Monday, August 24, 2009

BacK tO ScHooL!!

YES!! School is Back in Session!!
I am one excited mamma!!
I even went to breakfast with friends to celebrate!!
The real celebration will start next Monday when 5 goes to Kindergarten!!
This is what she looked like when the girls left for school!!

The girls are the Zoo Family!! Don't they all look super cute?

Here is 7. Would you look at her outift? The big red and black plaid-It was killing me shopping for the girls this year. All 80's all the way!! I had a shirt like this plaid when I was little. One thing I refuse(maybe refuse is too strong of a word) to let them wear stirup pants!!!

Here is 9 looking way too grown up for her own good!! She is in 4th this year, and I am starting to feel old!! (check out the belt-silver and braided-oh yEA!!)

They were so excited for school. Not as much as their mom, but still pretty excited!!


Megan said...

Stirrup pants! EWW! I am with you on that one. I like the leggins under things though. And at least it isn't a fluorescent shirt ten sizes too big with a knot on the side by your hip. LOL. They do look super cute though. Is it too early to long for the days when my kids are in school?! ;)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Super cute!!!! yay for school!!!!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I am LOVING all the plaid in that picture!!!!

Chelsie said...

ah so stinkin cute. i heart my little nieces!! and just a few more days until graci goes back too!!! wahoo for school

Tinabean said...

You have the cutest girls!
I hope they had a great day at school.
Bonnie's kids are so cute to!

Nancy Moyle said...

So darling...I can't believe they are getting so big!