Thursday, January 7, 2010

A cupcake kind of day

So, have you ever just wanted one of these?

Just had one of those days?
You were overwhelmed, not necessarily with anything particular, just overwhelmed.
All you could think about was frosting on a little cake and how it was sure to make me feel better.
Chocolate would have worked too, but both would have been AWESOME!
I had one of those days yesterday.
I kind of felt like that one cat picture with it's hair all sticking up all over the place.
You know the one where it looks so not amused to be having it's picture taken.
(I would go and find the pic and post it here, but I know you know which one I am talking about)
I was in a funk.
and my solution was a cupcake.
(I know, I so shouldn't associate food with making one feel better, but whatever. You know you do it too! )
The little cake of goodness was sure to get rid of the looming cloud that was around me.
The frosting was sure to make me smile.
And licking the frosting off my fingers would just make me giddy!
So, I am sure you are dying to know, did I get my cupcake?
Did it make me feel better?
Yes, I did get a cupcake.
My sweet husband stopped in centerville on his way home from work and brought me home a red velvet one with cream cheese frosting.
It was so yummy!
He brought it home, set it on my table and sat down.
I ate the cupcake, no, I devoured the cupcake, and was waiting for the feel better feeling that I was sure only a cupcake would bring.
Imagine my disappointment when it didn't come.
It wasn't until I stood up and my husband gave me a hug that I got that "cupcake" feeling.
It was what I wanted all day. Ir was what I needed.
And it didn't come from a cupcake.
(I like to think that the cupcake helped-a lot)
What I'm trying to say is, be someones cupcake today.
Call them, or better yet visit.
I am sure it wouldn't hurt if you brought cupcakes :)
(ps-there will be a giveaway on my OTHER blog later on today, it might even be tonight, I haven't made the "giveaway" yet. It's still in my head. I promise, it will get done today. So, tell your friends and check back!)


Megan said...

It would have helped more if you cup cake was from Sweet Tooth Fairy. Those cup cakes could solve ANYTHING! lol. So yummy! I hope you have a better day to day!

Chelsie said...

ah megan is right, i think the cupcakes from sweet tooth fairy would give you the cupcake feeling, the hug feeling, and anything else, they're amazing. sorry you were having one of those days!! love ya miss tausha

Bonnie the Boss said...

Too bad your friend didn't pick up on the funk for the day!
I am glad you have such a good hubby!

Lena said...

What a "sweet" message... and I think you just figured out your message for your February VT kits!!