Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend Christmas Fun

So- I thought I would share some pics.
You know, since I have been such a big, fat, slacker in that department.
We had Breakfast with Santa this past weekend.
We ate food, took some pics and watched in SNOW SNOW SNOW!!
We got pounded with the white stuff this past weekend.
I love it!!! My husband did not love the many times he had to go outside and snow blow, but whatever!
This pic-the fam DECEMBER 2009
My girlies, yea, they look a little much for the picture, but that is how my girlies are.

This is my mom and I. We had to take a new pic for the Sassy Style blog. Since, we are going to be on TV and become all sorts of famous and stuff (so kidding) Can you tell that we are related? No really, can you tell?

Here is 7-
And 5....

And finally....9 almost 10, going on 17. Lets just say her Dad is handling this whole growing up thing like a pro! :)
(he is SOOOOO not! And, let me remind you-we have 3 girls)
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Megan said...

Ross and Kal can have a pitty party together. Ross keeps whining about the fact that he is going to have a girl in Primary in a few weeks. Really?! Can you imagine what I am going to have to listen to when she starts dating?! lol. Your girls sure are cute. Good luck with your cameo coming up soon!