Tuesday, October 28, 2008


(our monster menu for the party-made out of crappy wood and vinyl stickers. Very Spoooky!)

*warning, lots of pics*

(Jen, if you are reading this, don't go to the very end of the post, if will spoil some of the surprise)

I know that I have been absent.

My husband grounded me from the computer.

He was conviced that blogging was causing my headache/

Not so, still have a headache.

The only thing that this did, make me miss my blogging friends and not help with headache.

Good idea huh?

Headache count is up to 31 days.

If anyone out there has any great ideas, PLEASE share.

I am way past desperate. I will try anything!

I have tried Imitrex, narcotics, all the regular stuff.

I have had an MRI and all x-rays-all normal!

I am trying to get into an Neurologist. No such luck yet. The soonest appt. was February! My Dr. is working on getting me into another one.

Honestly, I am really hoping that it will go away as quick as it came.

So, if any of you have any help to offer, any ideas, anything.
*edited to add****
A friend suggested going to the eye dr. The pain is located in the Occipital lobe-which happens to control vision. I never even thought of this. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. Experience, your husabnd is an eye Dr, or brother in law or neighbor. And if you do happen to have a relative in the vision field, I know that you want to contact them and ask for a total stranger!!! Thanks!

I would be grateful. More than you know!!

Since I have been away for so long, I have lots of pics to show.

Bear with me, my blog is for "documenting our history" purposes.

Also, my MIL really likes to see pics of my kids.

Go figure. She doesn't want to see pics of all the things I dream up and how cute I think my house is?

Imagine that.

My parents had the girls and Coop (my nephew) over a couple weeks ago for a pumpkin sleepover. They went and picked out pumpkins and our local pumpkin store. Made witch Puddles. (they were white chocolate puddes, pretzel sticks and bugles covered in chocolate. They were super cute and all eaten before the camera was even out.

This pic is for you Chels, I know that you have not see in yet. I thougt that it was super cute! I have 3 more on the camera. Let me know if you want me to email them to you.
8 & 6, cute little rugrats aren't they?My girls love to go hiking with Grandma and Grandpa. They hiked up above my parents house.They just recently covered the water tower up there with dirt. So, when you stand on top of the water tower, it literally looks like you are on top of the world.

My little hams. Bet you can't tell that they love to have their pics taken.

We had our annual halloween party at my parents last night. As usual, she went way above and beyond and we all had a great time! This year was extra fun, we had a magician. My kids were mesmorized. He was excellent.

4 was a witch, 8 a clown and 6 was a china girl. I didn't have any Halloween makeup, so I painted their faces with acrylic paint. This was actually a fantastic idea! Guess I am smarter than I think :) You know how halloween makeup gets everywhere if you touch it? Well 6'c costume was a genuine silk kimono from China. I really had no desire to dry clean it, so I threatened her. If she got it dirty, all of her halloween candy was mine!

Well, turns out, the paint dryed and didn't go anywhere.(except during the apple bobbing) So, if any of you hate halloween makeup as much as me, use your acrylic paint watered down, and a sponge brush. It is super fast, dries quickly, doesn't get everywhere and comes off with a soap and water. No one screamed when makeup came off! Don't worry. it's safe to use on skin.

This is 4 bobbing for apples.

This is my little witch. If only she was this pleasant all the time!( I think that sometimes she has horns and a pointed tail.)
This was all of us. Unfornuately, this whole headache crap has done nothing for weight loss. I guess laying around for a month will do that. Another lovely side effect.

Finally, I am doing a swap with a fellow blogger. I made myself create on saturday. I didn't want to look like a slacker. This is what I same up with. Each took about 5 mins. Have I told anyone lately how much I love my Cricut? (Deb, if you are reading this, will you remind me of the site that I go to for all the fonts?)

This is the "feather bird" sign. I got the little sign from the dollar store. Then I just crafted it up.

Thanks for being so patient with all my pics. Also, for any advice on the whole headache. You guys are great!!!


Julie said...

my hubby has them all the time. He takes excedrin and coke. He has them all the time...but other times are worse than others. Hugs, what beautiful pics and love your creative ideas.

Darlene said...

Oh girl, I can't even imagine having a headache for that long....I am so sorry. I have no help though mine are "cycle" related and I slap a (prescription hormone) patch on and after a couple of days they usually let up some or I feel much better.

Cute, cute costumes, children and crafts!!!!

Carrie said...

I had a for about three weeks one time it was awful. What great funny loved all the pictures.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

The pics are so much fun! Looks like a blast! I am so sorry that you still have your headache, I have no solutions. I just feel bad for you!

You asked for tips on covering a large lampshade...it isn't any harder than a small one, except you have to GO SLOW with it and make sure you smooth it out as you go. Then use the glue gun to seal it all up, and again, go slow. I had to rip off my first attempt because I was rushing too much. :)

Crazycozartclan said...

