Saturday, November 22, 2008

I am still here-barely:)

Just kidding!!
I just wanted you all to know that I am still here. If any of you still read this.

My father in law is still there. Still sick, but hopefully going to turn the corner soon!
We are praying that he can make it home for Christmas-or at least be stable enough for them to med air him home.
Oh how wonderful it would be, if he was HERE in a hospital.
We have learned a lot, and continue to do so.
I have always believed strongly in the power of prayer. Always.
I can't even describe how I feel about it now.
I don't know any other words to use.
I can just sum it up with-
I am truly blessed!!!

I got bit by the bug.
The christmas bug.
I couldn't handle it anymore.
So before my husband left for Arizona again-I made him drag all the totes up and the 6 large trees, 3 small treas and the larger that life toy soldier!
I was so excited!
So-I turned up the christmas tunes and got to work.
It was kind of hard to be in a christmasy spirit when it's sunny and nice outside.
I am ready for the snow!
I have a winter wonderland in my house, now I just need to be able to see one when I look outside!

I will post pics of all of my chritmas glory in a couple days when I get it ALL done.
I know, I know-it's pathetic when one has so much christmas decor it takes more than one day to put it out! :)

One more thing-I won something!!!
I never win anything-I did last week!
It came when i truly needed a pick me up!
I was so thrilled, I knew I had to share it with you!

She is called the North Pole Secretary.
Santa finally got him a secretary and she is not even an elf. (at least I don't think)
She helps him with his letter writing.
She makes sure all letters are personalized with all kinds of great details about each little boy and girl.
She doesn't even forget the littlest details.
The post mark is North Pole as well.
She is one pretty amazing lady.

Go and look at her site and see what she can offer for you.
I was thrilled!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
I'm off to check etsy and see what I can check off my list!


beth at aunties said...

May Heavenly Father continue to bless your little family and your father in law. There is much power in prayer and FAITH.
Have Jolly Good Weekend!

Rae said...

You're passing the Christmas bug on to me now! Can't wait to see pictures of all your festive decor!! We had snow flurries here today and it's starting to turn cold!!!!

Tonya said...

glad you are feeling better:) Please let me know if I can ever help you. I hope your FIL gets better soon too. It would be a shame to spend Christmas is the hospital.

AJ said...

Glad to hear you are still hanging in there:) Hope fil gets to come home soon! Can't wait to see your decorations. Just thinking of bringing out all the Rubbermaids is overwhelming! I'm going to have to check out that website. Sounds cute!

Jessica G. said...

Made my hubby haul the totes upstairs tonight! We called it our FHE "activity." :)

Shannon said...

Can't wait to see what the Christmas bug has brought about.

Got your email. I am doing a little research on what you asked me about since I have never attempted it before. I will be in touch very soon:)