Monday, July 6, 2009

4th festivites!

Our Fourth of July was super fun!
I know, so was everyone elses.
But, did everyone else get to ride in a parade?
In a yellow Jeep, with a big ol' sign and
throw candy at people screaming your name
and dance to Michael Jackson?
See-I told you it was super fun!! This is me, my mom and my little sis. Don't we all look sassy?

This pic is for my dad. This jeep is his baby. He wanted to make sure that we got a pic of it. Plus, the system that he rigged up to hold the sign up was the bomb. I wanted all of you to see it! Don't you feel lucky?

We went to some local fireworks. We go early and play games and eat a lot of food and visit. It is something that the girls look forward to every year!

I loved this pic. I wish that all of the lighting in my pic could be this awesome.
Does that mean that I would be Awesome-all the time?
Just checkin. :)
Hope your Fourth was a BLAST!!
PS-I redid my bedroom. Pics to come soon!!!


Tricia said...

Taush, I love the chaperone on your girls float. Could she be more bored with it all? Love it! It was fun seeing you in the parade!

Bonnie the Boss said...

The girls looked so cute, and you guys did a great job! Thanks again, we had a great 4th!

Megan said...

Yep - that was totally my family screaming at you guys in the parade. Gotta love Cherry Days! Your girls looked super cute on the float, by the way.

Chelsie said...

the girls looked so cute in the parade, well and of course you guys did as well. Thanks for saving some candy for your own family! tear!! haha, just kidding. see you tomorrow!