Saturday, November 8, 2008


My family and I, we have kind of had a hard time lately.

My headache did go away-for about 36 hours, and then it came back!!!
I am finally on some different meds that seem to be helping and lowering the pressure.
I have a diagnosis-I have high csf fluid, or in lamans terms-spinal fluid.
I have some sort of blockage somewhere that is not allowing my body to get rid of it.
We are really hoping that these meds are going to take care of it, and it's not going to come back.
If it does-they have told me a shunt might be in my future. This would solve the problem, but the idea really scares me.
If you know of anyone who battles this, or someone who knows someone who battles this, let me know. I would love to know what other have done or are doing.
The whole thing kind of freaks me out.

The lame headache update, was not the purpose of this post.
Sorry, I am so sure that you are all sick of me.
I was hoping that I could trouble you to listen to one more thing.

My Father-in-law is in the ICU battling some serious medical problems.
The worst part-he is in the ICU in Tuscon Arizona.
We live in Utah.
My in-laws were on vacation when he was hit with a major pain.
They took him to the Er-admitted him and then put him in the ICU.
My poor Mother-In-Law is there by herself.
We are kind of on call. Just waiting anxiously by the phone.

I would so appreciate it, if you my friends would say an extra prayer for my family.
We are a little nervous, espescially because we are not there.
We have priced flights and my husband is nervous and waiting.
I know that it takes faith to make it through something like this.
We both have a feeling of peace and calmness, I just know that my husband would rather be there than here.
Thanks so much for listening.
I would truly appreciate all your prayers!


Darlene said...

Hi Tausha,

Sorry I haven't visited in a while. I do hope the medicine helps your headache...that is really scary!

I will keep your father-in-law in my heart and prayers that all will be fine.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I just said a prayer for you and your family. Keep us updated! I am sorry you're having such a hard time lately!

AJ said...

Tausha, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. When I had my brain tumor I had to be very careful(no bending down, lifting, blowing my nose, etc.) after surgery because there is a risk of CSF leakage. Well, I was scared to death or should I say "of" death. Through it all I learned that the internet can be the devil. It seems all I read were horror stories and I had literally scared myself sick. Just stay on top of your doctors and don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. I'll be praying that your fil gets better quick and that all your medical questions are answered. Hang in there and stay strong! HUGS to you:)

Julie said...

Tausha, Sorry to hear about your fil I will keep him and your family in my prayers. Sending best wishes for s speedy recovery from those headaches I've never heard of this. Thanks for the sweet comments I'm making the girls cheeseball and hot chocolate baskets with all the goodies I'll show them when there done.
have a great weekend and prayers and hugs coming your way

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh boy... i'm so sorry. I hope that they can heal him quickly and get him headed home. I'll also be praying that a really cheap airfare comes up (have you tried

And I'm still praying about that headache....

Pretty Organizer said...

Hey Tausha,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a D.I. shopper too! My favorite mirror hanging in my living room is from there!

I read your blog. We live in the Phoenix area and are heading to Tucson tomorrow! If you would like me to bring something to your Father-in-Law or Mother-in-Law I bet we could squeeze that into our trip.

My hubbys brother's wife just had their 2nd set of twins in 18 months! So, we're taking the fam to see cousins for the fist time. Let me know if you'd like me to do something. You can email me at PrettyOrganizeratGmaildotcom

Our prayers are with your family.

Jen said...

I hope you do well. I am so sorry that you have had such a hard time. I hope you feel better for good!

HappyFLMom said...

Said a prayer for you all. Keep us posted please.


beth at aunties said...

You dear sweetheart, of course you have my prayers and I'll put what names I have of the prayer roll tomorrow. Have Faith! Heavenly Father knows and loves each and every thing you are going through.
He will sustain you and your family. I bear I have been there so many times myself.

beth at aunties said...

opps, I almost bore you my testimony:)

Pretty Organizer said...

Oh goodness.. there I go forgetting who I am again. I hope I didn't miss an email.. Really, we'll have plenty of time to drop by and bring your family something. The Correct email is: PrettyOrganized at Gmail dot com I think that will work better:)

Blarney said...

We are wishing you & your family positive outcomes ...

The Berry's Patch said...

Hey Tausha,

Sorry to hear about your headaches. I just listened to a podcast from NPR's fresh air about migraines. It can be terribly debilitating.

I hope your FIL is alright too. Thanks for the heads up about the scrubbing bubbles foam scrubbers. :-)

Chelsie said...

hey tausha....i love you, and you guys are in our prayers. i'll see you in a little bit

Jessica G. said...

Oh wow, I am really sorry t hear about you father-in-law! And how hard for his wife to be there all alone...Prayers going out to your family!

The Huffies said...

I'm soooo sorry! I'll call you today to see what I can do. You have been experiencing lots of life's road bumps lately...sheesh!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

prayers for you and your family.

I have a friend who has a shunt. I know NOTHING about them aside from that. I'm going to email her and ask her to contact you to share any information she can.

Web MD and online sources are good, BUT TMI is TMI. Hope your neuro appt is informative.

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Of course I'll be praying for you and your family!

Lori said...

Taush - love you guys. Hang in there - we'll be praying for you.

Brooke said...

we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hi Tausha, So sorry about your father in-law. I think airlines give discounts in emergency situations if that helps. Airfares these days are just outrageous. It couldn't hurt to ask if you haven't tried already. I will keep him in my prayers too. Also for you too, I hope this new medication does it and you don't have any more pain. And I agree with other posters. Sometimes there is TOO MUCH information when it comes to medical diagnosis. So stay off the internet. They always give worse case scenarios that just put the fear in you. One step at a time. Hang in there. Things will get better. Have faith. Take care. ~ Laurie p.s. Yes, your Mother sounds like a wonderful person - just as Mama's should be! :)

Tonya said...

taush, I am so sorry your headaches are back. Let me know if I can do anything. you and your family will be in my prayers. I will call Jennifer and see if we can bring in meals for ya!

Carrie said...

You are in my prayers I hope everything gets better soon!

Inspired Kara said...

Thinking of you in your family.

Gary Toyn said...


Sorry to hear about Cal's Dad. I'm thinking about you.

Love.... Uncle Gary

Marie said...

(((Tausha))) I'm so sorry for all your troubles. I'm thinking of you!

Shannon said...

I am so sorry about your father in law. He will be in my prayers.

I am sorry about the spinal fluid situation but I am sure there is some relief in knowing what it is. You will be in my prayer too:)