Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ok people-
who doesn't love a giveaway, but espescially when it involoves food!!
My new friend(she doesn't know how lucky she is) :) AKA-Queen of my house is hosting a fantastic giveaway.
GO and check it out and tell her Tausha sent you!!
Good luck to you all, but really I am the one who wants to win!! :)


Misty said...

I clicked over her from your comment on just a girl. I don't know what made me choose you but I did and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I am your new friend! Then I realized I had a comment left this morning that I forgot to link to was you! Neat that I found you without realizing you had found me first! Busy day! LOL Thanks so much for blogging about my giveaway! Good luck!