Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Catching up!

Lets see! Where should i start?
I don't have any pictures to prove this-but maybe next post. I got eyelash extensions last night and I love them. I want all to know how fabulous they are. I know, it sounds like I am vain-but it truly saves me a lot of time! Honest! Plus-Peoople say they make me look thinner and my Hair look fabulous. All i want to know is where have these things been all my life
Shawni, my Mom, My cousin Jen and anything other person that keeps staring at me ,have all jumped on the bandwagon- I know i have totally piqued your curiosity and you want to see what they look like-right?
Sorry-no pics of my eyes-but maybe next time. I know that you are just counting the minutes. It's alright to be excited- I wont tell anyone.

Fun Family Pics

Great Grammy and the girls.
We all went up to Mom and Dads for Dads birthday. The girls just love Great Grammy Toyn! She is so good to them and we are so lucky to have her!

Coop and 3

This would have been a super cute picture-to bad!

It's still fun to look at! (and make fun of)

Scotty and Shawni

Mom and Hailey-Happy to be here. Always!
This picture is super cute-i must have said somthing hillarious!

8 loves to be a little mom to Cooper. She loves Chelsie too.
The best shot of the whole night! i think that he was sad that BYU lost! Or sad that i was leaving, one of two. He did not make a funny face-i just happened to catch a beautiful shot!

The Toyns, Hoyts, and Fronks-in a nut shell. Maybe something more
exciting will happen tomorrow.


Chelsie said...

Ha isn't Brandon a babe. I love it. I'm excited to see your fab photo skills in showing off your luscious lashes! They do look great on all of you guys! And I don't think it's the eyelashes, I think you are thinner! You're wasting away, Jen ease up on her a bit alright. :-) I love your girls too! But I think they might love my son a tad more...he always can make him laugh I love that. I think I need some new jeans..ha what do you think? (Sadly I'm wearing the same pair right not...they're just so dang comfy!)

Lori said...

Love the lashes! Who knew you had it in you...
And BYU lost - so sad. NOT! So does your mom have a blog or what?