Saturday, November 1, 2008

It'a gone, It's GONE!!!!

this picture was way too funny not to post. She said that she was trying to be scary. This was just the perfect pic to show all of you just how happy she was on Halloween Night! So not kidding with this one.

After a quick trip to the E.R-six hours later and I am HEADACHE FREE!!
Yep-you read correctly. Your eyes are not deceiving you.
I am a girl without a HEADACHE!!

I went to the E.R. on Thursday.
My Dad works at the hospital and talked to a Dr in the E.R, told him all about my symptoms.
The Dr said he would do a spinal tap and hopefully get me into the Neurologist sooner than FEBRUARY!!!
So, he examined me first and said that I didn't have any symptoms of excessive spinal fluid and he was probably not going to do spinal.
Now, it's not that I really wanted to have a spinal tap done, I was just out of options.
I went and did a couple more tests, all which were normal. He didn't know what else to do, so a Spinal Tap it was.
He ONLY had to poke me 4 times with a 4in needle, but the 4th time was the charm.
He took out 4 vials of spinal fluid.
I had 6x the normal amount. This is what was causing the pressure in my head.
It was literally minutes after he did the test, the pressure went away. NO HEADACHE!
Yea, my back hurt, but I so didn't care. I was headache free for the first time in over a MONTH!
So I am happy to report that it is gone!!
I have some scientific name, that is really long and I can't remember what it is. Another name for it is a false brain tumor.
Scary huh?
My hubby did all this research on it when we got home. Turns out, this is a pretty serious thing. It can cause blindness and brain damage if the pressure gets to high.
I am going to the neurologist on Monday. Yes, this is the same neurologist that couldn't get me in until February. Guess it just depends if one has a "false Brain Tumor" or not.

I am just so thrilled!!! My headache is gone and I am one happy momma. I don't think that I am as happy as my husband. He was thrilled beyond thrilled!
We were both crying in the room after the test was done. The first thing we did was pray.
We are both so grateful that Heavenly Father answers prayers.
Even though this whole experience was really terrible, it did bring us closer together.
I am one lucky girl.
I am so blessed and so grateful!!

i just wanted you all to know the news.
Thank you so much for all your words of concern and advice~
I am blessed to have friends like all of you!!!

Sure hope that you all have wonderful weekend!
I know that I will!!


~Jen said...

Tausha, I'm crying as I write this. I'm so glad you are ok. What a horrible horrible thing to go through! May Heavenly Father continue to bless you and your sweet family.

all my love....

beth at aunties said...

I have been gone a lot during this month and was reading back posts this week and couldn't believe you had been so ill. I Am SOO glad they were able to find the reason and release that awful pressure. Prayers were answered and now you can be once again be the 'feel good' mom and wife and again. Hooray for you and your family!

jzettel said...

Ohhh I am sooo happy for you. I know how miserable head aches are. My last two pregnancies were nine month migraines. I am so grateful you found a solution and that Heavenly Father answered your prayers. Have a wonderful day. Janis

Rachel said...

Oh I'm so happy for you!! I can't even imagine being in pain like that for so long. So glad there was a Dr. out there who knew what he was doing. And how scary the things that can happen from having to high a level!
Congrats on your new lease on life. We expect to see lots of projects now. :):):):)

Leeann said...

Oh my goodness! That is so scary sounding! I am glad that you are feeling better and I'm curious to see what the neurologist says.
Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

Julie said...

I'm so happy to hear that. Yeah headaches are gone:)

sariqd said...

Tausha - I have tears in my eyes just reading this post. I can just hear the RELIEF in your words of being headache free!!! YAY!!! I am SOOOO happy that the doc went ahead with the spinal tap! And you know what's ironic? Is that typically with taps, you get a headache... go figure! Love you girl!!!

AJ said...

My goodness Tausha! Glad you are all better. That stinks that you had to go through so much to find the answer but thank goodness you know now! I've had a "real" brain tumor and it was not fun! Hope you appt. with the neurologist goes well:)

JenG said...

CUTE kiddos.... I am so glad you FINALLY found out the cause... Now hopfully you can be treated. Oh HAPPY day the headache went away!

Carrie said...

I am so glad you don't have a headache. You hang in there you will be in my prayers.

Emily said...

Wow!! I am so glad to hear you are better. You really are so obviously blessed and watched over.

Jessica G. said...

Oh, I soooo happy for you! FINALLY!!

Hope your symptoms never return. Now, go eat some of your kids' candy to celebrate.

Christina said...

I am so glad that you are headache free and feeling better. Can not imagine how you have dealt w/life over the past month.

Let us know what the neurologist says.

beth at aunties said...

Oh my heck! Your trees are so pretty and look like our maple filled park ways almost:)

Kelley said...

Tausha, I am so dang happy for you. It seems like sometimes you almost have to hang on to the end of your rope sometimes before help comes...But, he never forgets about us :) You are such a strong woman. I am really happy they found out what was wrong. Let us know what the neurologist says.

In Blog-land My Name is Lola.... said...

Tausha!! Yeah!!! Here's hoping that you remain free of excess spinal fluid for good!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

What a relief! I bet you just feel like a new woman! Enjoy your we know you will!

HappyFLMom said...

Wonderful, wonderful news!! The kids look adorable.

Glad you are going to be fine and I look forward to more blog posts when you feel up to it. Miss ya on here!

Heidi Reed

Julie said...

Oh I am so glad to hear that God surely had a hand on you. Wonderful wonderful
Love julie

meg duerksen said...

what a relief! you must feel like a new woman!
Is it called Chiari?
my friend is going through some stuff like this and they diagnosed her with that. sounds similar. it's so painful.

glad you are feeling good!

Angie said...

So glad you found out what was causing the headaches. May the Lord be with you as you see the doctor and find out more.

Megan said...

I am glad you finally foun out what was wrong - that probably feels just as good as having no head ache. I am happy for you. And if I ever need a laugh again, I will come look at that 'scary' picture - she is pretty funny!

Chris said...

I am soooo happy for you!! I can't imagine what you've been going through for all these weeks. When you said spinal tap, I freaked thinking about how badly it must have hurt. On the other hand, it finally made you feel better! Enjoy being headache free!! I'm over the moon for you!

Brooke said...

I am so sorry that this has been going on for so long. I am happy that everything is ok and you are feeling better! We still need to get together!

Crazycozartclan said...

Yea!!!! I am Sooooo glad you feel better. Scary. but good news too. Now just keep it that way.

Chelsie said...

dearest sister....i'm SO SO SO happy that you are feeling better! that was a long time of being in pain! let us know how the dr goes tomorrow...i was reading that sometimes the put a shunt in to drain the spinal give us a call. that picture of graci is hilarious...she cracks me up. today i went to your moms r.s. and she had a family picture up...and one lady thought that hannah was my daughter. :-) her and coop do look alike...i'd take her as mine anyday..sorry so long, i love ya

Amy said...

How wonderful to be headache free. It sounds just like what my best friend has. She gets Sudo tumors (extra fluid) and has to get spinal taps every few years. Its not fun, but totally worth having your life back.

Melissa said...

Hurray for being headache free! That is fantastic news! I hope you get more good news from the neurologist about how to keep it from EVER coming back!
Oh, and the girls costumes are darling :)

Rae said...

Hurray, hurray!!! So happy to hear you are free from pain!!!!!!!!!

Debra said...


I am SOOO happy for you!!!!

Don't you live near Bonnie? What strange illnesses are happening on your street!!!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Congratulations! Pain free for once - what a blessing!