Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a Quick Check in...

I am down-
down for the count.
I have the flu.
and a earache.
Who gets the flu and a earache in the middle of JULY?
I feel like crap!
My lovely Dad exposed me to h1n1-they still are not sure if I have it.
All I know is that my head hurts, and so does my body. Did I mention my ear?
I know, I am whining. I will stop now.

See my new button on the side?
Sassy Style Redesign.
That is my business with my mom.
Go and check it out.
If you love me, put the button on your blog.
The blog is under construction.
I need to get some current clients up there.
Stupid flu!
So cramping my style!!


The Smith Family said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are sick. Ew. It's the worst!
K, on KSL, I just went to ALL the categories that I thought I wanted to look in. Like Dresseres, desks, hutches, chairs... and it takes time... but I looked at ALL the pages of ads. There is stuff in there that gets pushed back, by all the new stuff, and that's how I found these! I am getting the table for $100 bucks... which might be a little high, but it's SOO cute! and then the chair for $25. Love the shape of it. Plus, both of these people had blogs, so they have other products. That way, I can keep them on my blog roll and check back more frequently!
They will usually list that info on their KSL ad.
K, hope that helped!
Happy shopping! :)

Chris said...

I know this isn't funny, but as soon as I read that you have the flu, I thought, "Who gets the flu in July?" and then you said the same thing. I hope you feel better! Sorry you're sick!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Summer illness sucks like 40 times more than winter illness. I'm so sorry!!!!!

Chelsie said...

i'm so sorry you're sick! i hope you were able to eat some corn to cheer you up, and i hope you get feelin better soon

The Smith Family said...

Hey! Ugh, I'm so sorry! I'm not doing vinyl right now, bc all my stuff is packed up. We are trying to sell our house, and make this transition, but it's taking WAY longer then we thought. I don't even have a time frame for when I'll be back in biz. I'm sorry! I will try to keep everyone updated though, I PROMISE.
Thanks for understanding.

Crazycozartclan said...

I was saying the same thing about ear infections when I got one in June in HAWAII!!!! What 30 year old person gets an ear infection in the summer while on vacation in Hawaii? You and I are the only odd ones out there I guess : )

Lori said...

I hear you - I am sick too? Who gets a cold when it is 110 degrees outside? Ironic! Hope you get better soon!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

CONGRATS! Having a redesign business is my DREAM job! That is so exciting...good luck, and way cute button!