Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Look what I made.

I almost didn't want to post it cause I liked it so much.

But, I sacrificed-for all of you.

So, if you have to have it, it's my etsy shop!


Chelsie said...

cute taush!! i love it!! i was thinking, if your mom still wants me to make the halloween invites...maybe we could scan some of your cute halloween paper onto the computer? yeah? also, can i print a pic on your printer? it's coops halloween from kiddie kandids last year so i'm trying to avoid the whole copyright thing...boohahah. love ya

Lena said...

Super duper cute! I had the strange thought today that I needed to "take five" and start making some festive decorations so that my house can seem a little more "homey" and to help me get excited about the upcoming holidays. It's just been so long since I cared...

Perhaps you will inspire me. Perhaps not. We'll see.

Did you LOVE how I folded the fitted sheet? No clue how to do it properly. I almost looked up online for instructions how to do it. Funny, right?

Thanks again for letting me borrow it (I must admit that I am glad that situation did not become permanent... blow off steam...)

Christina said...

You have made some really cute halloween items. I'm catching up on my blog reading after beeing MIA for awhile. If Victoria hadn't kept up our blog, we would be in trouble. I'm looking forward to getting up some Halloween and fall stuff soon.

Lori said...

Taush, I just checked out your etsy shop and I'm jealous of all your talents! And your time that you have to make all thisi stuff! What the flip, what did I miss out on? Good job and good luck!