Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving decor!!!

You know, I have a really fantastic family.

I am truly blessed. Truly. But, my mom takes the cake.

She has done nothing but love and help and support through all of this crappy time.

Not only does she call and check on me every day. Worry if I don't answer the phone. She truly loves as a mom can only love.

She came over today, even though I know that she had better things to do.

She helped me take down all of the Halloween decor and put up the turkeys!

She vacuumed, rearranged, and worried if it was ok.

I love my mom. I love her more than I can ever express.

I am so spoiled to have her. I am sure that we all feel that way.


My Grandma passed away 9 years ago this December.

I loved my Grandma. She came to EVERYTHING us kids ever did!!!

She came every Christmas morning at 6a.m. to watch us kids open, more like devour our Christmas presents!!

She took us everywhere, did everything and loved us more than anything!

My mom, she is just like her.

We miss my Grandma alot. And when these holiday times ago, I have an ache that can't be filled with anything. I have a picture of her laughing and holding me one Christmas morning.

It is my favorite!

My girls adore my mom. She is the perfect Grammy and Mom!!

I am sorry to be so sappy, I have just had one of those emotional days.

You know how we get, right?

I love you Mom, thanks so much for all you do.

I truly don't know what I would do without you!

Everyone-call your Mom, or stop and think of her.

Remember how much you love, and tell her if you can!

Thanks for listening!

Here are some of my Thanksgiving decor pictures!!

I am itching to create. I just got to think of something to make.

Can't wait to see what everyone else does!

So post, so I can copy!!
I don't know if you can see her. My little faith doll is on the little chair! I love her! Every time I see her, I smile. She reminds me that I am not alone and that my Heavenly Father loves me, no matter what!! (My mom bought her for me at a local boutique)
I took this pic so you could all see my favorite picture of the Savior. He is smiling, and every time I look at his picture, I am reminded of His love, support and care. Truly a treasure in my home.
This is Tom. He is the freaking cutest turkey ever!!!! My mom and I made him about 7 years ago. He makes me smile when I see him. I just wanted everyone to love him as much as ME!!

Have a Fantastic day!!!

This is my gratitude girl. I made her about 6 years ago. I love to stich, and I love Pillows. I need to make a christmas one and a Winter one, and I have will have a seasonal pillow for every season! I love to put them up, they make me happy!!!

Look at that cutest FALL swap. And the garland and the Acorn! I know, I am spoiled! I did a swap with a fellow blogger. Why, cause I really like to get to know fellow swappers better! Jen, from Lipstick and Laughter, she so spoiled me, and I was so thrilled. Her box made my day!! She also gave me a wonderful Christmas book, a super cute little RELAX sign and a gingerbread frame, She also made me a super cute acorn magnet! I felt so spoiled! Thanks Jen-I love it all!


HappyFLMom said...

Beautiful, Tausha!

I love what you wrote about your lovely Mom. I hope to be that kind of Mom to my kids young or grown.

Hugs to you girlie!!


Julie said...

Great thanksgiving decor I'm also itching to make a few things I have one posted but can't wait for more I've almost got halloween put away Hubby was home today didn't get anything done:)
Have a great day

JenG said...

I am glad you liked the fall swap items.... I feel the same way about my mom... She lives only 4 minutes away and my back yard backs into her work, so we made a walk through gate in our fence, so I see her all the more often...

ShAwNi AnD sCoTtY said...

Everything looks super cute. I love changing the decor, it just makes ya feel good. I guess we get that from mom. I loved that about grandma, she would love your girls. I miss her too!

Nicole said...

So glad you are feeling better, that headache sounded so awful, I can't imagine having one for so long. Love your Thanksgiving decor. Mom's are the best, I don't know what I would do without mind, she is my best friend.

AJ said...

Your so lucky to have your mom close by! I was very close to my grandma as well. She's been gone for 6 years. Life is just not the same without her!

Chelsie said...

ah marci is pretty great isn't she?! i must say i lucked out with my mother in law. i heart her. the house looks great! I still have yet to take down my halloween...hmmm...

Jessica G. said...

Thanks...now I'm missing my Momma. She'll be here when the baby comes but that's not for another month! Wah!!

After seeing all these pictures, I've determined that I don't have nearly enough Thanksgiving decorations!

Lori said...

Of course we all love your mom! It must be a Workman thing, my mom is like that too. Love the decor and you should talk your parents into coming here for Thanksgiving - they are going to miss out!