Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look what came in out mailbox!!!

Santa sent us letters!! Not just any one liner letters-special just for them letters!
The postmark was even from the NORTH POLE!
My girls were more than thrilled.

6 was thrilled!

8 was overjoyed as well!.(sorr the pic was a little blurry)

Look at 4-do you think that she was excited?

Cool-A north pole postmark! Authentic-REAL BABY!

This was picture was taken before they opened the letters. Can you tell how excited they are! Look-they are gritting their teeth-thinking

I am working on another client right now. We get to do two girls bedrooms! We shopped today and hit the jack pot!! It was a blast! It is always so much fun to decorate girls rooms!!
So-I am crafting a bit to make their rooms extra special.
These are some bulletin boards that I did tonight.
The girls are so excited-I had to give them a little somethin-somethin!!!


Anonymous said...

HOW cute are they?????? cheezin LIKE CRAZY!!!!!
cute cute tausha!!!!

cute B. Boards too----your so good!!!

beth at aunties said...

Santa must love those princesses!
You are a good mom!
The bullentin boards turned out darling!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Fun pics with the santa cards...

I love santa time of year.. when The Ladies get cranky I tell them I'm calling Santa...

I know.. bad mom.

Megan said...

Umm gee. I don't know if I can tell that they were excited! LOL. WHere did you get a stamp like that? I will need one for the future. So awesome.

Bonnie the Boss said...

The boards turned out great! Your youngests face when she saw that letter and you told her what it was. I'll never forge it! Priceless!

Crazycozartclan said...

Santa's doing extra duties this year! My sister put her mail in the mailbox and her kids got back letters from the big man too! No stamps needed! Sheesh... he's one busy guy these days.

Lori said...

How fun, we signed Ellie up to get one too. Not that she will know but you know, it will be good scrapbook material! Can't wait to see the bedrooms, maybe I can get some ideas!

Blarney said...

Great smiles! Please post the girls room makeovers ... my daughter wants one bad but can't seem to come up with what she wants exactly. 8 going on 16.

AJ said...

How exciting:) Love the postmark!!

Jessica G. said...

Love that they still get excited about Santa. I get excited about him, too, but only because I get to use him as a threat all month long. "Don't do that again or I'll tell Santa..."

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

We just GOT our Santa letters today too! Did yours come with ooooodles of glitter in the envelope?

Those boards are awesome too!