Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Fun

I decided that i should not hate to blog so much because it is really killing 2 birds with one stone. You all get to see what is happening in my life and one day-i might print it and it will count as a journal-right?

Anyway-we have had some fun christmas activities so far. We made a gingerbread house (out of a kit). That was fun. It was messy-the candy was grose, so the kids didn't eat it-that was good-well for a minute anyway. Graci stuck her finger in the fake aerosol snow and licked it. She assured me it was good-i will take her word for it!

We also were able to participate in a live nativity last week. It was pretty cool.(literally) The girls loved it. They had a donkey, a lamb, bunnies and a chicken. They were the 3 shepards- i think that they looked like little russians-but they were warm at least. They loved it and we were thrilled to be able to participate in such a fun new traditon.

My little russian shepardsOne last thing. I was
able to attend a party tonight with some friends that i went to elementary, jr high and high school. What fun we had! We laughed and laughed. How grateful i am to have such good friends that last a lifetime. So humor me and look at my pics with my life long friends.Heidi Manning, Shantel Bingham, Kami Greenhalgh

Shantel, Me, Kami. I was in 2 pics, one with normal height people. (as you will see in the next pic-me and little people. Not good for the self esteem.

Me, Stacey Dixon, Kaelyn


Chelsie said...

Those pics are all so cute! i am very impressed with your gingerbread houses! we should do that for family night and have a contest!