Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dollar store Delights

I know, I know, it's waaayy to early to thinking about Halloween.
But when the dollar store has all kinds of ghoully goodies, whats a girl supposed to?
I couldn't help but think spooky thoughts.

See these little gems?
They were a dollar.
Hence-purchasing at the dollar store.
I love me some glitter, is a holiday ever really complete without glitter?
I don't think so.
So, walk don't run to your nearest Dollar Tree-they only had 2 left at mine.
They come in black, silver and white.

You can thank me later by sending me lavish gifts and lots of comments!!


Chris said...

Yup. It's confirmed. We're using the same brain. I picked up two black ones today. Weird! Love them!

Jen said...

Can't wait for Halloween! It's my favorite holiday! Cute stuff~ definately heading to the $ tree to snatch some up, thanks for the tip!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I have had to restrain myself the last 2 times I have gone to the $ store. I didn't buy all the halloween stuff I wanted, but it took a lot of willpower. I can't wait to see what you do with them, I am sure it will be fantastic!

Christina said...

Creepy! : ) I think I remember you mentioning your love for Halloween decorating.

I do a little, but mainly just want fall to come so the heat will go away.

Anonymous said...

Oooooooo LUV THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!