Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pity Pity Pity-I am haging my head in shame.

I am such a loser. I haven't posted in a week or has it been two?
Yep-I am that pathetic that I can even remember.

So-I thought that I would be a good blogger and come back and say hello.
I really hope that I still have friends that still like me.
You know how sensitive I am about others not liking me. Just ask the people that REALLY know mw.

I have gotten out some stuff to decorate for spring. It's out and put it a couple of places-but still not done.
I have been creating some super cute eater ideas.
Where are they you ask?
Can't you see them, they are in the pile by the computer. I am hoping that if I put them there-they will help motivate me.
So far-NOT WORKING! ShoCKing!
If it kills me, which it just might-I will get new stuff done and posted it the shop. Really why they are not in there-I love them all way too much-I don't want to get rid of the. But I am only doing this for my friends.

I have even made dinner EVERY night this week and did the dishes, laundry, and I even ironed hubby's shirts.
Dont worry-this job is not done for free.
NO_it's not what you think of.
He cleans the bathrooms. Including the shower.
He agreed, but that was almost a week ago-still no luck. Maybe If I hid all of his socks, he will get his jobs done?

I will also have some fun new spring items in the shop this weekend-even it kills me. So-please watch, then buy and then you will make this sassy girl very happy and blessed!!!

Have a great one!


Melissa said...

I have not been a great blogger this past two months. It feels like I haven't had the time to read or write :S
I hope you'll post pictures of your spring stuff.

Megan said...

I am in a blogging rut lately too. Boo for us all. One thing that is sassy? Your new background - I am lovin on it!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're back. I missed you. I have been so busy getting ready for the show this weekend(it was postponed due to bad weather) that I haven't blogged much this week either. You know we luv ya girly...whether you blog or not! BTW, I have some issues with etsy I wanted to pickyour brain about. I'll e-mail you soon.

~Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful

Jillybean said...

You decorate for spring?
I still have our red Christmas wreath hanging in our entry.

Jen said...

You shouldn't feel bad about not blogging! At least you're creating some cute stuff for spring. Oh and I drove past your house yesterday...your front porch is adorable!

Beth at Aunties said...

It is nice to see you back and a clean house is a great feeling. I know your family appreciated good meals:-)

Blogging isn't fun when you feel it is another chore...
Please post about your adorable porch when you have time!

Jessica G. said...

I like the new springy background! And yes, I bribe/blackmail my man into helping me with chores, too. :)