Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I know, I am totally lame!

My kids think that this is a crack up!
You should go and make one. It takes some time, but so worth it.
My kids want to watch it over and over.
Maybe I should start charging them!!


Chelsie said...

ok kal is by far my favorite in that movie especially when he slaps his bum...haha, that is hilarious

Jen said...

well aren't you just a hot bride of frankenstein! very cute!

Sarah said...

Very fun! My kids had to do one after they saw yours. We posted it to our blog too.

Lena said...

Too fun!! Aubrey made us play it over and over here as well. We simply CANNOT get enough of the HOYT family at our house.

In honor of you, I have finally posted my final projects. Check them out here:

Anonymous said...

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