Thursday, December 6, 2007


Hey-this post is for Naoko. We are hoping that you will come back and see this. My family was so excited when I told them that i heard from you. We wanted to leave a message for you, but i can't because everything is in Japanese. So-if you read this-please leave us your email address or another way to communicate with you in your post. We hope that you are doing great! If you want go and check out my brother Brandon's blog-i have a link to the right. Hope to talk to you soon!


Naoko said...

HI! I'm so excited you left me a message!!!
Please send me an e-mail to
That's my address.(Actually, I have another one, but I'm using it on the internet. So I'll send you back by my private address.)

I read Brandon's blog, too. So many pictures reminds me of special days at UTAH!

I also made a blog in English.
I'll take pictures and put them on my blog soon!
I hope to hear from you!!!