I'm glad you're back. Sorry about the headache! Okay... that picture of the bobbing for apples looks like the poster picture for childhood drownings! You're kids looked great for halloween! I'll call you later. Talk to you soon!

Jessica G. said...

Couldn't see any pics so I'll come back and try again when my computer is behaving.

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Could you possibly need glasses? That is one of the things that causes my headaches! Try going to the eye doctor, you never know!

The other things that give me headaches:

- Allergies, sinus infections
- too much or too little caffeine. I have to have at least a coffee in the AM otherwise I'll have a blinding headache by dinner and by then it's too late to drink anything.

Megan said...

So busy! That picture of Coop is to die for! We have the cutest nephew ever!

Sandy Toes said...

Just lately, I have had terrible migranes and it's what I eat that night..chocolate and spaghetti sauce or tomatoe...I am talking on the couch...feeling stick to my stomach, can't handle lights..have you looked at your food and when you get them??

I love the bobbing for apples pictures so cute!
-sandy toes

Alyssa said...

ok this is totally random... I am Caramie (matt's wifes) sister.

I love looking at your blog and all of your fun crafty ideas. You are so creative and cute.

Anyway, about your headache.. Try the chiropractor. A lot of people think they are quacks but he cured my oldest from needing tubes in his ears. My youngest broke his ankle and by the time we figured out thats what was causing the pain it was too late to cast it. I took him to the chiropractor and he worked his magic. He never complained about it since. I was starting to get really bad headaches and went and had him pop my neck. Haven't had one since.

I know you are probably wondering who in the world I am. My blog is private but I'd love to send you an invite if you want. my email is braeggermama@gmail.com

Again, sorry for the randomness but geez! I headache for 31 day. YUCK!!!

Julie said...

I can't believe you still have your headaches. Maybe the eye dr is something to look into. when I used to get mine that lasted weeks there wasnt anything I could do. I had the girls downsized and now I don't have them anymore:) My husband is sad but I feel better LOL I loved everyones costumes they look so cute.

Chelsie said...

good luck tomorrow at the eye dr...let me know how it goes...i really hope...since glaucoma runs in the family...that you've finally found your answer...and will know how to treat it. that pic of my coop is SO cute! i do want them emailed to me...oh how i love his 'strong' face. also, i don't have a problem putting all our pics on a cd...however, neither of us know how....do you want me to bring it to sunday dinner not this week but next and kal can do it or whatever?

toYn fAmiLy said...

funny you ask abouts Had's hair. it is so very thin.But ya we stack it in the back and a-line it slightly, but her hair looks awful in those pictures! we actually cut 2 inches off the next day! Thanks for the comment on the invites they were a fast and simple thing... i wish i were as creative and crafty as you!

mrs. r said...

what cute girls!

here is the address we talked about. she will love all those jeans i am sure!

Jennifer Brown
329 Rodney Drive
Rexburg, ID 83440

much love,

mrs. r

Lori said...

Totally the eye doctor. Bad eyes run in the family!
Glad you made it back. I'm jealous of the cricut! Do I need one? Where are you getting all your vinyl?

Shannon said...

I am so sorry about your headache. I am a sufferer as well but never for that long. I think I would cry. I had one for a few days and my husband finally insisted that I let him rub my back and he got rid of a really nasty knot in my neck. No more headache. I couldn't believe it. Have you tried massage?
I hope you find something that works ASAP!

Love all of the photos. Looks like there has been a lot of fall fun!

Nicole said...

I am so sorry about your headaches, it sounds awful. My husband gets a lot migrains, his brother is a doctor and said a lof of people get them this time of year because of alergies, so he prescribed a allergie medicine, I don't know, just a thought! I love your cute crafts especially the coffin. I want a cricut machine soooooooo bad!!!

Tonya said...

I am so sorry you are still having headaches. Please let me know if I can do anything at all. I know they sent around a sheet for meals but I never saw it so I assumed it got filled before it got to me, but please call me if you need anything.

Debra said...

Girl... You HAVE to go to a chiro and do what he says, even if it is 3 times a week. i used to live with daily headaches. Then I started working for a chiro and learned all about our spine and what normal living does to the nerves. That is EXASCTLY where I would get my headaches too... right in my eye area and behind.

Seriously... try it!!! If you want some help finding a GOOD chiro, lmk because I live where CHiro was founded and a lot of the DS Palmer students from Utah can help direct you!

AJ said...

Wow! And I complain when I have a "regular" headache! I suggest getting tested for allergies: food and seasonal! Hope it is on it's way out! Glad you are back:)

Amy said...

I'm a big fan of pics. Keep 'em comin' its the best way to blog:) Looks like a great party.