Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Countdown and a novel idea!

These were some of my favorite tags. I tried to make some 3 dimensional. I made them out of everything that I had. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would.My calender needed a witch. She was suepr easy to whip up! Easier than I thought. See her cute hair? I picked up that yarn at the dollar store. I thought that it would be perfect for halloween projects! So worth a dollar! Everyone is making rag garlands-so I made a ribbon garland. It just drapes at the bottom over the plate rack. I also had a bunch of tounge depressers just hanging around. Not too sure what I bought them for, but I know that they were a thrift store purchase.

This whole project was super easy and super cheap! It only cost me a DOLLAR! yep, I got the cookie sheet at the thrift store, and everything else I had.

I am so making a christmas one. I think that they will be great christmas presents!

I thought about making them and selling them, but I don't know if any one would want them.

What do you think?

They would make great neighbor gifts-if you really like them. They are kind of a lot of work! :)

I thought that this was the cutest Advent calender that Emily, at Bunch of scraps, made was just to cute not to copy! go look at hers-so cute!

I had to add-the witch and the little halloween sign is stuck on the cookie sheet with magnets! Slick! Plus, it will be a super easy way to store all the peices until next year! I just made a fabric packet and glued it to the back.

I also loved the paperback pumpkins. I just had to put a Tausha spin on it!

I had to make them a little cutsey. My trademark!

I found these at Meg's at Megs Musings. (I even stole her title :)

Great Idea and super easy! Takes a little time, but worth it.

Just fold the pages-just got to watch what you are doing so they are even. I got two books-one that was about 400 pages and another that was 1050-the 1050 one made a perfectly round cirlce, the other one, close but not quite.

they are both super cute, I am just a little fonder of the fat one. What can I say, I like fat things!

These got me thinking. I think that I will make a turkey out of them as well. Just wont fold in a circle. Just keep the back flat. I will post these when I get them firgured out!

I also thought that maybe I could try a santa.

I am getting a little ahead of myself-such ambition for a girl with a headache.

Hope you like my little projects. Please copy-espescially if you have kids. My girls loved it all, espescially the pumpkins. They were amazed that they turned into pumpkins!

I am going to copy another fellow blogger hopefully tomorrow.

I will give you a clue-ritz and capri sun boxes, homemade salt dough!

Wish me luck!

Great MONDAY to you all!

PS-I just stumbled across such a fantastic blog this morning! I am sure that there are some of you who already know who this is and call her friend-but she is fantastic! She isnspired me and I am so glad that I found her! So-go and check her out. Read some of her past posts-she makes you want to be a better person! Serendipity


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Very cute...everything is superb. cherry

Christina said...

Your cookie tin calendar is some serious cuteness. Love it.

I love the Tausha spin you put on the pumpkins. And I'm going to try doing something like your olive "eye" tacos.

Hope you are feeling better!

Carrie said...

I love it I want to make one but I just haven't had time. Super cute I can't wait to see the Christmas one!

Rae said...

Love, love, love your countdown!!! I'm making one after Halloween when the stickers and what not are on sale. We have a super saturday in November and can bring our own project to work on. Guess what I"m bringing?!?!

Love the pumpkin book and my daughter does too. She's sitting here asking if we can make one!

AJ said...

Love what you did Tausha! My BFF made me a Christmas countdown last year. My girls love it!

Darlene said...

Hi Tausha,

That turned out SOOOOO STINKIN' CUTE!!! Great idea and I think people would LOVE them!!!

Cute book pumpkins the Tausha spin!!!

I can't believe your head is still definitely need to get over that!!!

Chris said...

I LOVE that advent calendar. What a great idea--and so festive looking! If I had ANY patience at all, I would do 12 of those book ghosts. They are adorable.

Kelley said...

That is such an AWESOME idea! My kids would love a countdown. I would totally buy one cause I am not as craft as you. I really need one for Christmas.

Meg said...

The countdown callendar looks great. It would be funny if you made a halloween COUNTdown with a vampire. My blog is "Meg's Musings" though. Christina and Vic have the "As Time Goes By". I can't take the credit for their blog even though it would be nice ;)
I did make pumpkins though. Their on my blog. Your pumpkins look great with the cute spin you put on them! I can't wait to see if you make a Christmas countdown.

