Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And The Winner Is.....

Well-the pageant went well.
The girls had a lot of fun.
They made new friends, smiled A LOT and won crowns!

Yep-they all won!
I am so not bragging-I promise.
5 and 9 both won princess and 7 won Queen.
They have royalty in all 3 age groups so, they called 5 out first.
Then 7 and 9 was last.
I prayed before the pageant started that they would all win a crown or all lose.
I so didn't want to have to go through 2 won a crown and the other didn't.
Luckily-they all did great and got crowns!
Yes-I was relieved and one proud mama!
They all loved it!
This is the whole crew with my little sis. She took care of all of them backstage. They wouldn't let any moms back there-so it was all her-through 3 clothes
changes each! Yep-I owe her big time!!

9-can you tell that she was happy!
5 was more excited about the candy than anything else. I had to keep telling her not to throw the sash on the groud. She still has to wear it and I didn't think that footprints across it would look that cute!

7-she was such a gracious winner. Look at all of their super cute skirts! Yep=my MIL is the bomb!!

A quick little before and after. Sorry-the pics are backwards. I had this sofa table that my grandpa made for me a few years ago. The knobs were broken off and it wasn't really that exciting of a color.
I needed a punch of color in my drab family room. The walls are a rust color and the only light come from a sliding glass door. I added the knobs. They were 95 cents at Lowes. I sprayed they antique white-they were ugly brass color.
I love how much it brighten up the room.
Not so drab!

Ok-now I HAVE TO CLEAN my Crap Room!
Really-it's supposed to be craft-but there is so much CRAP in there-it's the other way around!
Wish me luck!


Julie said...

Wow Congratulations to the girls! what a great job they did. and I love the table looks great.
have a great day

Megan said...

Your girls are so cute. So are they going to be in the parade?! I will SOO be cheering for them ;)

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Congrats to those girls of yours! They are absolutely beautiful ...and even though I don't know them personally I KNOW that they are just as beautiful inside as out! You are such a sweet mom, too!


p.s. LOVE the cute little table redo...great job!

Chelsie said...

ah they were so cute. and hannah was so sweet clapping and truly happy for everyone else who won before her! love the table, it's fabulous.