ok? I'll be back to check out more cuteness!


p.s. Your blog background is freakin awesome!!! LOVE IT!

Melissa said...

You are so creative!! Do you make your own clocks (buy the wood and the clockworks) or do you buy the kit and then get creative with the design? I've always wanted to make a clock...
The rooms look fantastic!! You did a great job :)

Nicole said...

Your have some lucky girls, their rooms are beautiful. I'm so glad your back to blogging and that you've figured out the whole headache/migraine thing. When I went to the doctor for post partum depression/anxiety, he put me on a medication that was very addictive. Luckily my brother n' law who's also a pharmacist let me know before I had been on it for too long. I'm so glad your feeling better!

Erin said...

I love your clocks. They are awesome and I for sure think you should sell them!

Shannon said...

Those clocks are really cute! Everything looks great!