Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am going on VACATON!!!!

Wish you were all coming!!


so we could all play together! In LAKE POWELL

Picture me doing the happy dance.
Maybe you shouldn't do that.
Either way-I am off to soak up the sun, read some good books and eat, drink diet coke and be merry!!
Wish me no sunburns and only tan thoughts!!
See you next tuesday!!



Bonnie the Boss said...

Have fun!

Cody and Pyper said...

Oh good ol Pegesus! Have fun in Lake Powell :)

Lori said...

Jealous! Have fun!

Chelsie said...

haha, i love that you have a pic of the pegasus on there! hope you guys are having fun and keeping my hubs in line! love ya and miss you guys

Nancy Moyle said...

Ah, is it really vacation if you take all of your children with you?! I guess it is, at least a change of scenery...and what beautiful scenery it will be! And the girls are getting older so you can relax a bit more! Enjoy!