Thursday, August 28, 2008

Desk Redo and other stuff

Lucky you! 2 posts in one day!

I finally got the turquoise desk done~and while I was at it-I cleaned 4's room.
I didn't really have a choice.
You know when your kids rooms get to the point where you want to gag?
Yea, well that is where it was it.
When we moved into this house(over a year ago)
I didn't know where to put some stuff, so I shoved it in her closet.
It wasn't her closet at the time though.
the point is, I never cleaned it out until now.
Yep, pathetic I know.
I got 4 garbage bags of crap-clothes, toys, dress up-you name it, I shoved it in a sack.
Good thing-garage sale on saturday.
I figure since I have had to clean out every single closet in our house, and all the girls rooms-I should get about 20 bucks to go thriftin~
Imagine the possiblilties with 20 bucks!

Ok-Ok on to the redo.

Here is what it looked like before:

Cute huh? It was $3.

So-here it is.
In all it's glory
Apple green spray paint
I think I love you!
I have always used cheap spray paint
You know the 99 cents stuff.
Well-they don't make Apple Green in cheap
So-I branched out.
What a difference a couple bucks make.
I know many of you already know this-I am just a little slow.
Here are the rest of the pics from her room
I made the garland, I found the butterflies for 50 cents-spray them apple and brown.
Sprayed the garage sale shelf with the apple as well
I told you I loved it!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Very that color. U go girl with the cleaning...I sooo need to do that. cherry

Bonnie the Boss said...

So dang cute and the flowers look great so does the butterflies! Love the paint color. i need to paint one of my crates that color!

Melissa said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!! I'm loving that apple green! I have a chair and table in Baby Girl's room that need to be painted... perhaps I'll go with that color!

JenG said...

LOVE it... too CUTE!

the ware's said...

So cute! Haylee is looking at your blog with me, and wants to know if she can move into Graci's room?! Oh boy! Look what you have started! I guess I'm goin' to Wally's for the apple paint!

Blarney said...

Just lovely!

Nicole said...

That room is darling. I love the desk, your are so good with colors. Ok, for now on I'm totally buying the cheap spray paint. I love your daughters bedding it looks so pretty and feminine. So remember you told me about that store in Salt Lake that you have to have a buisness license to shop at? Well my parents have a buisness, would they be able to shop there or does it have to be like a special kind of license? I am clueless about this type of stuff. So if my parents can't get me in there then I am totally going to bug you!

Tandi said...

way cute! your so creative! I'm still laughing by the way at the
80's comment you said about gary's truck today at school!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Oh goodness, LOVE that little desk painted apple green! So very cute!!

~ Sarah

a day in the life of bella said...

I love that desk, it's just so adorable!!! I love that color! I have been dabbling with Ivy Green lately and want to branch out with some Aqua soon :)

Have a great weekend,

Screaming Meme said...

I love the redo...i'm teaching a faux class over on my blog...Screaming Meme's Faux School...I'd love to have you join...And I love the picture of you...Your hair is awesome...Your gorgeous,honey!!!

aunties said...

You are sweet to leave a comment on my blog. When I saw the delicious color you painted the table and cute accents in your daughters room, it reminded me of the chest my own daughter just painted to be used for her new craft room. ck it our at Your daughters room really is a princess looking room. It is darling! New friends are wonderful to have in blogland!
Hugs, Beth

Joy said...

That apple green looks terrific on the desk and shelf! Last time I bought paint I was tempted to buy some, but I told myself that I first had to have a project in mind. (I'm trying to reform my paint stasher ways).
Those cute butterflies are like the ones that my daughter had when she was younger. We painted hers purple.
Your daughters room looks absolutely darling.
The picture was worth the wait. And speaking of pictures, I like the one of you in your profile. You do look like a sassy stylist!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

So So So cute! I just love the re-do. The color is perfect and the shape is great for a little girl's room! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Jessica G. said...

I love how you see the possibilities in an old, discarded piece of furniture! So cute!

Deb said...

Wow Tausha, that desk turned out so cute. I love that Apple Green. I used it on the bulletin board in the girls' room and now I want to use it on something else in there. Love it. And wow, $3, I wish I could find a $3 desk around here.

Lori said...

Cute stuff - I used the same apple green on Ellie's picnic table and after being outside it has totally faded! It's no longer cute! And where in the hell are you finding 99 cent spray paint? I need to invest!

Debra said...

Oh I TOTALLY love that!!!!

Ok.. I just spray painted a wood tray. Do you use primer? Or a clear spray paint when you are done? Mine is still "sticky" a couple hours later. What did I do wrong?

Chelsie said...

i love it! it looks fabulous! that one is more my style...plain and frills about it! love it

Marie said...

My son's room makes me gag DAILY. That desk you repainted is too darned cute!! Perfect color. The whole room is adorable. :o)

Heather said...

Oh my stars that's so CUTE!!

Tiffany said...

SUPER CUTE! I LOVE that green color.

Don't you just think sray pant is the greatest thing ever?

tinabean1988 said...

You did am amazing job again!
It turned out very very cute I bet your daughter just loves it.

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

That is a great color of green! The little desk is very very cute! :)
As for cleaning, that is what this first day of school has been for me, but I was cleaning in...silence, which was blissfully weird!

I love what you have done with your daughter's room~ love the banner and the canopy over the bed...very cute!

Kimba said...

Hey girl! I'd like to link to this post on Saturday if that's ok with you.


Kathryn said...

Love the beautiful "Granny Apple" green! My eleven-and-a-half-almost-twelve-year-old daughter's room is a wreck right now. I am resisting the urge to clean it myself, hoping that she will eventually do it herself. But, I'm not holding my breath. Sigh.

Found your site through Kimba's post today!

Weekend blessings ...

M.L. said...

I can't believe it's the same desk. What a great job you did on it! Isn't Kimba a sweetie to share her space?

M.L. @ the house of whimsy

queenbee said...

I love green it is the most beautiful color, I have it all over my house come over and check it out. I am going yard saleing int the morning wish me luck