Wednesday, June 17, 2009

something old turns to something new!

I will get to old to new in a sec.
I am in some need of some opinions.
And since I know that you all are full of them-I need some help.
See this shelf.
It's in my hallway-I hate it!
Why do I hate it-cause I don't know what to do with it.
So-help me out. The sign is going to go bye-bye-because every time I turn on the ac-Which has not been at all lately-it moves and it drives me crazy!!!!
Now, remember-I have all kinds of crap that I could put up there, but for some reason, I am not putting it together.
So, help me out-would ya??
Thank you in advance!!

Now...on to the old to new....

I have a "younger" friend that requested a 6 pane window for her apt @ school.
This is what I came up with.
Sorry about the glare-
Pretend that you can't see all the crap that is behind the window or to the side of it.
My craft room looks like Michaels threw up in it.
So messy-so embarrassing.
But am I cleaning it-nope. I am blogging.
I figure the mess will be there when I get to it.

The window says: Your future is only as bright as your faith-Thomas S. Monson

I have been working my butt off to lose some of my butt!! :) (lame joke I know...)
I have lost 3.2 since I started this on the 3rd.
I have been doing Pilates-This is the devil I am telling you. The whole time I am in class I am swearing in my head.
Walking and the active.
Writing down EVERYTHING I put in my mouth and YES..
I have even cut down on diet coke. YEA ME!!!
It's hurts to walk up the stairs, or walk in general but it's a good hurt-right?

Sorry for the sporadic posts-they called me to be the Enrichment Leader in my ward.
So, with fathers day, an activity tonight and all the other stuff-I have been a little slacking in the personal blogging dept.
We are having a swap meet tonight. I am so excited for this.
Other peoples Junk for free-it does not get any better than that!!!
I can't wait!!
Hopefully I will have all kinds of good of junk stuff to share tomorrow.

Now-if only it would QUIT raining so I can get my spray paint on!!!


Julie said...

we are doing like that my ward-- House diet..Glad that you are keeping busy.

Mandi said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I just wanted to let you know I answered your questions and put up recent pics on my Weight Watchers Wednesday post tonight. Thanks again for the encouragement!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

What about a star perched on top? U got one of those around? You could spray paint the shelf for a new look...hang some skeleton keys from the knobs....attach new knobs ....I love the shelf. Congrats on the weight loss...I have been losing since January...slowely but surely. cherry

The Smith Family said...

LOL... you are so funny! I love the window. So cute!
K, so I know you've prob. already seen this, but I thought I'd share. I had a REALLY hard time with deciding what the heck to put up on my shelf in my living room. This is what I did. It's just a suggestion. Having different heights is the best. Give the eye places to look... I think.
Here's the link to the picture. It's the second one down.
Hope that is ANY help!

Lena said...

I vote for repainting it (not sure the color scheme of the hall/room but a mustard yellow color could be nice with a glaze treatment) OR you could modge podge photos, food wrappers, tickets, program covers, etc., and make it a family story piece. You could change the hardware too. Hope this helps...

Mandi said...

Thanks for all the encouragement. Feel free to use the tips. I hope they help someone! So nice to make another friend on this journey!

Chelsie said...

well you know creative i am when it comes to crafting...sorry i'm no help. i'm sure whatever you do it will turn out darling. congrats on the weight loss taush! i'm so proud and impressed that you're stickin with it!!! that is so great, keep it up. i love you tons

ThE fRoNkS!... said...

So I am glad that you have updated, cuz I feel like I am living in a far off land. See you in a few days.:)