Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A must have for every WOMAN!

Ok-I know that I should be doing my kitchen redo right now and not blogging.

Well-the redesigning stars were not aligned and I didn't get to do it.

My husband thinks that it is not a good season to paint the kitchen.

Whatever.... I could paint the drawers and cupboard fronts in the snow-I would just wear a hat!
Needless to say-I have to wait until at least 50 degrees to redo

He thinks it is a much more practical time.

Ok, whatever....

So, instead of painting I have been steaming.
With this baby!

What is it?

A shark portable steam mop!

OH my gosh! It is so freakin awesome!

It can clean everything, heck, I am pretty sure this thing could cook dinner.

I have done my blinds (which were so gross-I even hate to admit it that)

Slick! 20 MINS and I didn't even have to take them down.

It got out fingernail polish that has been on the bottom of my tub since we have moved in

(over 4 years ago-I tried everything to get that off-everything!!)

It gets out candle wax-off carpet and walls (my mom learned this one)

It also will clean and steam your curtains while they are still hanging.

Plus-My kids are fighting over who gets to use it.

(it is not intended for children to use at all, but I can use it and they wipe the muck up off the baseboards. They are even excited about that!!)

So, if you can afford it, take your Christmas money or money that all moms should get paid for putting up with children during Christmas break, and go and buy yourself one!

You will not be disappointed~ they are only $79 bucks at wal-mart!

I think that the company should send me a free one for all of the publicity I am giving them.

I am going to send them an email! :)

I'm off to dream of clean, sanitized things!


Lemon Annie said...

I've always wondered if those things work! I will have to try it out!

Megan said...

Oh I am coveting one of those. Just to clean my blinds alone! I will add that onto my ever growing list of things I want. lol. One day....

Jillybean said...

My nine year old son wanted one of these for Christmas but Santa brought him a Knex set instead.
Maybe we can get him one for his birthday........