Rambling Girl said...

Cool Tausha....Love the calendar! Just so many neat ideas from so many wonderful bloggers.

I tried the paperback book punkins but could not figure why it would not do right...and now I see...I must have missed the part about folding each page...gotta go back retry that one...

Later in the week I will answer your question so keep an eye out...I will also let you know when to come a hunting over on my side of the place.

Hope the headache is better!

yep I am ready to see some christmas many neat things I would have never thought of since I came around here...

Cameo said...

That is the cutest little countdown calendar. I bet your kids LOVE it. Mine would. I may have to put that on my to do list..

Anonymous said...

Oh now how cute is that calendar!!! I love it.

And the books - what a wonderful idea. I saw them on another blog last week and thought they were genious!

Thanks for the suggestion about turning my gourds into creepy critters - sounds very fun and very easy!

Inspired Kara said...

I can add advent calendar to my list :)

Lori said...

Look at all that eye candy! I have to say that I have made one of those advent calendars for Christmas for a gift - yes, you should make them! Those book pumpkins are cute, I have seen those somewhere before also. And where did you find the time to fold a 1050 page book??? Hope you feel better soon... I still have something to send to you but you won't give out your address! Gimme!

Crazycozartclan said...

Way CUTE! I love the paperback pumpkins too! When are we going to get together? We could do fun crafts and "stuff"

Melissa said...

SO CUTE! I'm loving the advent calendar! I saw a Christmas one like that on another blog - it was so fun :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love how the advent calendar worked out! SO cute! I think a Christmas one would also be fun!

Nicole said...

Your countdown calendar is darling, I love it. I bet your kiddos love it too. Guess where I went on Friday??? To Taiwan imports. Your were right, it's the best. I think I have a new favorite store now. I couldn't believe that whole room just full of ribbon. It's a good thing I don't live to close to it or I would be there all the time. Thanks so much for letting me know all about it. We still need to meet someday though!

Debra said...

Oh lady YOU ROCK!!!!! I am so copying these ideas!!!

Head over to my blog to see the cabinet I got at a garage sale and finished. You have TOTALLY inspired me. Seriously I would have NEVER tried this kind of stuff without reading your blog!! I was STRESSING the entire time, but it turned out FAB-U-LOUS!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh what eye candy you served up today!!! Thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

Fabulous ideas! Love love love them!

Debra said...

Hey Tausha.. thanks for YOUR words. I am glad I could help ya. I am sorry about the headaches :-(

So I have everything out for my calendar... I even found 2 old cookie pans like yours that I had put in my garage sale pile! YEAH! I think I am going to wait on the Halloween one - it is almost here and I can get really fun goodies for next to nothing after Halloween for next yrs countdown.

So I am getting started on the Christmas one! LMK when you have yours done. I am quite nervous to do this. Serious perfectionist. I HATE messing things up and I always think I WILL. So I will TRY to piece it together and before I attach it all. Can I email you a pic to see if you think it is ok? (Can you tell I loack confidence in my crafting abilities?! LOL)

kathy said...

SO cute - you have been so busy -
i love these cuties - Kathy - ga

Holly said...

You are my new best friend. You have given me the most magnetic (lol) idea for teacher gifts.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!

Emilie Nichole said...

Good job and you finished it faster than me WITH a headache!

The Berry's Patch said...

Cute Halloween crafts! I love the paperback pumpkins and think the turkey would be adorable. :-)

Alison Wonderland said...


Shannon said...

Cute projects!! I love the little witch and mini garland!

Marie said...

A DOLLAR? No way! I love what you did. Very original and CUTE!!

Jessica G. said...

You have *got* to put me on your Christmas list...I love the Halloween countdown! Great idea!

meg duerksen said...

this is a very cute idea!
i barely pull off halloween the day before let alone get a countdown made! :) maybe this would help.

thanks for all your sweet comments you leave at my blog. i can tell you a happy person. :)